Crochet TV Blanket
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Crochet TV Blanket Lazy Boy
Crochet TV Blanket Lazy Boy

Crochet TV Blanket

I was inspired by Erin, a designer for Yarnspirations in the concept of mixing two yarns at the same time to create a plaid look. I wondered, what would Bernat Blanket Ombre look like in this concept. This is my latest Crochet TV Blanket. A great blanket to get cozy with while watching tv.

Free Pattern: Crochet TV Blanket

I have done the Moss Stitch / Granite Stitch before but I have never carried the used yarn across the top of the stitch to lock it into place. Erin taught me this concept and showed me that the edges look far superior and the colour play options are endless.

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Using 2 Separate Balls Same Time

Each ball stays within its own vertical stripe. You can see the mauve colour carried onward while the other ball turned from light pink to dusty pink. This is helping to create a plaid appearance.

Colour Changing in Crochet TV Blanket
Colour Changing in Crochet TV Blanket

This blanket can be used for the TV room or even an extra blanket for a guest bed or footer for a bed.

Crochet TV Blanket Guest Room
Crochet TV Blanket Guest Room

Some people may have issues with the self-striping not lining up but if you prefer this concept, you can always use solid colours of Bernat Blanket and control your colour as well. For myself, I prefer fewer yarn tails and let the yarn do the work.


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17 thoughts on “Crochet TV Blanket + Tutorial

  1. Mikey and Dan,

    Without your tutorials I would probably never have tried any new stitches. In the past 3 years, I have expanded my repertoire of stitches and LOVE to crochet again! Going to try this one next!

    Thank you

  2. This pattern seems to have a problem downloading. Tried 2 different computers. I know you were looking at possible link problems.

  3. Thank you for this awesome pattern! I made this for my daughter and she absolutely loves it ? my husband tends to steel it too! I’m new to the crochet world, but I have learned with all of your wonderful tutorials! Thank you!!

  4. I did my Moss/Granite Stitch with 3 cakes starting at different points of color. The rows were counted 1-2-3-4-5-6 but the yarns were rotated between 1-2-3, 1-2-3. I can post a pic if you tell me where.

  5. I love the look of this blanket. I love the color choice and I love love love ❤️ ? self striping yarn. I think this meets all my self imposed requirements (to keep yarn addiction under control), I’l definitely be making this blanket in the not too distant future. Thank you for sharing ?

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