200+ Patterns Lunch & Learn 2020

Lunch and Learn Stitchers

Lunch and Learn with Yarnspirations was on Thursdays in 2020. They are hosted by 1 of 4 company teaching hosts that include the Yarnspirations Design Team, Marly Bird, Moogly and myself, The Crochet Crowd.

Each of us have our own flare and demonstration techniques which sets us apart. Generally speaking, I usually online twice a month for this but I do fill in when others aren’t available. It’s why I have about 50% of the broadcasts for the year.

I prefer to feature other designers, other than myself as community members already know about me and my designs. So I use the time to propel other designer patterns during the broadcast so that others in Yarnspirations can have their moment to shine. With over 7,000 free patterns, it’s not hard to pick.

Galleries Below

Each of the galleries are separated by the hosts who taught them. You can click on the images to go directly to the pattern. For Mikey’s Patterns, all of the patterns have matching tutorials that can be located on his YouTube Channel. Top menu of this website has tutorials by categories where they also can be found.

New Yarns of 2020

Yarnspirations added more new lines of yarn this year. From different staple yarns to novely based yarns. Bernat Symphony was one of my favourites of the year. Caron Little Crafties are really ingenious for introducing crafts and I got a new scarf out of it that was so colourful.


The Crochet Crowd

Mikey from Canada. All patterns shown below (exception is the snowman) has a matching tutorial and links go directly to article here on The Crochet Crowd where pattern and video tutorial access can be found together. 


Marly Bird

Marly from the USA.

Design Team

The Design Team is hosted by several designers from Canada.


Tamara from the USA.


  1. Teresa Moore

    i love the c2c pattern using double crochet in the back loops. i need a written or printed version as my computer is located in a darkened room and getting old so vision is a problem. please help. i would be glad to purchase this but dont know how to find it

    • I never heard of that technique. I don’t believe we have anything like that on this site.

  2. Janet Hetzler

    Janet Hetzler

    Is there a similar knitting group like this?

  3. Vagelis Harizanidis

    HI Mikey and happy new year. I am Vagelis from Thessaloniki in Greece , i’m 56 yo and i’m so new beginner in crocheting world. I find that hobby so psychotherapeutic and I am learning to crochet through videos on YouTube channel. Till now i have crocheted 3 scarfs and two bennies after i have watched so many crochet videos that women were teaching. As soon as i found your channel i was so excited that there’s a man who crochet and doing it so well and after i saw your video about the Linked Double Crochet (D-Link) i subscribed to the channel “The Crochet Crowd”. I would like to ask you something about the D-Link. I am crocheting left hand since i’m a left handed person. On your video you are saying that the D-Link can be crocheted only from the right side and in order to go back again we have to crochet single stich, half double or double stich. Is it possible and correct to crochet it on the left side? The truth is that i tried it to crochet it on the left side according to your video instructions. Are there any crochet patterns for left handed crocheters or a left handed person may crochet all right handed crochet patterns? Thank you so much for teaching us how to crochet and wish one day i’ll be able to crochet so fast and comfortably as you do.

  4. Mimi Kirch

    You inspired me to get back into crocheting! I made a blanket for a new grandson, and am making a beautiful Afghan for the parents! Thank you!

  5. cathy

    So good to see you, I always enjoy your work. I enjoy watching your cruises hope they will continue soon

    • Mikey

      Thank you Cathy! We hope the events will continue. Right now, it’s pretty bleak.

  6. Rhonda

    Hi Mikey! I probably wouldn’t be crocheting if it weren’t for you. You’re so cute with the things you say and do, you make me chuckle! I love your sense of humour!! Keep up the wonderful work you do… Merry Christmas & all the best in the New Year to you & yours.

    • Mikey

      Thank you Rhonda… I’m glad you can use the skills to go further in your abilities. Have an amazing holiday! 😀

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