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Crochet Camouflage Kids Hat Pattern
Crochet Camouflage Kids Hat Pattern

Crochet Kids Hat

Introducing a crochet kids hat with Camouflage yarn colours. Designed for two age categories which include 2- 4 years old and 6 – 8 years old. This easy to make hat are quick and easy to make.

I was inspired by making the hat to have a rugged look. The yarn changes the colours on it’s own. It’s part of the Bernat Super Value Line called Renegade Ombre. You will find other yarn colours in the same line that represent the outdoors as well.

Once you get to the spot where the hat stops growing, the stitches and colours will begin to align to each other naturally as you see in this picture.

Continue to use the same hook size as recommend in the pattern. You will only use about 60% of the yarn ball to make this. For the brim, I used Bernat Super Value Gingerbread.

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