Crochet Summer Stunner Cotton Hat

Crochet Summer Stunner Cotton Hat
Crochet Summer Stunner Cotton Hat
Crochet Summer Stunner Cotton Hat

The Crochet Summer Stunner Cotton Hat is a textured design that features the arrow stitch and other eye-popping techniques.

Designed for me personally as I was loving the Summer Cotton Hat that has more of a feminine flair to it, I wanted a hat with a more square top with even more texture to it. A bit more masculine for my personal style.

The hat has a similar beginning to the Summer Cotton Hat but with slight changes and then drastic changes where it naturally turns downward at the crown.

There is a strategy in play with double and triple stranding to provide durability. You will see in the free pattern I applied speed starch as well to more it stiffer. I have provided a bonus diagram where I think it will get complicated and that’s the arrow stitching that is grabbing your visual attention. It’s easy, but knowing exactly where to do those double treble posts is helpful.

I do classify this as an intermediate-level project due to my texturing elements.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Summer Stunner Hat


Crochet Cotton Sun Hat
Crochet Cotton Sun Hat

The Crochet Cotton Sun Hat uses the latest Bernat Softee Cotton yarn. Sized for an average adult female. Double-stranded for sturdiness.

Challenged by the social team of Yarnspirations to develop a summer based hat,

I didn’t want just straight double crochets as it’s too easy for me to do that. Instead, I used the stitch counts to give me a helping hand.

Using my preference of textured stitches, someone messaged me about the bean stitch earlier in the day before starting to design this. So I had the bean stitch on the brain, sort of speak, and wondered if I could through that in my hat.

The latest new yarn called Bernat Softee Cotton is not dishrag cotton. It’s fashion cotton on the light #3 level. I double-stranded to provide more strength and durability. The hat has substance and possibly a hat style you would find in a gift shop. The way the bean stitch and the 2 dc that share a stitch work together, visually gives me the impression of weaving and intention gapping spaces to let the heat from your head escape.

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Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Cotton Sun Hat

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  1. Elise

    This hat is gorgeous. I love the texture and having a few spaces for ventilation is very smart.

  2. Ann-Marie Boisclair

    I’ve made two of these hats now. I love them.

  3. Theresa

    Where are your patterns now? We spent 2020 and 1/2 of 2021 moving to Arizona from California excep for the month my husband and I had covid and recovered. So I am just settling down to crochet again.

    • On our blog posts for patterns, there are two places to get the written patterns. The name of the pattern in blue lettering is a clickable link that leads to the pattern location. And there is also a pretty blue button that says pattern that also should lead to the written (this is usually a little bit further down into the blog post ). Hope that helps

  4. Nancy H

    Absolutely LUV the concept of the masculine version…thanks

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