Crochet Llama Pattern
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No Drama Crochet Llama
No Drama Crochet Llama

Llama-No-Drama Stitch Along

The Llama-No-Drama is an excellent crochet artistry amigurumi example from Yarnspirations. Designed by Nancy Anderson for Red Heart.

This a HUGE pattern and the best way to attack a great pattern, such as this, is to go step by step in increments. There are learning opportunities with this one that includes the Fur Stitch repeat pattern.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Llama-No-Drama Complete Pattern

Pattern Shown on Video

Pattern on video is an old copy. The pattern was updated to a new format which is the one button above. If you want to follow the video exactly as shown, download this version. This is the Original Crochet Llama Version. It is exactly the same pattern just with different round numbers.

Get Crochet Crowd Free Pattern
Free Pattern: Llama No Drama – Original Version

Upon review, this adorable and sure to get your friends and family members looking at you as an artist will surprise you on how big this is. It’s 14.5″ tall x 11″ long. It’s not a stuffie to get stuff between the cracks of the could.

Llama No Drama Yarn Kit
Llama No Drama Yarn Kit

To prepare for this stitch along:

  • 3 Balls Red Heart With Love Aran. You technically only need a bit of Tigerlily, Blue Hawaii, Hot Pink, Daffodil and just a strand of black.
  • 1 Pair, 15 mm pure black safety eyes.
  • Stitch Markers.
  • Stuffing. It’s pretty big, start with 1 small bag of stuffing and buy more at a later date if you need it. You will want to stuff this firmly.
  • A mini box to store your supplies as you crochet this as you will have animal parts being created to assemble later on.
  • You may want to buy an umbrella as your friends may shower you with compliments. 


I am sure some of the parts may be a challenge that could create drama but hey, you are crocheting a Llama-No-Drama. So just hook to it and let’s hook up our very first adorable llamas.

The complete pattern is available to start at any time. The point of the stitch along is to break up the pattern so the entire community is stitching together.

Video Presentation Goals

The project has been broken up into segments that are more digestible so that crocheters can finish with having milestones.

  1. Materials List – Dec 20th
  2. Review of Magic Ring – Dec 24th
  3. Fur Stitch & Tips – Dec 25th
  4. Head & Neck (Safety Eyes Needed) – Jan 1st, 2020
  5. Body – Jan 8th, 2020
  6. Legs, Tail, and Ears – Jan 15th, 2020
  7. Halter, Bangs & Blanket, Jan 22, 2020
  8. Review on How to Sew, Jan 23, 2020

Entries begin Jan 23 to Mar 31st, 2020

Llama-No-Drama Video Series

Stuffing and Sewing Musical Montage Demonstrations

Week 1: Head and Neck

Week 2 Body

Week 3 Legs, Tail and Ears

Week 4 Halter, Tassels and Blanket – Releasing Jan 22, 2020

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Llama-No-Drama Complete Crochet Pattern

Knit Llama
Knit Llama

Knit Version

There is a knit version of the Llama-No-Drama. I’m not skilled enough in knitting to teach this as a Stitch Along or even regular tutorial.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
KNIT Llama-No-Drama Amigurumi Pattern


This project already exists. Some crocheters may have already done this project. The work for those crocheters has already been put into this project.

Existing Llamas should be completed as written. As stated below, you can change the colours or the yarn but to be fair to all entries, the project instructions (stitch-wise must be the same). If you have decided to add more character or embellishments, it will qualify.

3 Giveaways

Each giveaway also includes the complete collection of Crochet Crowd Pins (3 Pins each) and 1 Official Crochet Crowd Yarn Tote. Value $35.00

We will also provide a sampling of yarn inside the tote for your added stitching pleasure.

Shipping to your home is also provided.

General Guidelines

  • There is no sign up required to participate. Complete the project and email your photo when you are done. This challenge is open to all Crochet Crowd Community Members.
  • You may use any yarn you wish. You may create any colour scheme. Use as many or as little colours as you prefer.
  • You may do as many projects as you wish. If multiple entries are identical, a picture showing the projects together to prove there are multiple must be included with your submissions.
  • We require your photo to show the entire project so we know the entire project is done. Ensure your project is completely finished with yarn tails and etc not showing. It’s like giving it out as a gift, we want to see the photo showing as if you were gifting us the finished product. This way we know you are completely done.

If you are changing your hook size or yarn, we are still looking for the pattern to be the same.

  • All photos must be submitted during the challenge time frame only. Entries after this due date will be accepted for our gallery but there are no prize giveaways after the deadline.
  • Your Choice: Post your finished project on The Crochet Crowd Facebook Page to show everyone your finished work so we can drool over your creativity.
  • When you email your finished photo to us, we respect your privacy and will only post your first and last name on the picture in our gallery with the photo so we can identify the winner at the end.
  • Featuring on Facebook is dependent on you. We do not upload your emailed photos to Facebook. You have to do that yourself if you want to Show N Tell your creativity.
  • We are not responsible for undelivered email and/or late entries to qualify for the prize.
  • Due to the countless technology platforms and services, we are not responsible for any of our challengers if mobile devices or technology that isn’t compliant to being able to read our website, view our videos and/or get access to the free patterns.
  • All applicable federal, state and local laws and regulations apply. Void where prohibited or restricted by law.
  • Please verify your entry is in our gallery prior to our draw. We need up to 4 days to get your entry into our gallery. We upload it ourselves as part of our review process. If you do not see your entry, we most likely haven’t received your email. Do not wait until after the draw to check if your entry is in. 

This is intended for a fun community challenge only. We each are deserving of the highest praise possible for our own creativity. Let’s have fun.

The Crochet Crowd Gallery
The Crochet Crowd Gallery. Crochet Mandala Throw Entries.

How to Submit

Please read the guidelines below to understand what we are looking for.

Send your photo to us through email to

  • Use Subject Line: Llama
  • In the email leave us the following information.
    • Your Full Name
    • Your Mailing Address
  • We will not be adding your name or email to our database.

We are accepting entries from Jan 7, 2020, to March 30th, 2020 at 11:00 pm ADT. 

You can email at any time. 

  • We will email you if something is questioned in your photo.
  • You will not hear from us if your email didn’t get to us. So if you don’t see your entry after 4 days of submission, it means we haven’t received it.

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110 thoughts on “Crochet Llama-No-Drama Stitch Along Pattern

  1. Please can you supply me the link for Michael’s version of the pattern. I find the row number listing confusing in the Yarmspirations one. Thank You

  2. Does anyone know how much yarn the body takes and how much yarn the fur takes? I know the total is about 21oz…. but I was hoping to make mine two-toned. I wanted to have the body, face, feet, and ears in one color and the fur in a different color. If anyone has done this and knows about how much yarn was used for each, I would love to know! Thank you!

  3. hi! i am starting this and noticed that your fur stitch does not start with a single crochet as stated in the pattern. is there a reason for this variation?

  4. I want to make this for a friend but the color she is is wanting isn’t available in red heart with love. Do you know if using a different Brand/size would mess up the pattern at all? Is there any type or yarn that is better for this type or project or a kind that isn’t suggested for this?

    • The brand wouldn’t matter the size of the yarn would, if its a worsted weight and you go smaller the pattern will be smaller, if you go a larger weight it will work up larger. if it’s the same weight in any other brand you should be fine

  5. I tried to send a comment but it said invalid email so this may be a duplicate.
    I see where the pattern for the llama changed? I’m not sure if I got the correct one. How can I find this out. I was actually looking for details to send my entry when I saw this.

    • if a pattern gets updated its in that pattern, a new one doesn’t get posted, to prevent confusion. what is the email you are attempting to send to? I tested one this morning and it worked fine, not sure if you’re finding a different one that I should check.

  6. Please help! I tried to send pictures through email to address listed, but they keep failing.

    I tried to join the Facebook group but my membership is still pending after several days? Would really like to become a member so I could follow along with other projects. Can you please help me?

    • What email are you trying to send to? As far as approval Mikey has been away so he himself hasn’t been able to check his notifications as often because he has been busy preparing for the upcoming cruise, and his girls that are looking after that have been busy, keeping in mind they have 100’s of notifications that come in daily so it’s not unusual for it to take a bit.

      • Thank you for your kind response. I was using The email provided in the article.

        I was accepted into the group this morning. I was unaware of the cruise, thank you for that information. I’m so excited to have the opportunity to learn from so many talented crocheters!

      • I’m not sure why it wouldn’t work for you then, gotta love technology! Good, I’m glad you got your acceptance, Welcome! Yes, Mikey has a few crochet cruises in a year and has added retreats to his ever-growing list of what he does. He’s pretty busy. He also has a youtube channel where he posts his tutorials if you haven’t yet checked that out you definitely should

  7. Sorry if this posts twice. I think I lost my first reply before posting.
    I just started this today and my pattern is different from the pattern in the videos. My pattern does not include the directions for the fur stitch. Is there a link to the pattern in the videos? Thanks

  8. I’m late to the game and just starting this today. The pattern I downloaded from Yarnspirations is different from the pattern in the videos and does not include the directions for the fur stitch. Is there a different link to the pattern in the videos. Thanks

    • Yarnspirations has updated the pattern to ‘today’s standards’. There have been some changes to the pattern but all instructions are still the same for counting wise. Certain instructions were omitted.

      They updated the pattern after I had filmed this. I don’t have the original pattern to offer as they want the new pattern to be the one that everyone use.

      You can email into Yarnspirations through their website if you prefer.


  9. When will you post the week #3 video? I’ve really enjoyed working on this, and I’m excited to get to the legs, etc. Such a fun project!

  10. Video of legs, ears and tail not appearing on web site. Right hand version on you tube but unfortunately not the left hand video.

  11. THANK YOU Mikey, I personally LOVE the music you have chosen❤️ Will you be showing us the making of the halter and head strap I’m a bit confused (I know, dumb?) You always make these projects more doable.

  12. Good morning, enjoying doing this as a MAL. Is there going to be a video on the assembling (placement) of the legs, ears and tail? Thanks

  13. So this may be a silly question, but I am stuck on the Llama where you shape his face. When I watch the video I don’t understand what kind of knot you used at the left side when you started. I was in a good role, but now I am a little stuck.

    • I used a SLIP KNOT… I went into the face to the other side… and back again to the original side I went into. I fed the needle through the slip knot and tugged on it to tighten. I then fastened in the starting and ending yarns.

  14. Mikey, thank you so much for doing the llama. This is probably the most challenging project I have done. I have crocheted for many years, never challenged myself. You have made this very easy to follow and I am having the time of my life.

  15. Loving this pattern & crochet along. It was so out of my comfort zone, but happy to manage the fur stitch without hick-ups. Looking forward to the next tutorial on Llama-no-drama. Fluffy is coming along great!

  16. Thanks for the great pattern. I downloaded it because I like the pattern in front of me, then I can leave it whenever I want. BTW the music is very annoying, hearing the same thing over and over again. Can’t concentrate on what you’re saying. Would be much better without. Sure I’m not the only one! Just a friendly suggestion.

    • The music is just the opening credits for 14 seconds? I’m really sorry… Obviously I messed up yet again! Story of my life. I just cannot get the video element of what we do right for everyone. Thanks for letting me know.


      • I love this. How can I get the pattern emailed to me? I love crocheting animals and dolls.


      • Mikey you should not apologize for the music. Most of us get excited about projects. The song only adds to the excitement. If it bothers anybody they can pass through that part of the video. I hope you continue to show your creativity in your videos. It keeps them from becoming mundane.

  17. Primeiramente um abraço de Cuiabá, Mato Grosso/Brasil. Fiquei encantada por essa lhama, muito obrigado por você ter disponibilizado este padrão maravilhoso, e parabéns ao designer que a criou. Eu finalizei a cabeça e o pescoço, estou ansiosa para ver ela toda pronta. Gratidão!!