Crochet Intermediate Level Projects
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Crochet Intermediate Projects

Crochet Intermediate Level Projects
Crochet Intermediate Level Projects

Projects designed to challenge with some thought and usage of different skills within a project. Determined beginners have an opportunity to move to this level.

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9 thoughts on “Crochet Intermediate Projects

  1. Actually, the person who introduced me to croshet was Mickey.,couple years ago. Since than, I’m watching this program. Unfortunately, I’m not the best and still learning. All I know is only from iPad.No people around me to show or ask, which makes hard to learn.The only way is on line.Thank you for being so good to show, explain all you know.

  2. I would like the rest of the ebook patterns for block 6 and block 7 so I can complete the crochet along. Also how the join is done. Seems this one has been forgotten with the changes. Please assist. Thank you. I love doing these crochet alongs an wait patiently for the next clue. Virginia

  3. Hi Mikey, I love this website! I’ve been crocheting since the age of 10 and I’m now over 60. Enjoying this craft, which is really an art on it’s own, because no machine can copy this, very much. Thank you for sharing with us. Junia

  4. Mikey, I ♥️ almost everything you do, The Crowd is awesome . I do watch a lot of your videos, but I’m better with written directions. I understand it’s a tremendous amount of work, but please don’t stop sending out the written pattern.?

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