Crochet Mountain Peaks Scarf
Crochet Mountain Peaks Scarf
Crochet Mountain Peaks Scarf

Crochet Mountain Peaks Scarf

The Crochet Mountains Peak Scarf is a 1-row repeat. If you can remember 1 simple row, you can pretty much do this. This colouring reminds me of Canada a lot as it’s similar to the Hudson Bay Trading Company. Canadians would most likely recognize this colouring.

The scarf has two peaks with two partial valleys and 1 full valley in the middle. It’s pretty easy to remember.

I can help you get started. I have added an extra tutorial on how to change out yarn in rows if need that extra help too.

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Crochet Mountain Peaks Scarf Pattern

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3 thoughts on “Crochet Mountain Peaks Scarf Pattern

  1. Hi Mikey,
    In your chevron tutorial — you said there is a listing of sizes, number of stitch counts, for the different size projects.

    I can not find it — please help,


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