Video Tutorials

Video Tutorials

2000+ free videos, most with subtitles by our CC Team. The Crochet Crowd originally started as a hobby channel, just for kicks back in 2008. It was then transformed into a business in 2010 and serious website backups for the free patterns used on the videos started to be linked.

1/4 of the projects are demonstrated in the left hand as Mikey is naturally right-handed. It’s an editing feature to make right-handed videos look left-handed.

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Tips For Using YouTube

  • Videos are categorized and sorted. You can find these in what is called as Playlists.
  • Videos can be slowed down by using the GEAR on the bottom right of the player window. You can speed up or slow down any video on YouTube. It is virtually impossible to teach crochet at the same speed for everyone. You have the power to change that on your desktop/laptop or mobile device. See the video below on how it is down.

Two Search Areas on YouTube

There are two locations to search.

  • The top search bar on YouTube will search all of YouTube for choices.
  • A search bar inside a channel will only search the channel you are looking at. If you are looking for more of our tutorials, it’s best to search the channel search itself.

Finding Left Handed Tutorials

We have a standard for our left-handed tutorials. Finding them is easier than you might realize.

  • There are over 450 tutorials available in the left-hand. You can find them all in one Playlist called Crochet Left Hand Tutorials.
  • If you are looking for something specific like a baby blanket. If you put the words Left Hand in front of the search item. For example Left Hand Baby Blanket Blanket. ┬áResults will come back with left-handed tutorials.
  • It is possible YouTube algorithm will realize you are left-handed by entering in the left hand. So in the future, the left-handed options will most likely appear to you first.
  • If there is a left-handed version, there is a matching right-handed tutorial. It’s under the exact same name without using the word Left Hand in front of it.