Mikey July 2021
Mikey July 2021

My Crochet Skills

Mikey - Crochet Nutcracker Construction
Mikey – Crochet Nutcracker Construction

I was taught to crochet by my mother at the age of fourteen. Intrigued by the speed of the craft and the simplistic designs of what my mother was able to achieve through double crochet, I became ‘hooked’ on the craft. She only knew how to double crochet, so I went and bought a crochet book because I was so bored of double crochet. From this moment of buying a crochet book, I taught myself the skills you see online today. Without my own children to pass along my skills, I have turned to the Internet to show others how to crochet

The Creation of The Crochet Crowd

The Crochet Crowd Logo
The Crochet Crowd Logo

The creation of teaching on YouTube was a fluke. A boring afternoon would end up turning into a multi-million view resource community page. People who are just finding me now believe I have come out of nowhere and I am experiencing instant success. Yes… the idea was a fluke but there is nothing instant about what I have achieved. The amount of work to build to my level is undeniable to borderline insanity during my journey. The hours and self-discipline involved have been enormous and continuous to be an everyday job to inspire thousands of people.

The Crochet Crowd® relies on me to steer viewers in the right direction and/or give sound advice. My advice is based on experience through using products, services or other key factors. I’ve managed to find really good companies to do successful cross-promotions online. Like many people/companies starting out, I have experienced companies where I have learned some difficult lessons. I’ve come to understand that The Crochet Crowd® needs me to be accurate and honest when it comes to recommendations. I have key contacts in place to cross-check facts to make more informed decisions.
I’ve been on the quest of building this platform steadily since March 2008 and dedicate most of my day, every day, to helping others achieve their creative success stories.

Role of The Crochet Crowd

I can spend easily up to 14 hours a day social networking, video creation, article writing, and build cross-content at my home studio. I’m captivated by the linkages and see obvious potential in companies where consumers can receive free opportunities to learn.
Michael Sellick & Daniel Zondervan
Michael Sellick & Daniel Zondervan

I have been partnered with Daniel Zondervan since January 2009. Daniel is the co-creator of The Crochet Crowd. Daniel’s strengths are behind the camera in marketing, scheduling, newsletter creation and dealing with show logistics. He is also the marketing strategist for The Crochet Crowd ‘Live’. He is responsible for designing displays and interactions between guests and me. He has a keen eye for trends without following the industry. His involvement is an asset and makes the crowd the success that it has become.

My Role (Michael Sellick)

  • Mikey Office
    Mikey Office

    Encourage creativity with viewers and followers on Facebook.

  • Work with clients directly to use their products or patterns on camera.
  • Give consumers choices and ideas when it comes to project creations on camera and in written patterns.
  • Social network scheduling and campaign strategies.
  • Participate with all social media outlets where The Crochet Crowd is associated to.
  • Consult and implement social marketing campaigns for other crafting-based companies.

Daniel Zondervan’s Role

  • Crochet Cruise Cancellations
    Crochet Cruise

    Trends, projects and video consultant.

  • Marketing strategist.
  • Show logistics and scheduling.

Daniel is a huge supporter of Pinterest to gauge the next latest trends. It’s so amazing how he can predict a future trend by seeing what people enjoy doing on Pinterest.

Relationship with Yarnspirations

Mikey, Yarnspirations
Mikey Visits Yarnspirations for the First Time

The Crochet Crowd is sponsored by and consultant with Spinrite Yarns but the public knows them as the branding of Yarnspirations.

Started unofficially in Fall 2010 with the local outlet store which morphed into hosting tent sales for the retail location. In winter 2015, we became sponsored on an ongoing basis.

Yarnspirations doesn’t have spokespersons which I thought was odd as the ultimate goal for someone like me is to be a representative of a brand. In being sponsored, my voice stays my own without being forced to echo talking points to share a point of view if I feel it’s not right for me (our community). A spokesperson has a completely different role. 

We always have a choice to decline participation in a product or idea launch. If something is wrong in social media or if a trend is happening that isn’t planned. We can change direction immediately to adjust. We plan in real-time where Yarnspirations plans a year in advance.

While Yarnspirations patterns are always an option to film, we have the power to do our own thing as well. To self-design and create momentum customized for our community.

Our sponsorship pays for the development of tutorials, content and community management which takes a team of us to do. Each one of our team members has a role to try to keep us balanced. We don’t always get it right but we try. Some days, it’s really rough on social media when people backlash against something that was never intended or a person has intentionally thrown a social grenade into our community.

I say to my team often, the sponsorship pays for the party so our community doesn’t have to. It’s a win-win. 

We don’t sell patterns on an individual basis. In fact, the only patterns for sale are inside our first-ever book below.

The Crochet Crowd Book

The Crochet Crowd Book Cover
The Crochet Crowd Book Cover

In Fall 2021, we released our very first real book that went into stores and online purchasing websites such as Amazon, Barnes and Noble and even Walmart USA.


Over the years, publishers have approached us to write a book. I have declined them due to the workload and lack of desire to have a book. John from McIntyre Purcell in Lunenberg, Nova Scotia was persistent. Like really persistent.

What changed my mind was Jonah Larsen in cooperation with the ghostwriter of his book, Hello, Crochet Friends!. I realized that it’s possible to have a ghostwriter that knows how to write a book. I lacked that skill to keep it brief and yet on point. I asked if it’s possible to have a ghostwriter. Rick Conrad, a writer to help put the pieces, background and timeline together.

Rick interviewed Daniel and me three times and I also wrote about 50 pages of stories and timeline events that appear in the book. Rick pieced together the storylines and slashed what was irrelevant and sewed a timeline together. Remarkably, Rick was able to keep it in our own tone, slang and messaging.

The development of the patterns was almost random but on-brand for The Crochet Crowd. I decided not to ask any established, published, designers. We invited friends and even people who have never designed before. Jeanne Steinhilber, Anita Grover, Kathleen Nolen and Megan McHugh. With our testing team as the wind in our back to find our errors. They include Nancy Elliott, Diane Suder, Anita Grover, Cathy Lund, Michele Sanders, Donna Bondy, Wendy Marple and Kathleen Nolen.

Crochet diagrams were designed by both Daniel and me. The book forced us to finally learn how to do the diagrams and be consistent.

The Benefits of Writing a Book

  1. Forced consistency in pattern writing.
  2. Writing a manual for myself to design better and to have resources on hand for cross-reference.
  3. Learn Adobe Illustrator to draw the diagrams myself. That was hell to learn but I finally got it.
  4. To be established as a traditional author instead of a blog author.
  5. Patience… my gawd was it hard.
Quarterdeck Book Planning
Quarterdeck Book Planning

Personal Information

Birdhouse Condo in Nova Scotia
Birdhouse Condo in Nova Scotia

We live in the village of Greenwich, Nova Scotia near Wolfville, home of Acadia University. We relocated from Ontario in 2018 to begin a new story. It was difficult to do what we do in the small town of Walkerton back in Ontario and we moved to change our life’s circumstances.

Daniel and I prefer country settings for our environment as social media is hectic and this provides a fine balance in life.

We Have Additional Family Members

PuppiDawg is a cross between Great Pyrenees and Marmar Mountain Dog. Her parents were adopted by a family where the farmer aged and had to give away the animals on his farm. PuppiDawg’s parents came with that adoption only to realize the female was pregnant. PuppiDawg came into our lives as a puppy.
PuppiDawg & Mikey
PuppiDawg & Mikey

Binky Boo is a tabby cat. She’s been injured in the past and we rescued her from the SPCA. She has back and leg issues but when food is involved, she’s remarkably healed. She loves to lick faces when she is getting attention.

Binky Boo Kitty Cat
Binky Boo Kitty Cat
Puss Puss is a ham and vocal when she needs us to listen. Also rescued from the SPCA at the same time as Binky Boo. We selected Binky Boo first and walked with her in our arms past the cages and Puss Puss didn’t react to Binky Boo. So it was an obvious choice.
Puss Puss Cat
Puss Puss Cat
Pets we have lost along the way that are in older videos and content. Clara, the cat, died of a tumour. Dimitri, the cat, died of old age. Riverstone, the cat, was killed by a predator in Nova Scotia.

Published Articles & Video Presentations

  • Keep It Free with Mikey
    Keep It Free with Mikey

    Featured / Guest Blogger for FaveCraftsBlog, Creativ Festival and Stitch & Unwind.

  • Written product reviews and filmed product video reviews for a number of crafting companies.
  • Editor for The Crochet Crowd.com Online Newsletter since January 2011 to present.
  • Contracted social media consultant/director for crafting-based companies.
  • Granted filming rights of several major crafting-based companies.
  • The latest technology of semi-professional filming and video editing computers and software.

The Power of Social Media Links & Video Usage

  • Yarnspirations Mystery Crochet Along
    Yarnspirations Mystery Crochet Along

    I have successfully partnered with companies associated with crafting products and services.

  • Videos create educational opportunities. I try to balance these videos with being affordable, creative and not too complicated for people to follow on camera.
  • Trends depend on the season and presentation of products as a whole for the entire crafting industry. With crafting having seasonal trends, The Crochet Crowd Network experiences the same highs and lows with the seasons. Summer is the low point and winter being the high point.
  • It’s easy but I am expected to be honest about a product or service. I will not film something that doesn’t fit with the community, nor will I give a negative review on something as there are tremendous consequences that can impact sales and jobs across the spectrum. If I don’t like something, I keep quiet about it as it serves no purpose for me to have jobs ruined as a result of a terrible review.
  • I refuse to work with any company or product where I believe the consumer isn’t getting sufficient value through product and/or customer service.

Demonstrations / Teaching

  • In-Store Demonstrations of products/projects.
  • Online Videos for The Crochet Crowd and established partnered companies under their own brand.
  • Public speaking at crafting guilds.
  • Crafting conventions.
  • Crafting festivals.


I believe that crocheters are smart individuals and can tell the difference between being pushed to purchase versus an inspirational demonstration. I believe if a crocheter really wants to purchase something, they will find a way.

This belief allows me not to harp on about the products in video demonstrations of projects. Yes, I say the brand and the yarn count but I don’t go on about where to buy it, pricing and more. That’s on the crocheter to find out more. That’s what a spokesperson would do, which I am not.

I allow the inspiration to be the motivation. This is what makes my relationship with Yarnspirations so ideal. They allow us to run our community and inspiration to custom fit it to our community.


  1. Eileen Zick

    Hi Mikey
    You are so easy to understand I am stumped..I am working on a Corner to Corner pattern with a horse head ( 122rows)
    I am on r ow 63 when I get to row 69 it says to start decrease, easy to do…..then when I get t o row 79 it says t o start
    decrease this side……my question is….what do I do at the end of row 69 ( 70, etc t o row 79 do I not decrease the ten rows before I get to row 79?on t he opposite of 69, ?? this is a pattern i bought from Etsy no way to ask the author ..any help would be appreciated.

    • Mikey

      I cannot tell without examining the pattern more carefully. I know you took the time to carefully write this up but I cannot made an informed decision without seeing the whole thing. I’m sorry, I really don’t know.

  2. Hello:
    I have already purchased the graph with instructions for a c2c afghan from another site. My problem is that when I tried the c2c stitch I found the stitch to be to open for what I like for an afghan. If I did it correctly. Now I need to know can I use the graph to just count the stitches and use a single crochet instead of the c2c stitch?

    • you could try going down a hook size if you are finding it extremely happy. I have blanket that U and making a photo in, I haven’t learnt the C2C yet, I’m using the solid granny. I feel like just doing a DC it wouldn’t end up overly big unless you were to do 3 stitches for every one spot on the graph.

  3. Hello:
    I think I may not have explained my situation correctly. I have already purchased the graph with instructions for an c2c afghan from another site. My problem is that when I tried the c2c stitch I found the stitch to be to open for what I like for an afghan. If I did it correctly. Now I need to know can I use the graph to just count the stitches and use a single crochet instead of the c2c stitch?

  4. Hello
    I purchased a graph to do an Afghan from. I have never done the C2C stitch but figured it can not be that hard. I have been crocheting for years and can usually get the hang of a new stitch after looking at the instructions. I did this with the C2C stitch. It took me several times of trying it to get it. I did not like the stitch because I found the stitches were to open for my taste. If I did it right. My question now is can I substitute a single crochet in place of the c2c stitch? The instructions r for c2c. So is it correct that I would have to use the graph n just count the stitches from that ?
    Any information anyone can give me would be appreciated!!
    Thank You
    Suzy B.

    • Mikey

      Morning Suzy, we don’t sell anything on our website. However, if you are looking for something like this. There was a woman that was doing this service for a small fee which was really cost effective but I believe she no longer offers this service. It’s the only person I know that did this kind of graph in C2C Concept. However, she does have an email and you can ask her. She can be reached through her website at https://www.c2cgraphs.com/shop

  5. Phyllis Banfield

    Dear Mikey, believe it or not I have been crocheting for over 60years. I just came across your site and have enjoyed it very much. I found a picture of a multi colored heart on facebook and wondered if there was a pattern for this. Our daughter was married on Valentine’s day so I am always on the lookout for new hearts. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Phyllis

  6. Barbara Notestone

    Thank you Mikey! I have used so many of your patterns and videos to learn new techniques.

      • Virginia

        My name is Virginia!
        I am from Worcester, MA, USA!
        I enjoy all your patterns on The Crochet Crowd website!
        And I enjoy all your videos on youtube
        They helped me hold a crochet hook knife hold!
        Much better for me!
        The pencil hold is not a match for me!
        Once I saw a granny square video of Mikey and the way he held the crochet hook…. it made me hold the hook that same way and it is my actual style of holding the crochet hook!

        After doing a granny square I went from HDC blankets to more complexed blankets like spike stitch, bobbles, popcorn, shell, cluster, back loops, front loops, front post, back post, Crab stitch, moss stitch, puff stitch and v-stitch!

        After the granny square my very next blanket was the diagonal box stitch blanket!
        Everyone calls it C2C
        It’s not called C2C!
        “It’s called C2C Diagonal Box Stitch!”

        I even did a blanket crochet along that had 4 different squares to do, one square had cables and that is where I learned cables! The other square was solid granny square, popcorn square and the last square had 5 chains in the corners to make loops each round – I think that was the loops stitch but not sure!
        After doing this blanket I started doing round projects like potholder, hot pads and coasters in the round!

        Any how thanks to this brilliant crochet man Mikey…. I learned 4 stitches!
        After doing popcorn square I did bobbles cause they remind me of popcorn stitch! From that point on I now do some intermediated stitches!

        Over the years I learned C2C has many purposes
        Diagonal Box stitch
        Diagonal Shell stitch
        Diagonal Moss stitch
        And 3 other diagonal stitches!
        6 stitches make up C2C!
        Thank you Michael Sellick “Mikey” for all you do!
        Your a great teacher!

      • Portia Roberson

        Hi I hope some one out there can help me. I’ve just started a double crochet flag blanket. I’ve stared with 230 chains to begin with. I’m doing 7 rows on each color stirpes. I have bout five striped before I get to the half row to add the blue. Where do o start the blue after the stipes. Thanks MTS portia

      • Mikey

        You may want to look at patterns of flags. I’m Canadian but I assuming you are speaking of the American Flag but I am not 100% sure. I would look at Crochet Flags and make a determination guess. It’s frowned upon to crochet a replica of the American Flag according to the American laws or something, so I have not developed a specific pattern for it to honour that. However, they are crocheted all the time and I would look to sites like Ravelry or ETSY for pictures. I don’t have any specific information about the construction of the flag. I see nothing wrong with crocheting the flags by the way. Showing patriotism is a beautiful gesture. We proudly fly our Canadian Flag here. Michael

  7. Carmela

    Thank you Mikey. You taught me to crochet at a time I needed something to keep my thoughts at bay. I am growing in experience thanks to you, and won my first second place ribbon at the fair this summer. I don’t know what I would be doing without crochet in my life. Just want you to know how much learning from you has changed my life.

  8. Thank you for the tutorials, i keep starting and stopping crochet and need reviews and I did not know how to read the patterns, love, love the tutorials, im the only one in my family that crochets. Some of the projects seem hard, but if someone guides me i can try them and it saves so much time, two of my Grandmas were master crocheters and knitters, but they lived out of state.

  9. Thank you for the tutorials, i keep starting and stopping crochet and need reviews and I did not know how to read the patterns, love, love the tutorials, im the only one in my family that crochets. Some of the projects seem hard, but if someone guides me i can do try them and it saves so much time, two of my Grandmas were master crocheters and knitters, but they lived out of state.

  10. Diana Howard

    I’m so thankful that I found the Crochet Crowd! You’re an Excellent teacher and because of you I’ve found my passion. My grandmother taught me how to make granny squares when I was a teenager, I’m now 52 yrs young. She made granny blankets for all her grandchildren and great grandchildren. I still have the blankets.
    I now know how to crochet pretty most things. Thanks to you I’ve learned how to read patterns and graphs proficiently, before I had an extremely hard time making sense of them.
    You’re not just an Excellent teacher but love your sense of humor, your way of expression, and your laughter.
    I’m a medically retired nurse with a lot of medical problems, that caused me to be severely depressed. I went to YouTube trying to find something to help me get out of my funk and want to start living again, and I found the Crochet Crowd thankfully!
    So Thank you and all at the Crochet Crowd, you have been a lifesaver. May God Bless all of you for ALL that you do for ALL of us around the world. I’m sure I speak for many people who are or have been touched by you!
    D. Howard
    Visalia, California

  11. Laura Gossel

    I have made several of your 3 strand never ending afghans. I am wondering if there is a way to add on to 2 sides of the square and make it a rectangle. I don’t want my son to outgrow it too quickly.


  12. Really have enjoyed your how to Youtubes and step by step directions for beginner work and intermediate projects like the ones I do. The break downs and “little” tips help tremendously. Just recently found you on Pinterest also…yeah.. :)!! I will enjoy seeing your pins pop up on there.

  13. Hi MIKEY,

    I love, love, love all your tutorials. Every single demo is so easy to understand and follow. Three of my friends and I have been unsuccessful in being able to get the written pattern for your twin size rectangular granny afghan. We all are anxious to get started and are so frustrated not to be able to bring it up on our screens.

    I would be happy to pay postage for a hard copy sent via regular mail and then make copies for my three friends. I live in NJ.

    Should you be able to accommodate my request, please contact me at:
    [email protected]

    MONROE TWP., NJ. 08831

  14. Linda

    Hi Mikey. I am a subscriber and I find your tutorials very helpful. I only choose patters that you have a tutorial for so i can get the extra support and instruction if I need it. What do you do with all of your complete projects?

  15. Valerie ( Val ) Clinch

    I enjoy having a look at the Crochet Crowd site & Facebook Pages, I would like to tell you how much I enjoyed watching the C2C Tutorial that I made a lovely knee rug over 5 days. I have been crocheting for nearly 40 years & am now finding a lot of ideas I’ve never seen. I live in Port Lincoln, South Australia, Australia. I look forward to more Tutorials .

  16. Catherine

    Hi. I haven’t been receiving the monthly “crochet crowd”magazine. Via email. Please help me set it up correctly. My email account is [email protected]. Thx catherine

  17. Ginger Cabrera R.N.

    Mikey, at the age of 48 I saw your tutorial on Bumbleberry pie afghan. I was brand new at crochet and had only picked up my first hook and yarn a month before. You walked me through that with ease and I have now made over 15 afghans, hats , scarves, sweaters and more. I, like you have only been able to follow the chart patterns, but after 4 years of loving crochet I am beginning to learn to read patterns. From my very first dish cloth(which was hardly a square it was so uneven) to following patterns for experienced crochet, I have loved every minute of it. I think I am officially crochet obsessed. Thank you for inspiring me Mikey. I love your videos and am just finishing up the fluffy merengue afghan! I only wish I had done this since I was 14!

  18. Amber

    I enjoy your tutorials so much not only because I hate reading patterns, but because you explain just enough and don’t go on about concepts I already know how to do. I also love how professional your videos look, the sound is perfect and you have a nice voice to listen to. I just watched your bloopers and interview with your mom to put a face to the voice that has coached me through great patterns. I’m touched by your story. My mom also taught me to crochet and I think about her as I hook along. I wish she was still alive so we could crochet together. I must say that in your blooper you sang the “baby of mine” song from dumbo and it was always my fav. Disney movie but that song is very wonderful. It seemed like you got a bit teary while singing, and so did I. I thank you so much for your time, effort and talent. Watching you has made me more passionate about a craft that reminds me of my mother. Keep it up!

  19. Helen Victoria Bond

    Hi Mikey,
    I want to say thank you for all the work that you and the rest of the Crochet Crowd staff do. I am so happy that I foud you on YouTube.
    At the time I found you I was looking for a new hobby to help distract me from my Dad being seriously ill. I needed to do something that was relaxing. I decided to look for crochet and knitting tutorials as that is something that I could do in the hospital when I was sitting with him whilst he was sleeping. The Crowd was the first tutorial that I watched. When I started I didn’t even know how to hold a hook. I had knitted a little in the past and so I had some understanding of different types of yarn but I had never croched before though. The first thing that I watched was your tutorial on Granny squares. I managed to make several small squares and sewed them together to make A lapghan for my Dad for him to have on his lap whilst out in his wheelchair. (I live in the UK and we have seriously cold winters.) He loved it. Now that he has passed away I have it back and I have it on my bed to remind me of him.
    Loosing my Father was the hardest thing that I have ever had to go through. It is coming up to the first anniversary of his passing and it has been so so hard.
    The reason that I am telling you this is because you have helped me through it. Your videos the Crochet Crowd Facebook group. You have been such a huge support and I know you didn’t know until now what I have been through and I am just one of your thousands of Crowd members but u thought that I would tell you so that you know what a wonderful job you are all doing I am so grateful to you all. Especially to you Mikey and Dan for making me laugh again when I thought that I never would again. I owe you both so much.
    Love always. Helen from the UK. X

  20. As a techie who crochets, I’m intrigued about finding out how you record a video from the point of view of you looking at your hands. It’s so still I thought it couldn’t be a head mounted camera. And it can’t be too much in the way of you seeing what you are doing. Would you mind telling me what setup you use?

  21. Anona Fosberg

    Oh Mikey – I cannot possibly tell you how much you have helped me!!! I have done some crochet years ago and I didn’t know how to get correct tension and how to get my boarders lined up. I am on my way to creating a double crochet scarf and I plan to make 8 more for grandbabies!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

  22. Elaine Durrance

    Wish Daniel would put caption on your u tube there are many Deaf that could learn from you if they could read what you say. Thanks so much for what you are doing.

  23. Esther Gutierrez

    I loved your Bio. I was looking for a pattern for a simple scarf one day. Someone told me to check out Crochet Crowd on Youtube. I was hooked. You have inspired me to crochet patterns I would never think I could do. I had never attempted to do an intermediate pattern, and now I’ve done a couple with the help of you tutorials. I just love the way you teach, you’re patient and funny. It’s fun learning with you. Keep up the wonderful work Mikey.

  24. fatima

    hi im fatima from iran , i love your learning and i done 3model knitting with arm and all love this models i want u plz learning knitting more with arm bcz u say very simple and i doing that ,my languge english is not ok excus me if i writting wrong, i hope answer me, i think im alone irani that following your work and i loooooooooooooove them.

  25. hira

    Im 26 and i learned to crochet just a few years ago when i completed my education
    your videos have helped me a lot and i have made a lot of stuff with that help
    thank you for that
    cheers, from Pakistan

  26. Deb

    I stumbled across your videos on You Tube. They have given me the confidence and ability to learn and improve my beginner skills. I just finished my first afghan a couple days ago (Holiday Chevron throw pattern from Red Heart). I cannot get enough of it now. I live in Iceland and have no trouble watching any of your videos. My only wish is that I could get some American yarns here such as Red Heart or Caron or Lion Brand, but I can’t. I have to order and import it as I am from the land of wool.

  27. HI MIKEY, I would love to crochet a tablecloth for my table.I need an easy pattern. Can you help me out please. I have learned a lot from you ,just watching your vidos

  28. Sue

    i loved this article. I am 59 and only learnt to crochet through doing loom band creations for my grandchildren, I came across feelingspiffy crochet with loom bands and tried it. since then I have learnt to crochet, if you can do one you should be able to do the other. all my knitted squares and needles have gone to charity. I have replaced knitting with crochet (starting with Bella Coco) and gone on to the crochet crowd now that I am a little more proficient. Thank you Mikey you are an inspiration

  29. اريد ان اشكركم على مجهودكم الرائع وانا كعربيه أستغرب من ان رجل يعمل بالكروشيه ويحبها كثيرا فهي عند العرب عمل النساء ولكن مجهودك يا ميكي فوق الرائع انا اشتغل بالكروشيه منذ 12 عام ولكني تعلمت منك الكثير شكرا

  30. Kellie Linn

    Hi Mikey, I love loom knitting so am thankful to have found your videos on youtube. I found your baby hat tut, you showed an afghan you were working on in the infinity loom but I’m not finding a tut on that. Is there one, and if so, can you send a link? Thanks so much!

  31. sherrie

    Just wanted to say thank you ! I have tried to learn to crochet for years and finally after watching your you tube videos I can crochet and am now addicted ! Xoxo

  32. MIkey, I wanted to write and thank you for all the hard work that you and all those involved in Crochet Crowd do to help us learn new techniques. I learned to crochet as a young teen, stepped away from it for a while, then picked it back up again when I married and began having having children. Now, I am crocheting again, after a few years hiatus from it, and learning more variety in stitch patterns from your videos.

    Even though I have crocheted for quite some time, I never strayed from making baby blankets or dishcloths. Your videos however have given me the confidence to give more difficult projects a try. I am currently using patterns that you have shared on videos to make Christmas gifts for the family. The way you present the projects make them seem very do-able. So far, so good.

    I truly appreciate all the stitch variety that your videos offer. I have been learning new textural stitches that I can use in a blanket for our autistic son. He craves textures and between the stitches I am learning and a variety of yarns/fibers that I am using, his patchwork blanket will contain more than enough textures to calm him.

    Thank you for teaching this old woman that she is not too old to learn new ways of crocheting.

  33. mercyrangarao

    really an awesome personality in the crochet world god .will guide him with his super natural wisdom all through the coming year

  34. Debbie Lee

    I have to say I love watching you crochet and learning from you, actually you taught me to crochet, on YouTube…. I have always wanted to learn, never could get it, until I found you on there, Thank you

  35. Linda

    Bang on !! You and all your “staff” are greatly appreciated ~~ both for the instructions you provide in making patterns so easy to understand and also with all the free patterns you provide to us. Thank you for all you and your “staff” do for us.

  36. Precious Nidz

    I don’t know I just love to watch your crochet videos as I’m actually new in crochet…
    I’m hoping that the crochet crowd family will support me… I just love to watch your videos I’m actually in love with u… Your work… Your crafts… Which makes me inspired and makes me watch more of your crochet videos.. Sadly I’m taking a break due to my exams.. But if GoD’s will I will come back to the crochet fleid and learn more from u and the crochet crowd family… Stay blessed..
    And I hope every one will pray for my exams I’m a bit nervous and bit tensed…

    Thank u Mikey thank u for the videos u make and thank u for teaching us such a great art to relief our stress and depression…
    Thank u from the bottom of my heart… 🙂
    (Don’t mind my English)

  37. Julia Oswald

    Mikey , thank you so much for your teaching your videos . I learn a lot with you
    Because I cannot read patterns your help is great ,
    Keep your giggle going I love to hear them ! Thank you ,!

  38. Hi Mikey,
    I have to say that came across you by accident on YouTube. I had bought a book and made some dish clothes but that was all that I could make at the time. Then I came across you and as I have at lest eight boxes or more of yarn that had belonged to my mother and at the time of her death I had no clue as to what to do with them. That was a year ago this last April. I watched you make the Star Burst Afghan and thought I would give it a try. Mine you this was my first really big project and the first one is still sitting waiting to be put together how ever the second one is all put together and was a wedding gift to my niece and her husband so that they will have a part of gram. and working on the fifth one as they are going to be Christmas gift for her grandchildren, great grand kids ans if there is any yearn left her great-great grand kids.

  39. Carole Underwood

    I really enjoyed all of your work. I watched your and your mom on those videos and you and her look so much like each other. My husband recently died and I picked up my hooks again after several years and started crocheting again. I found The Crochet Crowd and watch it a lot. I have learned more from you than anybody. My mom was an avid crocheter but she had no patience so I started out just like you. I bought a book and taught myself. I do have problems reading patterns. I make a lot of patterns by color. I use a lot of half double crochet and use color to make patterns. Hey it works. I have been venturing into more patterns since finding your page. Keep up the good work!

  40. Just wanted to say I am learning loom knitting as my 6 year old daughter took up the hobby via a charity originazition at school. I can honestly say I have watched countless videos on knitting and crocheting and they all make my head spin. I took up simple crocheting in high school per the recommendation of my doctor to combat insomnia. I never got beyond the double. Now looking on the craft with new mommy eyes and having someone to learn and also teach I have found a new hobby I really enjoy. This would not be possible without your videos. The simple and yet detailed videos you have provided have helped us create some pretty fabulous designs. I have now taken to experimenting on my own with confidence that I can always start anew. I have read commend your site and channel to many other moms and hope you continue posting! Keep up the excellent work. It is greatly appreciated!

    • I want to make an Afghan from a graph. The directions are for C2C stitching. I have never done this stitch. I tried several times to do this stitch from directions I found on line. I did not like the stitch. I found that for the stitches I did it was to open. If I did it correctly. I like a tighter stitch for the Afghanis I make. So my question is can I substitute single crochet for the c2c stitches ? I think I would just have to count the stitches from the chart. Is this correct ? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
      Thank You
      Suzy B.

  41. Daphne Young

    HI Mikey, I was hooked on your site form the day I chanced upon it while browsing for crochet instructions. You ARE a wizard and I love following your video instructions.
    My mother was an avid knitter and crocheter and turned out a lot of amazing stuff. Though I learnt the techniques from her as a teenager, unfortunately I was not able to pick up hooks or needles till after I became a MOM myself. And once the children grew up, had no chance to do any thing for my grandchildren as my children flew away to greener pastures. Now in my sunset years, I’ve found the time and foster grandchildren for whom I’ve taken up my crochet hook. I’ll be grateful if you could help me out with the under-mentioned BERNAT BABY BLANKET.
    I was trying to crochet a baby blanket using BERNAT® BABY SPORT
    3 COLOR CROCHET BLANKET. I got stuck on round one, which goes like this:Rep from * once more. 1 dc in each of last 2 ch. Turn. **2nd row: Ch 3. 1 dc in next dc.
    *Ch 7. 1 dc in each of next 7 dc. Rep from * once more. 1 dc in each of last 2 dc. Turn. My problem was when I completed the “Rep from once more”, I found I had 9 chains left instead of 2. So to circumvent that, I repeated that twice; I had 2 chains left and was able to do “1 dc in each of last 2 ch. Then in the 2nd row: which says “Ch 3. 1 dc in next dc. *Ch 7. 1 dc in each of next 7 dc. Rep from * once more. 1 dc in each of last 2 dc. Turn.”, I found that I had no “dc” in which to continue after the ch 7. Please help me. I love the look of the blanket and have bought the required yarn to crochet it.
    It may not be out of place to mention that I have PRACTISED most of the stitches to familiarize myself with all patterns.
    Thanks and regards

  42. Laraine Redmond

    What can I say Mikey. Your work is so helpful and amazing. I am so happy that you found your niche in life and that you are doing what makes you happy. People who have met you in person have told me you are exactly as you are in your videos. They say you are sweet and kind. I believe them!

  43. I just found you and thank you what a great instructor I retired and live in Mexico and your instructions are fantastic I am

    fascinated with all the projects I have completed thanks to you…

  44. Thalia

    Mikey (et al) are the best! Since I found your site, I’ve made four double bed bedspreads, two knee afgans, dressed grandbabies with countless jackets, booties and slippers and sandals.. For an old gal who is sight impaired, it has been such fun to see these “creations” grow in my hands. Thank you so much for making it so easy.

  45. Judith

    Hi, Mikey!
    I’d been trying to learn to crochet for years. I bought a book and a set of hooks but cannot seem to understand it. Then I came across your youtube demo and I’d been crocheting ever since. I also recommend your channel to people who ask me where I learned to crochet from. Thank you very much for your generosity, and I love your playfulness. I wish you success and prosperity in everything you do. You make crocheting so much fun and simple.

  46. Liz Pottle

    Hello Mikey,
    Thank you for all the things I’ve learned from your videos. We benefit so much from all your hard work.
    I had to write because you advertise for Crochet by number, I went to that site and took the course which is nothing but regular crochet, cut when you change color, tie a knot for the next color. It’s the pattern that makes the picture not a different style of crochet.
    Then I ordered 4 patterns because I’m terminally ill and I wanted my family to find these gifts when I’m no longer here.
    What I got was ripped off for $120.00 After waiting from 4/17-6/11 to even get my patterns I was shocked to see they are of people I never seen in my life! I contacted Todd Paschall because I thought it was an honest mistake. I sent him pictures of my order and the ones I actually received. He simply wrote back one sentence and that said, “I don’t make mistakes.”
    I thought since you had him on here that he would be an honest person to work with.
    But if he can rip this grandmother off, knowing my situation then he can rip anybody off.
    Your name carries a lot of weight in the yarn world, he stated that. But in the wrong hands it can hurt so many people.
    I’m telling you this because I don’t want anybody go through what I have gone through. I live only on disability so losing 120.00 is a big deal. Be careful who you endorse because people who truly follow you, like I do, thinks it means these people are safe to deal with.
    Thank you once again for all you do! Have a blessed day.

    • Liz… Thank you very much for letting me know this. this is the very first time I have ever heard anything negative regarding Todd Paschall. I had a friend order several things through him and she was tickled pink. When I say friend, I mean someone I really trust their opinion of. I am really carefully generally on who I endorse as I am asked nearly everyday to endorse something. Regardless of your medical and disability situation, this should have never happened to you. Do you know if this is an isolated situation?

    • I have pulled his article that I have written him offline at this time until I can find time to dig further. Thanks for letting me know.

  47. Mandy Calderon

    Hi Mikey
    I wanted to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart. I know you pour countless hours into teaching and helping others. I am truly grateful. I have autism and have a hard time following instructions, but thanks to you I was able to learn to crochet. It is so soothing and therapeutic for me. The rhythmic motion of my hands and the soft touch of the yarn always make a bad day better. Thanks to you I now know how to read a pattern. I made the Christmas Stocking w/ you and from following you and referring to the pattern I learned. You make everything so easy to understand, and you are a fun person to hang out with. Anyways, thank you. I plan on passing this gift down to all 3 of my children, if they want to learn. I also made the ocean waves afghan w/ you, I am now making a twin sized one for my second daughter, b/c I loved the pattern so much.

  48. Dana

    Mikey has an awesome amount of talent and energy that he puts to great use.
    I, personally, have found true inspiration, lots of fun and challenges through The Crochet Crowd and his tutorials on YouTube and through the Red Heart pages.
    Mikey is not alone in the glory, however. Thanks to Diva Dan, Cathy and Colleen, it all comes together as a true community, including kudos and criticism, and support.
    I don’t remember how I found The Crochet Crowd, but I am very glad I did. ✂️

  49. Brenda Knox

    Mikey has an infectious laugh that makes the listener WANT to participate in the learning. He’s a responsible teacher to the point that I have personally completed successfully every project I’ve attempted through his video tutorials.Crowd followers, beware !! In no time at all will you be addicted to Mikey and his passion for the craft ! He brings his personal life into his endeavors with flair and ease. You truly feel like you’re part of a family ….The Crochet Crowd family ! Greetings and all the best from Northern New York State, USA.

  50. I wanted to make your barefoot sandle for a friend. I made a shortcut on my tablet but when I went to it I got a page saying it was not working. Whats up. Please help

  51. Denize Machado

    Eu não falo inglês, mas gostaria de cumprimentar esse grande artista do crochê, Mikey. YOU ARE THE BEST. CONGRATULATION and thank’s.

  52. mary

    mikey im mary my grandmother tought me how to crochet but i never took it seriously till 2 years back when i had problem at work (im a nurse) and they had to let us go cause they couldnt pay us to cut it short i went into depression and i was on you tube one day and sow a picture of you holding a hook so clicked on you and there you are crocheting i went and bought me some yarn and size 6mm hook and started remembering all what granny thought me.but i started watching your videoes and doing the project
    i discovered that crochet was my passion all this time and i didnt know it your videoes and crocheting your project made get over my sever depression and be normal again back to life and my 2 kids and my lovely husband thanks to you ,i dont know if you really read this or not please i would like mikey to know how gratefull im to him and i love him and i love his humer and his big heart,thank you again mikey

  53. sherrie henderson

    I love this new site, and love you all, would love to be on your show if only I lived closer! Sherrie from KY

    • Nancy B.

      Enjoyed learning about YOU. I have enjoyed your videos for a while, even though relearning to crochet has been a bugger compared to relearning knitting. My left hand doesn’t work as it should, so proper tension is impossible for me SO FAR. I haven’t totally given up but it makes me 🙁

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