Crochet Breath Baby Blanket Pattern

Baby Breath Blanket, Designed by Jody Pyott
Baby Breath Blanket
Baby Breath Blanket, Designed by Jody Pyott

Breath Baby Blanket

This baby blanket has the 3D saying of “your first breath, took ours away.

This is the most popular baby blanket that has ever hit The Crochet Crowd Facebook. In the last checks, it has received over 60,000 likes and shared virtually 6,100 times. Thousands of comments have been left on this afghan.

There have been 100’s of requests to get this pattern. This is not a free pattern but is really reasonably priced at only $5 through Ravelry. It’s called Breath Baby Blanket by Jody Pyott.

I rarely link to Ravelry Patterns but we are overwhelmed with requests to find this pattern online. So I am providing you a link. Please respect copyright as this is a paid pattern.

See the pattern information, called Breath Baby Blanket on Jody Pyott’s Ravelry.

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Baby Breath Blanket Pattern

PS. The Crochet Crowd is not involved in any sales transactions or receiving commissions with this designer. We do not know Jody but do know this is where the pattern comes from. Should you have any pattern questions or transaction questions, please address it with Jody Pyott directly.

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  1. Ann

    No blue button. Not sure if paid Patterns get blue buttons.

  2. Linda Augustine

    I ordered the Breath Baby Blanket pattern a while back and now can’t find it. Where did I have it sent.? I know. Stupid question.

  3. Lisa

    I am amazed by the article about this blanket. I shared mine with the Crochet Crowd and Mikey a few months back. I have made several of Jodi

    • Cindy

      I’m wondering if you found your last two stitches difficult to sc into.

  4. I love this blanket & am really hooked on making it, had some issues to start with as I worked out the 3stitch is what I would of called first stitch & left handers need to pop the popcorns forwards rather than to the back so that the wording works correct way.

  5. Norine

    Thank you for your input. I’m just starting the forever blanket.

    • Barbara Bridges

      Is this blanket made in small pieces and then sewn together or made in one piece changing colours? Thanks.

    • Jacky wilkie

      I am having problems with the stitch count. First corner square.

  6. Ange

    Adore this pattern and would pay for it however the novice in me is scared of buying a pattern I won’t be able to understand especially seeing how challenging “lifetime crocheters” are having. I would pay to be able to access a video tutorial of this. What a stunning blanket.

  7. Mikey, is there anyway you can get permission from the designer to make a video tutorial for this??? Many people, including myself, are having trouble with the written instructions 🙁

  8. Lynn

    I have the Patti’s cross pattern and cannot figure it out either. Maybe the patterns need to be updated!

  9. Is it possible for you to create a tutorial on the 3D blanket? I’ve seen many versions and would love to make one. Is there is site we could go to that your aware of like for graphgans?

    • I don’t think Mikey is allowed to do a video tutorial on this because it’s a copyright paid pattern. It is absolutely gorgeous, isn’t it?

  10. Julie

    Sorry, I just saw what you said about asking for help. I just emailed the designer. Hoping I can get some clarity.

    • Kris

      I have purchased several of her patterns as it was a deal to buy multiple at one time. I did ask her for help and she responded within 24 hrs. However my stitches still didn’t add up with her instructions so I have had to just wing it. Hope it works out.

  11. Julie

    I just bought this pattern and I can’t figure it out. There’s no way you are going to have enough stitches to finish your next row, if you are skipping the ch and first stitch on the row beforehand, and are told not to put any stitches in them ever. It just doesn’t work out. What am I missing? I’ve been crocheting all my life and I just don’t like not being able to understand a pattern.

    • Kathy

      I am having the same problem, I just emailed the designer hoping to hear back soon

      • I’m having difficulty as well. I must be missing something…if I figure it out, I’ll let you know!

    • I’m making this at the moment, & I was stumbled by putting first stitch in 3rd. You put the first stitch actually in the first gap which I would call first stitch. Make sure you remember to ch1 at end of each row.

    • Lisa

      Make sure you read the directions. She uses 2sc at the end of rows where you think there should only be one. If you need help message me I will try to help. I have made several of her patterns and have little problems with them. There are corrections to the BREATH one. You have to count carefully. Good luck. I have also designed one of my own for a wedding gift.

    • Linda

      I am so glad to hear that I am not the only one having a problemwith this. I was attempting todp the Cherish one. Finally gave up and now a friend is going to give it atry. Hope she can get it to work cause I bought 3 different patterns. Just to let yoy know I am a long time crocheter and this is the first time I have givenup o a pattern.

  12. Norine

    I agree this is an absolutely beautiful design and designer. I have a question though. I bought the forever pattern and reading over it words come from popcorns. I am left handed would that make a difference in popcorns to the front or back? Thank you for your help

    • I don’t think it makes any difference. Regardless if you are working right to left (right handed) or left to right (left handed), the popcorns will still appear on the back.

    • Cynthia Salvatore

      Hi Norine! I am also left handed and am just finishing up the forever pattern. I found I had to make sure to close the popcorns on the front of my work instead of the back or the words came out backwards. I had to frog the whole forever square and play with it to get it right.

    • I’m left handed & emailed the seller at weekend, you just need to pop popcorns forward instead to the back & works perfect.

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