Frill Seeker Frilly Scarves

Estelle Frill Seeker Yarn Pattern and Tutorial
Frill Seeker Knit Scarf Pattern

Frill Seeker Frilly Scarves

Frill scarves are the craze for those who want to knit and create a luxurious looking scarf. The type of yarn is called Frill Seeker by Estelle Yarns. It’s very easy to knit. Here’s the thing though, Estelle brings out the yarn to the market quicker than virtually any yarn distribution company to North America. This means when you see something new by Estelle, you better grab it. By the time the massive distributors get a hold of the idea, Estelle has already moved onto something even newer!

Free Conventional Knitting Pattern

by Michael Sellick, The Crochet Crowd
©2012 The Crochet Crowd
Distribution of this pattern is appreciated but please copy and post the link. Do not duplicate or charge for the usage of this pattern. You may create your own and sell what you make but this pattern is to remain free. 

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Needed Materials

Size 5 mm or 8 USA Size Knitting Needles. I highly recommend wood knitting needles verses plastic or metal. The wood gives it more friction and doesn’t slide as easily.


1 Ball of 200 g Frill Seeker Yarn. See Colour Here. At the time of writing this, I don’t know of a good online store to buy this yarn at. This is only distributed in Canada. You can go to Estelle Yarns website and locate a store or even one that might ship you some. Estelle Yarns doesn’t ship to consumers directly.


There are various of other yarn companies selling similar things. The Estelle Yarns Designer is leading the way to new world trends before major yarn companies are picking up on it and knocking it off similar concepts. If you want a fashion forward yarn and get it before the rest of the world has a chance to knock it off, Estelle Yarns is thee brand to watch for. Stay ahead of the fashion trend and choose Estelle Yarns Products.


Scarf seen above (4 Foot Length) can be up to 3″ Wide Solid, with mesh stretch to visually appear 5″ wide. The generous size ball can do 2 smaller size scarves at 4 feet each or one massive 8 foot length. Typical yarns of competitors are usually 100g balls and will go only 4 feet long.

Below is what the yarn looks like when it’s stretched.



  1. Cast on 6 Stitches. To cast on, slip your knitting needles close to one edge about 1/4″ through the mesh. Once you have choosen which side to work on, you will maintain knitting on that side to ensure the frilly will not appear twisted and drape properly. I have a video showing this method. See below for Video.
  2. Knit by sliding on the mesh about 1/4″ away from edge. The distance you choose is a factor on how it will appear. I stretch mesh about 1″ – 1/2″ before sliding it on. This creates a nice size ruffle. Shorter will make the ruffles less puffy and tight looking.
  3. Knit  back and forth until you get your desired length.
  4. Cast Off and weave in the ends like you normally would in knitting. The last stitch, slide the remaining yarn through it and tie knot. The ruffle will cover the knot.