Crochet Carousel Afghan Pattern

Crochet Carousel Afghan
Crochet Carousel Afghan
Crochet Carousel Afghan

Crochet Carousel Afghan

I was looking for something and this afghan came across my phone and I am like “Where have you been all my life!” This Crochet Carousel Afghan is phenomenal.

This is the Crochet Carousel Afghan by Sue Pinner. This is presented as a free stitch along that was conducted in 2016. For those who need colour symmetry, Sue’s Ravelry has samples in other colours done. For myself, I love the look of this example as the circus reminds me of distressed colours through weathering and the endless travelling. I also love the colours that appear to have no organized order beyond the middle.

This hits my sweet spot like crazy. The pattern is available in several languages. I love it when the colour is somewhat unorganized.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Crochet Carousel Afghan Pattern
Ornament Afghan FInal Picture
Ornament Afghan Final Picture

Like my Crochet Ornament Afghan. The gray is consistent but most of everything else is purely random but there was some organized madness to my method.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Crochet Ornamental Afghan Pattern

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  1. Leeanna Magerovich

    Hi Mikey I am new to the group. Came across the crochet carousel afghan. I am unable to download the directions can you email the link to me.

  2. Leeanna Magerovich

    How can I get the free pattern and instructions for the crochet carousel afghan/blanket

    • Mikey

      Just follow the link. It’s listed there. Use the English link if you prefer English.

  3. I am having trouble trying to get to a place to print your patterns. Could you please help me figure it out. I love some of your patterns and would like to try them but can’t print them . Thank You

    • Mikey

      The patterns are downloadable so you can take it with you on your device. Most of them are. If you need them printed, the browsers have that option to link to your printer if you need it.

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