Crochet To The Point Shawl Pattern

Crochet To the Point Shawl

Crochet To The Point Shawl

Crochet To the Point Shawl
Crochet To the Point Shawl

The Crochet To The Point Shawl is an easy 4-row repeat after you get started. This could be a prayer shawl as well. This is the basics of crochet as there are no extra borders to keep it looking casual but easy to do a new crocheter.

In person it is easier to see the stitchwork then the bright studio lights. I used Caron One Pound instead so you can see exactly where to go.

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  1. Christine

    Where can I get the pattern? I click on the link for usa but there is no pattern just your ads.

    • Mikey

      Looks like Michaels has taken down the pattern. Give me a few moments to see if I can find a PDF here to relink to.

    • Mikey

      I have located my working copy that was on I have uploaded it and reconnected. There is only Blue Button Now. Sorry for the inconvenience but super glad you did as I didn’t know they took it down.

  2. Terri

    Does the fringe on the To the Point shawl hurt anyone elses wrists?
    Any tips to make it not hurt?

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