Crochet C2C Square VS Rectangle

Corner to Corner Seminar
Corner to Corner Seminar
Corner to Corner Seminar

Corner to Corner

I have produced a quick free Webinar tutorial explaining the difference between a Square Corner to Corner VS a Rectangular Corner to Corner.

In years of trying to explain the difference as many people don’t get why one side continues to increase while one side decreases to form a rectangle. It is my goal that you understand this concept.

I have placed inside the Webinar links to videos at the correct moment for each to demonstrate the stitches talked about.

Essentially for squares, you need to decrease on both sides equally.

For rectangles, you need to decrease on one side and allow the other side to continue to grow to the length you want before starting the decrease. This would examples like rectangular bed spreads or even scarves. The sky is the limit.


  1. One question i have already started a c2c blanket and it the width I need bit not long enough do i start the decrease on one side and increase on the other side now or do u do that when u start the blanket in the beginning please help

  2. Helen

    You are a great teacher

  3. Carol

    Love it! It makes perfect sense, thanks for your time!

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