Crochet All For One Blanket Pattern

Crochet All For One Blanket
Crochet All For One Blanket
Crochet All For One Blanket

Crochet All For One Blanket

Great for beginners is the Crochet All For One Blanket featuring a Rectangle Granny Concept. Using Bernat POP! but you can easily substitute with Caron Cakes Yarn too. It’s fun and fabulous.

I like this for a beginner blanket due to the long colourways of the yarn itself. For new crocheters, the concept of changing yarn strands can be daunting. So the yarn does the work in changing on its own. However, if you are one to strategically plan your colours out to be the same colour per round, then it isn’t for you. BUT… don’t miss the point of this type of yarn either. The colours changing on its own is what makes it visually attractive and appealing.

Crochet Blue Afghan
Crochet Blue Afghan

The tutorial below is a copy of the Crochet Blue Afghan. I didn’t need to film a new video as the concept is the same. The only difference is the starting chain is a different size. So you will chain 32 instead of 56 as suggested. I have highlighted the video on the changes. The blue afghan is also a solid blanket with strategic colour changes for the look. However. with Bernat POP! or Caron Cakes, the colours are changing for you without the fuss.

You could also use the Bernat POP! or Caron Cakes and then strategically put in solid rounds for visual interest. I show how to change colours in the tutorial that interests you.

Creativity is up to you. Now and always.

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Crochet All For One Blanket Pattern

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    1. Mikey, Diva Dan and Jeannie are amazing at what they do. I listen to the lessons without getting stressed. Thank you all so much!! ❤️❤️❤️

    2. Jeanne

      Your all for one video is unavailable. Will you be fixing it?

    3. Mandy

      Thank you for all you do. Right now I am working on a single granny square baby blanket with a purple caron cake. I’m also working on a baby blanket of my own design. Can you put up directions on how to post photos to the FB page again, I can not remember, I’m sure ther are others who could use the reminder too.
      I am not really able to read patterns so I love when you include charts.
      Keep up the good work and don’t ever let the “nay sayers” get you down

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