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Crochet YouTube Tutorials
Crochet YouTube Tutorials
Crochet YouTube Tutorials

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We are here to help with our video tutorial collection. Mikey has filmed since 2008 and has videos on a variety of projects. Free patterns that match the tutorials are listed here in this directory.

We provide a lot of tutorial support to help with your creativity. Feel free to follow along or do a mini adventure on your own.

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If you would like to see something filmed. Please leave a comment at the bottom of this page with your ideas. Please note, that he has a list from his sponsors to complete before doing other things. Also, there are laws in place in regards to what can be filmed. He may be able to find something close to what you are looking for.

More Ideas to Consider

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  1. Lucie Vaillancourt

    Good morning Sir I most say you are the best teacher and the easiest person on YouTube to listen to I was wondering were to find those circular cushions crocher pattern with your special notes

    Again thank you keep up the great teaching have a great day

  2. Maricela Konicki

    I saw a knitted pattern for a scarf with a ripple stitch that had chain separations between the ripples and increased in width as it got longer. How would that be done?

  3. April 13, 2019

    Hello Mikey,

    I just want to say that you are the BEST instructor on the internet. I absolutely enjoy watching your tutorials, you make everything that may seem complicated easy for me. I know Blended Love by Jeanne is new, however I would love to see a tutorial made.



  4. daphne Birchfield

    I would like to see a tutorial for the Crochet Chevron One Big Cake Bag.

  5. Anne kent

    I would like a tutorial of the No Drama Llama stuffed animal. I am struggling with it.

  6. Gloria Rouse

    I look forward to following your tutorials . I’m a beginner but looking forward to new challenges…thank you for all your help .

    • Christy

      I’m trying to make a pair of mittens to match the star stitch hat. Do you have a pattern, better yet a tutorial that would work?

  7. Donna Beattie

    Hi Mikey’s, Thank you for the tutorials you have already done. I have advanced my crocheting skills 10 fold. I would like to see a tutorial on how to write down patterns I make up. A lot of times, I am just playing with patterns and get done and have no idea what the pattern is. I also have people asking for patterns of things I have made and have no idea what to tell them. If this is too tough a tutorial, any recommendations or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much1

  8. Rose

    Please show a tutorial on the Bernat easy going blanket. I end up with a slanted afghan . Can’t find what I’m doing wrong.

  9. yolanda b

    hi love your work, voice and your confidence. can you make a tutorial for dog pajamas thanks

  10. Hi Mikey,
    I love your tutorials and have recreated many of them, I find it difficult to read a pattern and follow so your tutorials help me a lot. Can you please do a tutorial on the Caron Octagon Baby Blanket – pattern is posted on the yarninspirations.com crochet baby afghans section : https://www.yarnspirations.com/caron-octagon-baby-blanket/CAC0202-007301M.html
    I love the look of this blanket and cant wait to make it – please help me out here.


  11. Sandy

    I am in need of an awesome Mikey tutorial on micro C2C please

  12. Erma inzer

    I enjoy your tutorials. They are my first ones I go to . I have tried the virus blanket buy can’t understand the person doing the tutorial and was wondering if your planning on doing one soon.

  13. LindaAugustine

    I am interested in a tutorial or pattern for the African flower for left hand.

  14. Kelly Lane

    Please do a tutorial on the Crochet Extra Lemon Rectangle Blanket designed by Jeanne. I really like the look but struggling following a pattern without a visual to follow. I’m a visual learner and I’m getting better but your video’s are so great to follow. Your voice and presence is very comforting in that if I make a mistake I don’t feel the defeat like with other projects. You have really created something beautiful here with Crochet Crowd and I like to think its for me and others like me. It’s exciting to learn new stitches and new projects, and to watch your business grow is amazing. You and Dan are an amazing team and I hope as I write this that you both feel the pride well deserved kudos for a job greatly done. This humble, beginner crocheter appreciates all your efforts and wish you the best. Thank you

  15. Ann Santini

    Crochet Easy Vee-sy Throw could you do a video tutorial on how to make this blanket please.

  16. Helen, from the UK

    Hi Mikey, one of the things I look fwd to seeing would be Joining techniques for garments please.
    It’s not always practical to sew or overcast – so a technique where a flat -ish seam could be used that won’t add a couple of inches to the finished project would be great.

  17. Elizabeth Simpson

    Tunisian crochet

  18. Joyce Swaner

    I am seasoned, aka old,crocheted. I canno twatch a youtube video to follow a pattern. I have noticed some have written instructions in the comments after the video – thank goodness. I may be in the minority but I would like written instructions (not graphs, cant read them either.

    • Most of the tutorials where there is a matching free pattern as seen is listed in the Video Descriptions. Some videos that are really popular, I have went back and added them to the comments as people don’t know to look at the video descriptions. Does this help?

  19. joann

    how to put a straight boarder on a virus or in the round blanket. thank you

  20. Karen Inman

    I would love to see some animal appliqué patterns. I actually was looking for a book of appliqué patterns and there just aren’t that many out there. There are some very cute ones on Etsy that I will probably end up purchasing. I was surprised that there aren’t that many out there.

  21. Nell Beverly

    How to crochet hair for dolls

  22. Char Hansley

    1st I just want to thank you because of your tutorials I have grown so in crochet craf it is also that then I am Fearless I see something I like I think I can make it I need your help on this one how do you make large chain netting ex for dress cover up

  23. Nell Beverly

    Filet crochet. For some reason I have a mental block. If I can see you do it,I can get it. Thanks Mikey

  24. Terri

    I would love to learn how to do paired stitches. I have found the written instructions to be unclear and only found one or two stitches onYouTube. An entire collection of paired stitches would be fantastic. Thank you for the inspiration to try new things.

  25. Jenna

    I’m still discovering the plethora of ideas The Crochet Crowd has to offer, so please forgive me if there’s currently a tutorial available. I would love to see more amigurumi tutorials (I want to make toys for my kids.) Home decor is always fun, too, since a lot of wearables are impractical for me (I live in the desert SW.)

  26. Susan Gillis

    I would like to see a long vest. One that goes to the ground or close to it. For plus size. I am as wide as I am tall….just about anyway. I think a vest with large arm holes would be pretty universal.

    More novelty for appliqués, banners like the one in the studio, scarves, purses something other then a blanket (not that, that’s not desired….just looking for a few instant gratification projects that are out of the norm.)….like things that look like cats, food, fish, stars, moons, flowers, I know some would like unicorns…..Fox, ? love owls!

  27. Gwen Pryor

    Please do a tutorial on the social textures shawl that Jeanne designed. Thank you.

  28. Janet Bequeaith

    Tips for disabled. My right hand is impaired. I have a couple of tricks with yarn, rubber band,and tape that I use so I can crochet. I would gladly share them with you so you can film them. Maybe other people have methods they use that would help people with disabilities crochet.

  29. Lynda Davidson

    Hi Mikey,

    I would like to see a pattern and tutorial on felted slippers for men. How much bigger do make them so they fit after felting.

  30. Caroll donovan

    Love all the help youbhave given to me .i continue to learn new things.I can now doc2c watching you.i hope i can go on the cruise in 2 yearscar

  31. Jenna Barry

    Mikey first of all I want to thank you for all you do! You have inspired me since I started this crochet journey and I have learned so much from you! I would love to see some good hot weather crochet projects as it is rarely cold here in GA! Keep up. The good work and excited to see were this journey takes me!

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