Crochet Star Crossed Afghan
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Crochet Star Crossed Afghan
Crochet Star Crossed Afghan

Crochet Star Cross Afghan

Introducing the American Stars and Squares Afghan. This is a sample with some slight changes from an existing Yarnspirations pattern called Star-Crossed Afghan.

The colour choices are up to you and how you want to apply them to your afghan.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Cross Stitch Afghan / American Stars and Squares Afghan

For details on the Star-Crossed Afghan. What caught my eye on the Star-Crossed Afghan was the the gaping lines that create an optical illusion.

There’s more than meets the eye. You are actually looking at granny squares but the gaps in the 90 degree turn in the square create the lines that appear to be travel across the afghan. Once you see it as squares, it changes how you look at this afghan.

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  1. Dear Mikey,

    Please help me obtain this pattern, Star Crossed Afghan as I want to make it for my son’s upcoming birthday. I have the perfect color ways for this but cannot access your pattern above or from yarnspiration. Thank you in advance.

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