Crochet Study of Texture Afghan
Crochet Study of Texture Afghan
Crochet Study of Texture Afghan

The Study of Texture Stitch Along

If you love crochet texture, you may just fall in love with the Study Of Texture  Afghan Pattern It is in 8 different sections using Bernat POP! yarn. Using self-striping yarn like Caron Cakes, you can let the colourwork itself out. It turns out lovely.

Revision on August 5, 2019. The diagram shown in week 4 of the basketweave was incorrect in the tutorial. It was accidentally redrawn again incorrectly. I have provided my working notes for this diagram in the download. Please ignore the starting section for week 7 in the video. The starting stitch counts are wrong but you can see how the concept is done.

Thousands of crocheters have made this design and the results are so awesome.

Study Of Texture

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Bernat POP! can be found at Walmart but the latest colours that are out are exclusively on Yarnspirations Website at this time but will trickle to the stores in the next few weeks. Getting 10 balls may be difficult at the retail store, so you can skip the hassle and just order through Yarnspirations Website to make it easier from Yarnspirations direct to you through UPS Courier.


Please note that you can either follow the tutorial 100% or follow the written words 100%. You cannot cross compare the two as changes were made to the written words that conflict with the tutorial. You can just the tutorial as a guide but choose either to follow the instructions in the tutorial or written words, but definitely not both at the same time. 

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113 thoughts on “Crochet The Study of Texture Blanket Pattern

  1. Could I use Caron big cakes for this pattern? And for any of the texture series? Like the study of planet earth?

  2. Hi, I originally did this Afghan with the crochet along when we all did it together and completed it. However, I took the entire thing apart because my corners flared out terribly. Looked nothing like the photo above. Do you think my tension may have been too tight? I’m ready to give it a try again and am not sure what I did wrong. Thank you in advance for your help.

    • Hi
      My blanket flared badly until I redid the basketweave rows this time with one dc in the corners it worked but I had to remember that my stitch Count wasn’t the same but it fixed the flare

    • I have attempted this pattern twice but by row 11 it is not lying flat and the corners are flaring. I went up to a 6mm hook. Same results. I am determined to do this pattern please give me some suggestions. thank you

      • What yarn and what size hook are you using now. Also, what were both of the gauge results you did, just provide that detail. It’s the only way to tell.

  3. Dear Mikey
    This is the second time I am making this Afghan this time all in cream it’s lovely but once again I was having trouble making the basket rounds sit flat they flared out hugely then I went on to the extended rows did two rows of crisscross but didn’t like that there was no raised border so I frogged back and kept going took out the basket weave and redid the rows this time with 1 HDC instead of 2 in the corner posts the Afghan is now sitting flat the row count is off but now I can put in the borders I want
    Just a thank you for all the patterns

  4. Hi Mikey, I am at week 7 and you indicated on video demonstration that you would scan and attach the larger version of the rounds. The current copy of the pattern that I found on yarnspirations, the fpdc and bpdc were different from the diagram that you had blown up on the tutorial. I tried to look for the scanned version of the larger diagram and could not find it on your crochet crowd website. I love the diagrams and they are very helpful in conjunction with your tutorial. I am a knitter and a beginner crocheter, so I have learned a LOT from you! Keep up the great work! Thanks! Look forward to hearing from you! Mayuri, Aurora, Ontario

    • I’m not clear what you are looking for, the copy that had the error in the pattern has been updated since the video and it’s the right version now, or are you looking for the “extra Homework” that was done to make the pattern larger?

      • Thanks Marina for getting back to me. I was enquiring about the extra homework for the enlarged pattern.

      • took some digging but I managed to locate it for you, as follows, before4 the final round you do;
        rounds: 32-42
        then finish with row 55

  5. The link of the revised (July 7, 2019) Study Of Texture is blurry! I just printed out 17 pages of blur….barely can read it, Please revisit and correct for us souls that require written patterns. Thank you

    • I just looked, you aren’t wrong for sure, it was somewhat blurry for me too, readable but still blurry on the screen, I messaged the team to see if we have a clearer version.

      *update* working on switching to a clearer pattern

  6. QUESTION – I am on row 20. Row before stitch count was 61, and with the two turning chains gives me 65. How am I to come out with 66 (4 at a time with 2 leftover) or do I just need to utilize the tip you give on count in the video here to keep everything on track? I don’t mind doing so at all, just want to be sure if It’s what I should do every time or if I missed something somewhere so I can go back or even just note to myself for future projects. I’m still in my first two years and counting keeps me (sorta) sane.

    Thanks btw – I have always worked with yarn like Caron Simply Soft, and I do still love that texture as my preferred yarn IN GENERAL, but I had no idea how quickly I could fly with a product like Bernat POP! Altogether a different beast, and this has been my go-to when I get frustrated in my harder project at the moment. Was SO excited when I saw “easy” up there, I’ve been wanting to do this for some time and it is such a happy little break for me!

    • When the CAL first came out there were some errors in counts that were found, I know when I did mine I just did the pattern repeat to the end like any other pattern and I was good, I didn’t worry about counts, and I think I was less stressed that way. The blanket worked out just fine the way I did it.

      • I figured it out. Did the fixes and it’s fine. I don’t mind doing them, just wasn’t sure that I wasn’t missing something as the reason. When I puzzle out my reasons I learn a lot more. I fudge when it makes sense though. Seeing the two into one on the pattern opened my eyes, for instance, but I had missed a stitch the row below and so I did a fix on all four, and then one more on the next one. Pattern is really fun though. In fact, I’m using it AS my “fun” piece that I take a break with! 🙂

      • Nope, you weren’t missing anything. I look at patterns as suggestions you’re free to go as you please but patterns are there if you need suggestions on how you want to go about it.

  7. I’m struggling on week 3 using the written instructions. Should the count for row 17 be adjusted to 51?? If 15 ends on 47 would 16 be 49? I can’t get the stitch numbers to work out if each side increases by 2 for each row.

    • Hi Mikey,
      I’m having trouble with the basket weave section. Have apparently been kicked out of your Crochet Crowd pages on FB—WHY I know not.
      In any case it’s totally frustrating to have gotten this far with the project, only to be stuck on this section and not have anyone to help!
      Sure would appreciate clarification about how to make the transitions on the corners of the basketweave section. I’ve watched your explanation on the video multiple times. It doesn’t make sense to me.
      Any input you could provide would be appreciated
      Lillian M Banks

      • Morning… As far as being kicked out of Stitch Social, I don’t know anything about that. I’ve been off the stitch social, admin for nearly 2 weeks as I am slammed with making videos. So I don’t have answer for that. I am just quickly checking into stitch social and then go a few times a day as I am behind the eight ball.

        As far as the corners… they are 2 hdc, ch 2, 2 hdc in each. In the next round, those 2 hdc become part of the basketweave. The basketweave is made up of 4 front post OR back post double crochet. Everything is in sets of 4. For this one… 1 of the hdc could be a front post and then next one be a back post depending on what the stitches are after it.


      • Thanks for the prompt response, Mikey. I know how to do the corners, and how to do the basket weave, I’m just not understanding how the increases work—that is, incorporating the hdc into each successive round of basketweave. Based on input from others, I’m going to try working with the diagram for this section: maybe it will make sense in practice.
        Thanks again—your work is much appreciated..
        Lillian Banks

  8. As I co the after round 5, I’ve now noticed that on every round where the corner is 1sc ch2 1sc, the stitch count per side goes up by 4 instead of 2, as if it was a 2dc ch2 2dc corner so the stitch count for every row after row 5 is wrong.

  9. Is there a way to make the Study of Textures afghan bigger? Can I simply repeat the rows of basket weave in order or will the stitches not work out? I’m trying to extend it so it’ll be big enough to be a lapghan for two (it’s a wedding gift).

    I really appreciate all the tutorials and support as I complete my first CAL (actually doing Textures and Earth at the same time! lol)

    • I hope you get this for I know no other way to contact you about this pattern. I am on round 46 & I don’t think pattern covers the next 4 rounds (end of the week). So I was writing down next 4 rounds and notice that it was a repeat of round 46. A part of 47 is highlight. I am not very good a reading graphs, but it looks different than the written pattern. What is wrong? Can you send me the correct instructions. Thanks!

  10. Mikey,
    I was absolutely captivated by your videos and in addition to crocheting along each week last summer, I have downloaded all the sessions, printed and made 2 more afghans and 2 baby blankets (stopping the pattern once I had it to the size I wanted it and skipping to the border). I have pictures of my last two I would love to share if you let me know how to send them. My creations have all been given away to my boss lady, hair stylist and a dear friend. They are all in aw of how beautiful they are. Thank you for sharing! I am excited to say that I’ve ordered my yarn and saved the date for our Study of Planet Earth debuting July 8th, 2019.

      • thanks for checking. i want to do this in a solid color. I’ve seen the ones done by others and they were stunning. Been crocheting since i was 12 and probably could figure it out or make it work but knew I had seen something about it being redone. Thanks for all you do for all the “hoooker’s” out there.

  11. I am trying to do the rectangle version of this pattern. On row twenty four you have 90 stitches in the long side if you divide 90 by 4 you get twenty three chain three spaces. Please help me figure out how to get twenty four that the pattern calls for so I can continue with this pattern and finish it before the end of September.Thank you for any help you can give me. I am a profectsionist and I can not fudge this to my satisfaction. Please help me.??

  12. I am having problems with you submitting address it will not go when I press your address, let me know how to do this please or I will not be able to compete,

  13. The week 7 download pattern is different that the one Mikey shows in his video. The written has row 43 starting with one fpdc but Mikeys on the video shows 3. Where can we get the correct diagram and pattern?

  14. I have been drooling over the videos for weeks! Finally picked up my hook and yarn and getting moving. Thank you SO much for your inspiring pattern(s)! P.S. I love how your personality comes through in your videos; you make summer school fun!!

  15. In the video I notice Mikey’s printed pattern lists each row’s total stitch counts between the corners – but the PDF download version offered to us doesn’t have that information. Can the download patterns be corrected and re-posted, or can someone list the complete stitch counts for every row on the website (or in the comments)?

    • Im having the same problem. I left a message on the youtube site n got no answer. I left a message on the other site with the written pattern n not answer. Where do we go to get n answer? I want to finish the blanket but i need help!!

      • I think I missed the original question, what was it you needed help with I’ll see what I can find out for you? Mikey gets 100’s of messages a day per forum so unfortunately some do get overlooked not by choice.

      • Not sure which rows you need help with, but the count on row 42 is 77 and goes up by 2 each row after. 43 -79 st, 44-81 st…. row 55 would have 103 following this pattern. Hope this helps.

  16. Hi Mikey, sorry if this sounds like a sob story ( and I hope this is the right place to ask questions). I’ve been following along with the video very faithfully, made corrections when needed as you’ve suggested, even made sure I correct amount of ‘X’ on each side when started round 33. Now I’ve started Lesson 7 and my first side is ending with 126 stitches between corners (rather then the posted 138sts), which of course also ends the first side with 3 dcbp if I finish it. I saw how you could take away or add stitches if needed but that’s like 12 stitches missing. If that going to work? Also you mentioned in this weeks video you would post a diagram of the pattern you showed (colored in) to help us. Where could I find it? I am at a loss how this has happened and I’m so close to being done. I’d appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks again and wonderful pattern!

    • Should add it ended up being 15 dcbp (not including the 3 posts I left alone at the end till i could figure this out).

  17. Hi Mikey I was wondering if you could tell me how many stitches you are suppose to end up with on row 30 of summer 2018 the study of texture and each row after that. Thanks

  18. I cannot print out the second page of the instructions for Lesson1: A study of Old Town Square. My printer prints out the first page with the picture of the pink square and the list of abbreviations but it won’t print out the second page where the actual instructions of the pattern begin. I have tried repeatedly to get it to print out and it won’t. It only prints out the square with a 6 line instruction to the left of the square. I have no clue as to why it won’t print out the whole page of instructions. Is there some way I can get a printed copy of the page sent to me? I would gladly pay for the trouble!!!

  19. I’ve seen so many beautiful examples of people’s work I’m inspired to start and make one of these beauties! Can’t wait to dig in!

  20. Help! I am struggling with week 5. I have 82 stitches in row 24. When I try to do row 25, I am not able to end in the previous rows ch 2. Even when skipping 4 in one of the chains it is not turning out right. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!

  21. Mikeey, what is the purpose of the chain 3 in the 2nd row of week 5? Is it just to fill in the sc between the bottom of the eggs ?

  22. Hi Mikey, I watched your video for week 4 and then printed out the instructions. Jeanne from the Crochet Crowd has stated that the written pattern is wrong and to follow the video instead. In order to set up the 21st round, I made a change in the 20th round. My 20th round is as follows: Ch 3, 1 dc around post of joining hdc. *1 dc IN EACH OF NEXT 30 dc, 2 dc IN NEXT dc, 1 dc IN EACH OF NEXT 30 dc. **(2 dc, Ch 2, 2 dc) in ch-2 sp. Rep from * twice more, then from * to ** once. 2 dc in last corner sp. Join with kdc to top of ch-3. 66 sts between corners. By doing 2 dc in the centre st of each side, the stitch count increases to the correct number for round 21 and the increase isn’t really all that visible. I hope this helps.
    P.S. This is a really nice pattern. Good work!

  23. Week 4 question. You have us working in 2s with 2dc in the corners. That’s even numbers. But you have a stitch count for each row that is odd. If we make corrections to do the pattern will that throw off the count in future rows?

    • The video shows how to adjust after the error. If you crochet 66 dc instead of 65 then it works after that.

      • The pattern wasn’t a mistake. The mistake came in when Mikey forgot that we were working with odd numbers and tried to make it even. I adjusted mine in the middle of each row because I do not like the look of the “mistake” at the end. I also did mine with only one “ANT” in the center of each row (called her the Queen Ant). Love the way this looks as well. I have 7 going and am experimenting different ways to correct the pattern counts.

  24. Love the pattern so far. This is my first crochet along. Can’t wait to see the finished project. Already know who I’m going to give it to. Thank you for doing the tutorials and the diagram, I use both written and diagram instuctions. Keep up the good work.

  25. I’d like to get the pattern for your CAL. Since my Cancer diagnosis I am starting to get back my co-mo (crochet mojo) and this might be the place to start. I’ll just have to follow along bcuz I had a bad experience with a mystery CAL. I got all my yarn and started the CAL not knowing what it would look like finished and when the last pattern was posted and people started posting their finished projects, it wasn’t appealing to me and wasn’t attractive for me so I had wasted time and money on a project I had no desire to finish. So Im just a follower right now. I usually love all of Mikey’s projects so I’m sure I will like this one but better safe than sorry when on a fixed income. Love you guys and keep up the good work!!! Hugs from USA, Colorado!!

  26. What is the actual yardage needed for this project? It says 10 balls….but I have seen some debate about some Bernat Pop being 5g vs 6g. I am about to frog out what I’ve done on my project because I don’t like how the colors are flowing and may use a different yarn altogether and just wanted to know if I had enough yardage in my stash already, or go buy more ?
    Thank youuuuu!!!❤

    • Hi
      I am having trouble with the stitch counts, which I rely on to know I am not adding or skipping stitches.
      Sometimes the stitches are increased by 4 in a round and sometimes by 2, is that right? It’s not working out that way

      • Hi Mikey! I am struggling early on with this pattern! I started by following the video (which is fab, btw!) but also printed the pattern to have something concrete from which to work.

        I am stuck at Round 6! The written pattern states that after this Round (6) i should have 21 sts. I only have 19. What am i doing wrong? My stitch counts up to that point are spot on! Can you advise? Are all the counts off by two? I am not sure how to proceed.

        On your page, it states that one method (video tutorial or written instructions) should be followed exclusively. I like the portability of the written pattern but i like to consult the video to ensure i am doing things the right way.

      • I would squeeze in an extra stitch if you can to keep the balance. I cannot tell from Nova Scotia what you be doing wrong. Just squeeze 2 extra stitches per side.

  27. Getting the pattern weekly seems to be a problem. First week I got the email from yarnspirations, nothing comes up on the page that the link sends you to; totally blank. Second week, got the email and the pattern. Once again this week the page is blank.

  28. I’ve seen on Facebook that week three was supposed to come out yesterday but I haven’t seen anything yet. Just curious when it will be available. Thank you!

  29. I feel i’m Going around in circles trying to find a download of Study of texture Lesson two. Is one available?

    • Hi Doris, at the top of this page click the big pink Get Pattern button. It takes you to Yarnspirations. Scroll down the page until you see Lesson 2. Under Mikey’s picture is a grey button. Click that to get the pattern. Hope it works for you!!

  30. I tried to sign up for weekly updates and I get a notice saying registration is closed. No sure what todo next.

  31. Mikey, The link that you provided won’t open up for me to sign up to receive the patterns in my email. Is there another way to connect to yarnspiration and sign up?

    • Lydia, I found Mikey on YouTube first, and then found this website. I follow him on YT, so I get the weekly reminders that way.

  32. dear Mikey: bang on… but I have a question related to TEXTURE. Our group is trying to figure out how to have a 3D look on the “Triangles Afghan” by Ellen Gormley- also called “Lily Blanket” on Ravelry

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