2017 – 4 Stitch Along Patterns

2017 Crochet Stitch Alongs
2017 Crochet Stitch Alongs
2017 Crochet Stitch Alongs

4 Stitch Along Projects

In 2017 we had two planned Stitch Alongs which were the official blankets taught on JOANN Fabrics and Crafts behalf. Both the Bernat Blanket Mystery and Snowflake Baby Blanket were designed for the stitch along the purpose.

By May, Yarnspirations asked me for a Summer Stitch Along as we had done the summer the year before. Without a lot of notice, I hammered together the Peppermint Afghan. It surprisingly took off with popularity. It was a pure fluke.

I was sitting in Yarnspirations in the late summer of 2017. Sitting with designer Emily. She was designing the miniatures for the Advent Calendar. I was so excited about it. I got on board and it became an unplanned Stitch Along. There were 12 miniature characters and designs that are fun.

Magic Snowflake Blanket
Magic Snowflake Blanket

Crochet Snowflake Baby Blanket

Crochet this modern and soft baby blanket called the Magic Snowflake Baby Blanket. This easy to follow design requires only 4 balls of Bernat Baby Bundle Yarn. Also for this time frame, there was another product called Bernat MIXX.

The yarn is unique as it has for types yarns inside the same ball. How the project turns up is unique.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Crochet Magic Snowflake Blanket

This pattern is a star with the jacobs ladder effect between each point. For me, it took me about 6 hours to make one of these from start to finish. It’s fairly straight forward.

See 275 examples of what crocheters finished. See the Crochet Baby Snowflake Blanket Gallery.


Crochet Peppermint Afghan
Crochet Peppermint Afghan

Crochet Peppermint Afghan

Introducing the Quick & Merry Crochet Along with Yarnspirations called the Crochet Peppermint Pinwheel Afghan.

The project is a round afghan the measures 48″ diameter. Originally intended for Toddler to Lapghan size of the project using only 2 balls of the Caron One Pound Yarn. The concept was simple, to my point of view, design an afghan that is more of a holiday accessory to be festive on the sofa or chair. However, using yarn that is durable and long-lasting to use year after year during your festivities.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Crochet Peppermint Throw Pattern

The project is using a technique called Tapestry Crochet. It’s the art of dropping one strand under the stitchwork and using the other to do the stitch. When the colour changes, the dropped strand is picked back up and the other colour is dropped.

The project has possibilities. If you have more yarn than what I have suggested, you can go as big as you want because the afghan is designed to sit flat.


I gave clues for 2 alternatives for you.

Option 1 – I showed in the tutorial how to start off so the center 1 colour in the photo is actually each of the tips of the pinwheel right to the center point. The mystery is written as you see it in the photo, but in the video, I show you how to get the points to all meet up in the middle instead of waiting after round 1.

Option 2 – If you prefer to do an afghan that is a solid pinwheel instead of being broken up. Very much like the Austin Powers Time Machine idea, we will accept your pictures if you want to make your pinwheels solid. However, for ball count, you still have to honour the 28 rounds suggested because you will run out of the colour. However, if you have more yarn available to you, you can always make it bigger.

Yarnspirations collected the photos for this challenge. We have no pictures on file of finished looks.


Bernat Blanket Mystery Blanket 2Crochet Bernat Blanket Stitch Along

A Crochet Bernat Blanket beautiful multi-week tutorial that makes you expand your stitches. This Stitch Along is complete. In 2019, I am still using this blanket to keep me cozy in front of the TV.

Bernat Blanket Yarn is a product that lasts for years and years if you treat it right. Here in Nova Scotia, it’s completely appropriate to have.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Crochet Bernat Blanket Pattern

I think you will end up with a beautiful example just like you see in the photo. It doesn’t take long using Bernat Blanket yarn.

Over 400 examples of finished in our Crochet Bernat Blanket Gallery.

Complete Tutorial

Crochet Advent Calendar
Crochet Advent Calendar

Crochet Advent Calendar

Introducing a Crochet Along to welcome Christmas with counting down the days with a Crochet Advent Calendar. There are 12 different ornaments, essentially you crochet 2 of each so you have 1 for each of the 24 days.

Each one of the pockets has an ornament inside. The pockets have the dates that are embroidered on.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Crochet Advent Calendar Pattern
Crochet Advent Calendar
Crochet Advent Calendar

As the date approaches, you take out the ornament from the pocket and slide it onto the button on the tree. By Christmas, you will have a fully decorated crochet tree to enjoy.

Crochet Advent Calendar Mounting
Crochet Advent Calendar Mounting

This was designed by Emily, one of the designers of Yarnspirations. I remember sitting with her when she was working through this concept. In the meeting, we talked about miniatures as we have Miniature Pumpkins for Halloween. Emily was so excited about the concept. Designer, Nicole, made a funny joke about calling the idea, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas!” We laughed like school girls. Emily eventually finished and the Crochet Advent Calendar was born.

This was a stitch-along project for December 2016. So each one of the videos was presented as a separate unit. The following are all of the tutorials that match this project:

Crochet Background

Crochet Christmas Tree

Crochet Date Pockets

Crochet Gingerbread Person

Crochet Reindeer Ornament

Crochet Christmas Stocking Ornament

Crochet Candy Cane Ornament

Crochet Gift Ornament

Crochet Holly Ornament

Crochet Mitten Ornament

Crochet Snowflake Ornament

Crochet Hot Cocoa Ornament

Crochet Santa Ornament

Crochet Snowman Ornament

Crochet Wreath

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