Crochet Field of Dreams Infinity Wrap Pattern

Crochet Field of Dreams Infinity Wrap
Crochet Field of Dreams Infinity Wrap
Crochet Field of Dreams Infinity Wrap

Crochet Field of Dreams Wrap

The Crochet Field of Dreams Infinity Wrap has a permanent twist. Comfortable to wear and casual too. Designed by Marina King.

Designed by our very own Marina. Marina is my personal assistant with behind the scenes blogging. She did up this wrap for herself and I thought she looks super in it. She likes the ponchos, wraps and more. She does many craft shows but also crochets for her own personal joy.

Free Pattern: Crochet Field of Dreams Wrap

I challenged Marina to write it up but she was reluctant as she hasn’t ever written a pattern in formal pattern writing. She wrote it up and then we worked together to get it to the industry standards together. I expect this won’t be her last design.

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  1. Carol Lusk

    I am doubting I have done the last part of 1st round correctly. Do you have a chart or photo of how that should look?
    Thank You!!

    • I don’t have a chart any sadly, there are the photo’s on one of the comments on the Facebook post I can post them again if that would help. You do the chain to your size, slip stitch into the first stitch, ch 1 and sc in the same stitch, place a stitch marker in this stitch then sc all the way to the last stitch, do not slip stitch, instead, I want you to turn the first stitch is now facing down and the bottom of the stitch/chain is the top continue working sc until you meet the stitch marker.

  2. Kim Zarkin

    Such a lovely pattern – I can’t wait to try it. Any advice on how best to size this? I’m broad shouldered, so I worry that when I finish it won’t fit. Is there a measurement on our bodies we should take to plan? Or is the finished cowl stretchy enough to work for a lot of people? Thanks!

    • it’s multiple of 2, I determined my size by chaining shoulder to shoulder and back (meaning it would be a straight-chain folded in half to meet each shoulder if you would like it a little looser you can certainly add more chains depending on how loose you want it on yourself in multiples of 2.

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