Crochet The Study of Texture Blanket Pattern

Crochet The Study of Texture Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Study of Texture Afghan

Crochet Study of Texture Afghan

The Study of Texture Stitch Along

If you love crochet texture, you may just fall in love with the Study Of Texture  Afghan Pattern It is in 8 different sections using Bernat POP! yarn. Using self-striping yarn like Caron Cakes, you can let the colourwork itself out. It turns out lovely.

Revision on August 5, 2019. The diagram shown in week 4 of the basketweave was incorrect in the tutorial. It was accidentally redrawn again incorrectly. I have provided my working notes for this diagram in the download. Please ignore the starting section for week 7 in the video. The starting stitch counts are wrong but you can see how the concept is done.

Thousands of crocheters have made this design and the results are so awesome.


Study Of Texture

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Bernat POP! can be found at Walmart but the latest colours that are out are exclusively on Yarnspirations Website at this time but will trickle to the stores in the next few weeks. Getting 10 balls may be difficult at the retail store, so you can skip the hassle and just order through Yarnspirations Website to make it easier from Yarnspirations direct to you through UPS Courier.


Please note that you can either follow the tutorial 100% or follow the written words 100%. You cannot cross compare the two as changes were made to the written words that conflict with the tutorial. You can just the tutorial as a guide but choose either to follow the instructions in the tutorial or written words, but definitely not both at the same time. 

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