Crochet Poncho You and Me
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Crochet Poncho for Me and You
Crochet Poncho for Me and You

Crochet Poncho for Girls and Doll

Introducing one of the most demanded tutorials of the matching set of Poncho for Girls and their matching American Doll. The two ponchos are identical to each other.

The pattern provided gives the sizes of the poncho for 2 years, 4 years and 6 years of age. The doll size is also provided separately in the pattern.

The tutorial walks you through how to read the pattern so you can get the size that is right for you. Then, I will take you through start to finish the doll version as the steps are the same but the dimensions are different. You can use the lessons and refer to the pattern to pull the information for the kid-size you are doing.

This pattern came out in late 2015 and I have been intimidated by it. To my surprise, the doll version didn’t take as long as I expected. The most time used is in the ribbing. There are 5 components. Back and front, two side ribbing stripes and 1 collar. The buttons are decorative and add to the charm if you wish.

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Crochet Poncho for Me and You Pattern


The tutorial walks you through the doll size, please substitute information for the kid sizes by referring to the pattern.

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17 thoughts on “Crochet Poncho for Me and You Pattern + Tutorial

  1. Miley I’m having trouble with the neck part of child poncho, it is too small and I don’t see anything for the back to do the shoulders like the front.

  2. Mickey is always BANG on, I love him to pieces. I have a question, sometimes I think I’m an experienced crochet person lol. I’m doing the pattern for a little girl, I’m not understanding the neck portion where it states to Continue in pattern for 19-21, which are the numbers I’m using, how can the right side of the neck measures 19-21? Do I stop after the 4th row and then do the other side.

  3. Made the poncho in size 4 for my three year old and was a little disappointed that I couldn’t even get the poncho over her head!! I crochet on the larger side so my gauge was spot on. Not quite sure why this happened very disappointed

  4. I measured mine to 21″ for the size six, however when I did 53 single stitches going sideways it did not go all the way down to the end. Where did I go wrong? What do I do?

  5. I LOVE this pattern and have made one in a size 6. I really would like to have a pattern for an adult size of this particular pattern. Is there one available?

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