Crochet Roseanne’s Iconic Afghan Pattern

Roseanne's Crochet Afghan
Roseanne's Crochet Afghan
Roseanne’s Crochet Afghan

Roseanne’s Back and So Is Her Iconic Afghan

Whether you love Roseanne Barr or not, she’s back on TV. Roseanne hit the airwaves when I was a kid as I went into high school. I’ve had plenty of laughs as a kid but also life lessons through her show. It was also this show that showed me a Crochet Granny Afghan that perked my interest to figure out how to make a granny square.

As many of you know, Roseanne is back for a reboot. To some, it’s a bit controversial over the political views. What was true back the first time, the show was hitting home where it counts. The average family mixed in with ridiculous but relatable humour.

With today’s society being heavily polarized by political opinions, I suspect this show will hit nerves on one side or another. But truth be told, even our friendships and own families can be divisive by the current events we are all facing. So the show is doing what it did back in the day, speaking to real-time issues we face as a society.

So for me, I’m not watching the show based on political views… Though it may be an interconnective web in the storyline. We are facing that interconnectivity through our personal and professional relationships is something we need to work through together. There’s true-life being depicted and I can relate to that.

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The Iconic Crochet Afghan

The original afghan was 12 Grannies Wide by an unknown length. On the show, you can only see about 5 grannies in the length before the fold over the couch. If I was to hazard a guess based on a different picture of watching Darlene and Roseanne fold the afghan over the couch. I suspect the afghan is approximately 12 x 13 = 156 grannies. The granny squares are about the size of a hand.

Upon closer inspection, the new afghan isn’t the same width wise. You can count 11 Grannies Wide by an unknown length. A hazard guess is 11 x 11 = 121 Squares. The afghans squares are noticeably bigger. Above the 1.5 hands per square.

The original and new afghan have the same stitch work. There are 5 rounds per square. The final round is black on each square. The squares are made up of the solid and variegated yarns mixed. Some squares are complete same variegated yarn for 4 of the 5 rounds. Other squares are mixed of solids and variegated rounds.

I am recommending Caron One Pound Yarn and a 5 mm/ H Hook.

It’s the true iconic look of a scrapghan. The squares are most likely whipped stitched together.


This video below is showing 4 rounds. The 5th round needs to be added for the black.

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    1. Hi Mikey, just watched your videos on the Roseanne granny afghan, and loved your instructions. They were so clear and easy to follow. I am old school crocheter, and this helped me to update…..a friend wanted one to rememind him of his mom, and i have the honor of making it for him….thanx mu💖ch,

    2. JGbot

      It’s 12×9 granny squares. Watch Season 1 episode 7 of the original series at about the 20:11min mark the characters are under the blanket and she holds it up

      • sarah

        I just watched that episode. Then I started a search for images of the afghan.

    3. Colleen Hodges

      Years ago I picked up a free Red Heart attern at Walmart for a Traditional granny Square blanket it was 11 squares long and9squares wide and used 117 squares. The squares are joined together by taking the black yarn and adding a fourth row to the squares. Then you crochet the squares together in the spaces and corners of the squares. I’ve made bunches of these blankets and found this pattern super easy to make. So glad they are making a comeback in popularity.

    4. Barbara Freeman

      Love the article. I used to watch Roseanne all the time!! I’ve always admired that blanket!! Thank you for the tutorial Mikey!! ?????

    5. i love it and i have a lot of scrap yarn to do it on my way now to round it all up and get started

    6. Batbara MCQUADE

      While of course i can make a granny square but my problem has always been which colours to combine with what other ones. I love fall colours but i also want bright and shiny! Have a real problem of which one to place next to the other.

    7. Hi Mikey, I really liked your video about joining squares or seams, I have bunches of squares that need to go together for blankets, now I can do it. I like the zig zag one the best I think. thank you so much . you were Bang On. wish I could go to the tent sale this year in Washington, NC, but I will be out west in Washington State.

    8. Rose Barrette

      I loved the article Mikey and I’m going to start making Roseanne’s Afghan!!!

    9. Mel

      Love it! This is on my ToDo list. I have been saving scraps and small balls for this project for a few years. You are Bang On and this is the first I’ve have heard “Out to Lunch” in forever!! Lol 🙂

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