Crochet Pinwheel Shawl
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Crochet Pinwheel Shawl
Crochet Pinwheel Shawl

Pinwheel Shawl

Using Patons Grace Yarn, you can create this incredible Crochet Pinwheel Shawl. This is one of the most intricate designs from Yarnspirations and is definitely intermediate in skill.

The first 9 rounds are repeating everything in like a pie shape of 8 sections. Then the final 3 rounds transition to a square.

The tutorial is designed to help you and problem solve your way to keep yourself organized during the creation.

Blown Up Diagram

As promised in the Tutorial. Here is the Downloadable Copy of the Crochet Diagram.


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One thought on “Crochet Pinwheel Shawl Pattern

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    But I would like if you could do one for
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