Crochet Plush Moss Blanket Pattern

Crochet Plush Moss Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Plush Moss Blanket

Crochet Plush Moss Blanket

Crochet Plush Moss Blanket

Introducing the Crochet Plush Moss Blanket that is the Moss Stitch. The Moss Stitch is used in examples like Colouring Pooling but for this sort of Chevron Wave, colour pooling, (I don’t think), won’t work.

The pattern has 3 rows as it takes the 1st two rows to get the pattern established. Once you get to row 3, the rest of the blanket is simply repeating row 3 until you are done.


Free Pattern: Moss Ripple Stitch

I used Bernat Blanket Stripes.

Colour Pooling Using Moss Stitch

Moss Stitching creates the colour pooling look when done in straight rows across. Learn how it’s done with the tutorial below.

The colour is changing on it’s down for the rich stripes you see in the blanket. For new crocheters, the idea of fumbling around with constantly changing colours out is eliminated.

So let the yarn ball do the work for you.

Example of Moss Stitch

The below tutorial is showing the Moss Stitch in a Scarf. It’s called the Crochet Mood Scarf.

This is the Moss Stitch using Bernat Blanket. Again, in straight rows across. This is called the Crochet Hibernate Afghan.


Mikey, aka Michael Sellick, of The Crochet Crowd, started this online journey back in 2008. A mere hobby in trying to reach out to others as he was mentally struggling with his own issues. His goal was simple, find others in the yarn communities, like him, that have a common interest.

The journey and main baby of the whole idea started with a YouTube Channel and then in 2011, an official website was developed. Michael is not only the face of The Crochet Crowd but also the working engine behind the crowd in self-taught programming, social media and so much more.

Enjoy the stitching journey. Life is short, enjoy this wonderful hobby and all of the learning opportunities that come with it.

14 thoughts on “Crochet Plush Moss Blanket Pattern”

  1. Mary says:

    Just wasted my night trying to figure out this pattern! Started with written and went to the tutorial! No luck! Very frustrated!!

    1. Mikey says:

      What do you think the problem is? Is there any way for us to have done it better?

  2. Ruthanne Brown says:

    This is totally different topic. I do not have a credit card, nor a debit card that has credit card on it, so how can I order items that is shown. I am interested in the tote bags and the mug. Is there any way that I could send a check for what I would like to get and the shipping costs (which I would have to find the cost? I would send the check and the order before hand, and then get the order. I am sure that there are other people in the same position.

    1. regina says:

      Suggest trying PayPal several sites except paypal and they work by associating a bank account. Another thought is purchase a credti card gift card (like from Walmarts, CVS) you can probably use that as well.

  3. Wanda Hoffman says:

    Where do you find the Bernat Blanket Stripes yarn? Yarninspirations does not carry it.

    1. Vicki L Elrod says:

      Try Michael’s.

    2. Mary says:

      I have been trying to figure this pattern out all night! Followed written pattern and then went to the tutorial! Please make correct instructions!! 3 hours and still not started! Ugh!!!

      1. Mikey says:

        Where do you believe the error is. I’m sorry you wasted three hours. Can you tell me where you think you are going wrong so I know where to look.

      2. Mary says:

        The printed pattern instructions don’t match the tutorial. Should there be a chain 1 after the sc2tog stitches? Also I am having a difficult time figuring out row 3! Especially the sc2tog in row 3. Confused by chain space and stitch. Thank you!

      3. Mikey says:

        Row 2 – Ch 1, 2 sc in first st. Ch 1,
        (skip next st, sc in next. Ch 1) twice.
        Skip next st, 2sctog over next 2 sts, 2
        sc2tog over next 2 sts. (Skip next st, sc
        in next. Ch 1) twice. Skip next st, 2 sc
        in next st. *2 sc in next st, Ch 1, (skip
        next st, sc in next. Ch 1) twice. Skip
        next st, 2sctog over next 2 sts, 2 sc2tog
        over next 2 sts. (skip next st, sc in next.
        Ch 1) twice. Skip next st, 2 sc in next
        st. Repeat * across. Turn.

        I just watched tutorial before responding. There are 2 sets of sc2tog twice in a row without a ch-1 sp between them. The ch-1 sp isn’t put in until both the sc2tog. Hopefully, this makes sense.

  4. Nancy says:

    I only worked from the printed pattern, and noticed on row 2, two spots where a Ch 1 was missing after the second sc2tog. The same thing is happening in row 3. You did get the extra ch 1 in after the 2 sc at the start and the second 2 sc’s at the point, but missed it after the second sc2tog at the valleys. Thanks – it’s a great pattern. I am making humane society snuggles with the pattern.

    1. Working off the pattern, I have noticed that too. I have pulled this out more times than I want to count. I will add the Ch 1 after the second sc2tog and see if that will work. This isn’t a hard pattern but I am having such a hard time getting the peaks and valley to match up. Ugh!

  5. Shell says:

    Hello, I just watched the YouTube video and compared it to the pattern. On row 3, you state in the video (around 15:11 minutes and after the second sc2tog) to chain 1. That is not reflected in the pattern. I only bother to point this out because I have been having difficulty with crocheting row 3 using just the pattern. Anywho, thanks for posting crochet videos; they are great learning tools.

    1. I will circle back and double check. Michael

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