Floral Cami Top

Crochet Warmer Weather Top Wear Pattern

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Crochet Warmer Weather Wear Soon we will be able to tuck away our winter coats and shed a few layers as we head directly to summer. Also, some of you

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Crochet Lion Floor Lounge

Crochet Lion Floor Fun Lounge Pillow Pattern

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Crochet Floor Lounge Lion A set of 3 pillows permanently attached for this “BIG” idea. This is the Floor Fun Lion Pillows.  You will need 3 queen size pillows that

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How Yarn is Made Series

How Yarn is Made & Delivered to Stores

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How Yarn is Made and Delivered to Stores We take for granted the yarn magically shows up on the store shelves without realizing all of the steps involved in order

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Crochet Scrubbing Bobbles Dishcloth

Crochet Scrubbing Bobbles Dishcloth Pattern

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Crochet Scrubbing Bobbles Dishcloth Try the newest yarn out there, Lily Sugar’n Cream Scrub Off. Crochet the Scrubbing Bobbles Dishcloth. This is an easy level and repeat pattern. The bobbles

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Wee Crochet Moccasins

Crochet Baby Booties Moccasins Pattern

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Crochet Baby Booties Moccasins The Crochet Baby Booties Moccasins are super cute and sized 3 months – 6 months size. They are so cute, it made my teeth hurt as

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Crochet Scrubber

Crochet Scrubber Pattern

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Crochet Scrubber Using the brand new Lily Sugar’n Cream Scrub Off yarn, you can create these scrubbers that have even more toughness for those pesky dishes you love. Introducing the

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Crochet Scrub Up Dishcloths

Crochet Scrubbing Up Dishcloth Pattern

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Crochet Scrubbing Up Dishcloth With a bit of texture and faux crochet bobbles. This is the Crochet Scrubbing Up Dishcloth. Using regular Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn by Yarnspirations. The faux

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Crochet Puffy Stuffy Cat Toy

Crochet Puffy Stuffy Cat Toy Pattern

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Crochet Puffy Stuffy Cat Toy My kitty loves her toys and I love it when I get to make them myself. Here are Crochet Puffy Fishes for your cat to

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Crochet Spread Your Wings Shawl

Crochet Spread Your Wings Shawl Pattern

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Crochet Spread Your Wings Shawl Spread your arms out and let this majestic Crochet Spread Your Wings Shawl make you be the centre of attention. Using Caron X Pantone yarn,

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Crochet Lean On Me Scarf

Crochet Lean On Me Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Lean on Me Scarf It’s not your head, the scarf is tilted in this fun self colouring Bernat POP! yarn scarf. This is the Crochet Lean on Me Scarf.

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Crochet Button Up Cowl

Crochet Button Up Cowl Pattern

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Crochet Button Up Cowl Interested in crochet, this is a great easy level Cool Button-Up Cowl. The cowl isn’t just a box shape, it’s styled to have a taper so

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Crochet Stroller Blanket

Crochet Stroller Blanket Pattern

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Crochet Stroller Blanket The Crochet Stroller Blanket is a new design that has the straps in mind for securing a baby to the stroller, while keeping the baby warm, of

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Crochet Hooded Scarf

Crochet Hooded Cable Scarf Pattern

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Crochet Hooded Cable Scarf This elegant Crochet Hooded Scarf has two great features such as being extra warm with an additional hood that is part of the middle. It also

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