Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

Crochet Sun Hat

Crochet Sun Hat

Crochet Sun Hat

Crochet this easy Sun Hat from Yarnspirations. This is 100% cotton featuring Lily Sugar’n Cream Yarn.

That hat starts are the crown and work down to the brim. Then flares outward.

You can op to starch the brim if you wish to have it more in control. There is an advantage to letting the hat naturally fall too to protect your head from the sun.

Cotton naturally adapts to warmer temperatures, taking the heat away from your bottom and in the winter, it can keep your warm. It’s a pretty remarkable natural material.

Lily Sugar’n Cream’s cotton is grown and spun into fibres in the USA and then shipped to Canada for dying. So its a 100% North American made yarn product.

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Crochet Sun Hat Pattern

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  1. I sure would like to have written patterns, rather than watching videos! Thanks

    • Mikey

      This is written. So you should be covered.

  2. Jan Stephan

    Thank you for this fun pattern. I made this for my 87 year old Mom and she really likes it! The tutorial was very helpful.

  3. Beth Szymonik

    Thank you! Is there going to be a left hand version of the tutorial?

  4. Annie Larson

    I love this pattern, so excited to try it! I really have to be careful of the sun rays so this is going to be perfectt!

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