Crochet Pebble Throw Pattern

Crochet Pebble Stitch Throw
Crochet Pebble Stitch Throw
Crochet Pebble Stitch Throw

Crochet Pebble Stitch Throw

The Crochet Pebble Stitch Throw is designed for beginners. The stitch is multiple sets of 2… At the end of the chain, just at 1 to stay in balance.

It’s using Bernat Blanket Yarn. A suggestion of 9 mm or M size crochet hook. For my tutorial below, I used a 5 mm size H hook and Caron One Pound. So you can see, you can use the stitch for different sizes of yarn as long as the hook compliments the yarn.

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Crochet Pebble Stitch Throw Pattern

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  1. Patricia Morrigan

    Great tutorial. I love your tutorials too. Keep them coming. I just got yarn today for an afghan and going to try the pebble stitch. It looks fun and easy. Thanks! Patty

  2. Amy

    I am doing this with the Bernat blanket yarn and it’s not looking too pebbly. Is that normal?

    • Debbie

      Mine isn’t pebbly either, I looked on youtube for this stitch and there are a couple different ways. so now I am all confused!! haha I should just stick with how Mikey teaches!! Did your ever get pebbly?

  3. Beth Szymonik

    I love your tutorials, but miss the left handed versions.

  4. Melissa

    Hi, Mikey. I LOVE your tutorials! I have mostly learned to crochet this year from the videos you have done. You are an amazing teacher.

    One thing I _still_ struggle with, however, is identifying the “next stitch.” It’s not a huge problem in the middle of the row, but starting and ending can be difficult. (I end up with parallelogram blankets…) Would you, please, consider doing a beginner’s tutorial on how to identify a stitch, or the third chain in a turning chain, or where to join when crocheting in the round?

    Thank you for all that you (and Jeanne (sp?)) and Dan do!

      • Debbie

        Jeanne, where are those beginner videos at, I can’t seem to locate them, especially the one to identify the stitches.

      • Debbie

        I meant to mention that Mikey, you were Bang on, your tutorials are helping me feel more confident in my crochet skills. Thank you!!

      • Debbie

        thank you so much Jeanne for the information, I will definitely check it out.

        Am I working this Pebble Stitch pattern correctly, one row will always end in sc and the other end always in dc. so one side will be sc and the other dc. Hope this makes sense. I think I am a little confused on 2nd row where it say Rep last row for Pebble Pattern (pat) until work from beginning measures 60″. So does this mean continue to always work 2nd row until it measures the 60″. Whew, hope this makes sense? Thank you,

      • Debbie

        I checked out the beginning tutorials…I did this one yesterday. I guess because I am a Lefty….watching the Pebble Stitch Tut, it is sometimes hard to see or understand where the next stitch goes into. But I am practicing this Pebble one and will re-watch and re-watch Mickey on this one. Thanks again

      • Colleen Bell

        In this stitch instead of going into the front of the v or back of the v, I noticed you go into the back of the v and then through the stitch behind it. Looks like the hook is under two stitches before first yarn over. Is this right?

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