Crochet Sheldon Sq’d Granny Square Pattern

Young Sheldon Squared Blanket
Young Sheldon Squared Blanket
Young Sheldon Squared Blanket. Crocheted by Marcia Bolton.

Crochet Sheldon Sq’d

Introducing a brand new granny square called Sheldon Sq’d Granny Square that has two inspirations to make the example. Our Laura Jean has come up with this pattern and our testers made sure it worked out well.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Sheldon Squared – Rev 5

Yarn Quantities

  • 1 Caron One Pound Can Do 3 squares. 150 g per square.
  • 1 Caron Simply Soft can do 1 square.

Inspired by Filet Clue of the recent JOANN Stitch Along and Morphed with Popcorn Square of the same thing.

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Crochet Stitch Along: Sampler Afghan
Crochet Stitch Along: Sampler Afghan

The sampler lent itself to great ideas as Laura Jean discovered. You can get the free patterns for the Stitch Along Here.

While watching TV, she noticed there was an afghan on the back of the sofa on the TV Show, Young Sheldon. So with the inspiration in mind, she developed Sheldon Sq’d.

The pattern is free to download at your convenience. You can make the squares and whip stitch them together. Have fun with the colours.


More Examples by Laura Jean

Sheldon Squared Pattern
Sheldon Squared Pattern
Sheldon Squared Pattern
Sheldon Squared Pattern

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    1. Leah Hiett

      Watching the show now and a close-up of the blanket has no bobbles, just chain spaces where the bobbles in the pattern are.

      • Mikey

        I don’t understand. Can you explain more.

        • Leah Hiett

          The rows that are bobble/popcorn in the pattern are actually ch 1- sk 1 spaces. I have a screenshot of it but I can’t attach it.

        • Leah Hiett

          The rows that are popcorn in the pattern are actually ch 1- sk 1 spaces. I took a screenshot of it but I can’t attach it.

        • Mikey

          I can take a screen shot at [email protected]. I’ll check the video tutorial and the pattern to make sure it’s aligned. First I am hearing the video tutorial isn’t matching the pattern.

    2. Karen L

      I am making this afghan using 3 different colors. Do you have a diagram of a good layout for 3 colors? Thoroughly enjoying the pattern – looks intricate yet it is so simple!

      • Mikey

        I don’t I’m sorry. It was crocheted as a 1 colour square.

    3. Penny

      I don’t mean to be rude, but there seems to be a few errors in the written pattern. Rnds 2, 3, 4 and 6 mention ch-2 sp instead of ch-3 and rnd 6 also has the abbreviation of cc instead of dc.

      • Mikey

        Thank you so much for calling this to my attention. I have just revised the PDF and unloading the Rev 5 shortly. I know LJ was working through this trying to find the right combos for the corners and probably just overlooked that when editing. 🙂

    4. Evangeline Erdman

      is it possible for the crochet “sheldon” squared blanket pattern be sent to my email address? It is alot easier for me to do it from the written pattern.

    5. Jennifer Seiler

      Love this pattern.

      Flew through pattern until row 11 and am stumped. Is there. Video for this or one coming soon? Mikey’s video have taught me so much and I appreciate this lovely pattern

    6. Carol Root

      Lovely looking square. Quite classic. Thanks for such a wonderful design, Laura Jean.

    7. Cathy Addison

      I could use some help getting started. Like how to read the instructions better or a pattern diagram.

    8. Lucy Ed.

      This is a quick and easy pattern and I enjoyed making it.
      My only criticism is the actual pattern itself is difficult to understand at times. Maybe I’m not used to that style of pattern writing, or I’m missing something but I did find it a bit confusing at first.

      Also a stitch count at the end of each row would make it easier to pick up stitch count errors quicker.

    9. Charlene Varry

      That is a very nice pattern. I would probably just keep adding row to make it into a blanket. Amazing what crocheters can do with a pattern they see and want to do something a little different. I like it.

    10. Jackie D

      Any possibility of a diagram for this pattern?

    11. Krista Mead

      I like Mikey your YouTube tutorials helped me so much I was hoping to go crochet with you this summer I don’t know cause we were going to spend time at the cottage while Dad and my hubby puttered around doing honey do lists but Dad passed away so i don’t I know what to do now anyway the crochet crowd is awesome hopefully see you soon.


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