Turkish Stitch Shawl Crochet Pattern

Crochet Turkish Stitch Shawl

Turkish Stitch Shawl

Crochet Turkish Stitch Shawl
Crochet Turkish Stitch Shawl

This Turkish Stitch Crochet Shawl Pattern is the most unique shawl I think I have come across My friend Tammie knows how much I love shawls especially unique ones so she sent me this I had to share it. How have I not seen this before in any of my many searches! It’s such a pretty pattern and has a stitch I have not seen nor tried before but I will be now!

The shawl has such a unique look to it that I am loving, I have some yarn that I feel is calling to be used for this shawl. The pattern has a diagram as well as the written for visual crocheters like myself. I glanced at the pattern because I was curious what a Turkish Stitch was and it looks like a pretty easy pattern once you get through the third and fourth row the rest of it will be a breeze.


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Crochet Turkish Stitch Shawl Pattern

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  1. Maria

    I would love to learn how to crochet 🧶 it’s always been my passion, My daughter would like to learn as well so it’s perfect.

  2. I would like a tutorial on the Turkish stitch shawl. Is that possible? Or the pattern.

    • If you click on the blue pattern button, it takes you to where you can get the pattern, as for a tutorial we don’t have one for this pattern, but there are videos on youtube to help with the stitch it’s self

  3. Sarah Bonvillian

    I Love it ! It is definitely on my crochet to do list . Beautiful shawl.

  4. Maria

    Is there a video tutorial?

  5. Karen Blair

    Love it. Can’t do it right now, but it is definitely on my list! Thanks!

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