Crochet Double Strand Chevron Pattern

Crochet Double Strand Afghan
Crochet Double Strand Afghan
Crochet Double Strand Afghan

Crochet Double Strand Afghan

Hey, it’s me… Yeppers, Laura Jean. I was charmed by Jeanne’s story and her Sweet Memories Blanket, in which she uses double strands to create a beautiful chevron blanket.  Using random colours, and double stranding throughout you can really change the look by how you choose colours.

Choosing colours is fairly random – first of all, I chose to use a  paired with a solid or variegated colour in short, long and in-between lengths. There isn’t really an exact science, and it is meant to use up scraps in a fun way.  To start I create some really lax guidelines. 1.  Throw caution to the wind and have fun!  2. Pick a pattern – this can easily be done in straight rows of double crochet.

I also choose to wind my yarn into cakes with a yarn winder, so I wasn’t always starting and stopping. I did use the Russian join to join my yarn together.

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Crochet Double Strand Afghan Pattern
  • The entire blanket is worked with 2 strands held together.
  • Hook size 8mm / L Hook.
  • This pattern is worked in multiples of 24 + 3 if you would like to change size. 
  • Each chevron is 10″ wide.

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With 2 strands Color A held together, chain 123.

Row 1 – 2 dc in 4th chain from hook, *dc in next 8 chains, [dc3tog in next 3 chains] twice, dc in next 8 chains, [3 dc in next chain] twice.  Repeat * to end, 3 dc into the last chain.  Turn.

Row 2 – Ch 3, 2 dc into the same stitch.  *dc into next 8 stitches, [dc3tog] twice, dc into next 8 stitches, [3 dc into next stitch] twice.  Repeat * to end, 3 dc into the last stitch.  Turn.

Continue Row 2 until the desired length.

I hope you enjoy this Random Afghan as much as I enjoyed making it and thank you, Jeanne, for a great blanket.

Tutorials for Wave Afghans

You can use these tutorials for starting your waves is you would like something different. Double strand your scrap yarns to provide a unique look and use up those partial balls.

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  1. Maschelle Mashburn

    Lovely! I really like this technique, and am thrilled to see this pattern show up right on the heels of the double strand Chunky Cakes Chevron blanket! it’s great for those of us that don’t have Chucky Cakes on hand . And are really excited by the look of that blanket. this way everybody can make a special gorgeous two strand Chevron Afghan! Thank you so much!

    I think this would be fun to do with the Caron Big Cakes ! Could use three of the colorways in 3 sections , with each section devoted to 1 color way with a second strand added. Or maybe a marled look? It sounds like it’s going to be fun!

    Thank you very much!

  2. Bettyann

    Bang on! Love it!

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