Find Weather Temperatures for Crochet Blankets

Crochet Temperature Weather Data Information
Crochet Temperature Afghan - Kristen
Crochet Temperature Afghan – Kristen

Where Do You Find the Weather Temperature Readings?

Remembering to view the temperatures when life gets in the way is a strong factor for crocheters not to finish their afghans. Luckily, there is at least one website called as a resource to look back into the past.

Below will be 4 examples of crocheters who belong to The Crochet Crowd with their approaches.


Historical Weather Dashboard
Historical Weather Dashboard. Click the dashboard to begin.

Don’t Over Complicate Your Afghan

When talking about this, in theory, crocheters get the ideas to also do the highs and lows plus even for any rain or snow. Pick an element that you know you are comfortable with. Adding 2 or more other factors sounds great now, but in a month from now, will you regret it or will the project already be collecting dust.

How to Use Visual Crossing Website

Firstly, it’s free if you don’t download anything. But you can observe and take your notes or screenshots.


Once you enter in your location, set the time frame to be one year by changing the date.

  1. You will see the normal, highs and lows. The grey is the actual temperature. You have to decide where on each day to get the temperature.
  2. Use this overall picture to see how low and high you want to go temperature-wise.
  3. This will give you an idea of how many colours you can break your afghan into.

Below are 4 Year Outlooks for the weather. One for Indiana, USA, Nova Scotia Canada, Phoenix Arizona and Sydney Australia. Notice that each of our weather scales are different. For example, Sydney is considered backwards in the heat scale as it’s in the Southern Hemisphere or we are considered backwards to them.

Example from Indiana where Jeanne Lives

Crochet Temperature Afghan Indiana
Crochet Temperature Afghan Indiana

Example of Nova Scotia Canada, Where Mikey Lives

Crochet Temperature Weather Data Information
Crochet Temperature Weather Data Information – Nova Scotia, Canada

Example of Phoenix Arizona where my friend Diann Lives

Crochet Temperature Afghan Phoenix
Crochet Temperature Afghan Phoenix

Example of Sydney Australia

Crochet Temperature Afghan Sydney
Crochet Temperature Afghan Sydney
Temperature Blanket Shopping - Mallory White
Temperature Blanket Shopping – Mallory White

Breaking Up Colours

Mallory White has gone shopping and decided on the colours while in the shopping cart. She then took a photo and then marked on the photo the representation of each of the colour ranges for the weather.

For areas like Arizona where the temperature hovers for months at a time in the same general area, those crocheters may need to break up the temperature between 5-degree increments so the afghan doesn’t appear to be the same colour for a large section of the afghan.

Isolating Data

Once you know the general scale of the entire colour pallet, you can zoom in and see a closer look at the temperatures. You want to know the ACTUAL. Select a temperature within the actual range. It could be the highest, lowest or right in the middle. You decide.

Crochet Temperature Afghan Reading
Crochet Temperature Afghan Reading

You can look and make your notes. If you need to download anything, it will require you to have a membership. Your call on what you want to do.

Let’s View Some Examples

Jenny and Her Sister

Jenny and her sister both did a temperature afghan in the same year. Jenny lives in Arizona while her sister lives in northern Michigan. You can see, both of their afghans are very different based on climate.

The blankets were 80″ x 80″ using single crochet with a 5.5 mm / I Hook. There is 300 sts across. Jenny said, “Temperatures used were the high temperature, except in some cases where the high temp occurred for a short time overnight, so I chose the temperature range it was most of the day.”

Crochet Temperature Afghan - Jennifer Anderson
Crochet Temperature Afghan – Jenny Anderson

They also recorded a colour chart so both of them would follow the same colour spectrum. They have shared that with us below. You can change your temperature scale that best suits you.

Temperature Colour Chart
Temperature Colour Chart


Kristen did a gorgeous C2C (Corner to Corner) Memory Temperature Afghan leading up to the year of her best friend’s wedding. It started July 9, 2015, to July 8, 2016. You see, you can start a temperature afghan at any time.

Living in West Virginia she selected colours that made sense for her region. She used HDC instead of DC for her C2C which reduced the size to be more manageable.

She broke the temperature into 5-degree intervals and you really can see with the Caron Simply Soft colours, the breaking down of the range more narrowly produces incredible stripes.

Kristen says, “It’s a good size for two people to snuggle under.”

Crochet Temperature Afghan - Kristen
Crochet Temperature Afghan – Kristen


I could stare at this for a long time. The thought process is more than just temperature in this one. M.J. really thought about what is meaningful.

Using 12 colours of Paton’s Classic Wool with 10-degree increments of temperature, she thought about snow. The white in the blanket is the days it snowed. Also, you will see variegated black swirls in this, those are birthdays that she felt worthy to be in her afghan.

She used Let’s Twirl by Felted Button as her pattern. The swirls are lined up by the date.

Let’s Twirl Pattern
Crochet Temperature Afghan - M.J. Crawford
Crochet Temperature Afghan – M.J. Crawford


Lori also did a colour breakdown for her temperature afghan. I’m unsure of where she lives but there is certainly a lot of blue in this photo.

Crochet Temperature Afghan – Lori Mahar


  1. Sue

    Visual Crossings is great!

    Here’s another tool you can use to find historical weather data and make color charts:

  2. Connie Davis

    This looks so fabulous. So I get the color chart… am I understanding you do one row only for each day?

      • john o'brien

        you only want to do one row for each day…. for example, with RH super saver, if you’re following the suggested gauge:
        12 sc – 15 rows = 4″ (10 cm)

        at 365 rows, at 4″ per 15 rows, your blanket is going to be 97″ long!
        about 8 feet…..

        i’m making mine with rows of granny squares…..

  3. Linda

    This makes it lot clearer ! I have been looking at these for a while but didn’t think I could keep track of the temperature every day .lolol this is going on my to do list !

  4. Karla Thies

    Can you suggest some additional websites? I looked at the one mentioned in this article, and it was way off on my location.

    • Mikey

      I have seen others but they are not free without a paid subscription. I know on The Crochet Crowd Stitch Social, people were sharing different sites and how to use them. I don’t remember what they were though. I know, I’m not helpful this morning.

    • Sam

      I’m sorry to hear that you got incorrect data for your location. I’m from Visual Crossing and I would like to help get to the bottom of the problem. Could you please let me know the location and the time range that you found to be in error?

      I’m new to the forum here, and I don’t see a way to do a direct message. However, you can send an email directly to [email protected], and I can pick it up from there and help get this resolved.

      Thanks for your help in getting to the bottom of this!

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