Craft Snow Capped Ornaments Pattern

Craft Snow Capped Ornaments Pattern

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Craft Snowcapped Ornaments

Craft Snowcapped Ornaments

Snow Capped Ornaments

A rainy or snow day with the kids stuck indoors can be fun with ornaments, yarn and a bit of clue for these Snow Capped Ornaments by Yarnspirations.

To do this, you need ornaments, craft glue and Bernat Pipsqueak Yarn.

  • Remove the top from the ornament.
  • Place the ornament on a stable platform that allows the ball to sink into it to prevent rolling away. Maybe tape a toilet roll to a piece of paper and have the ball rest sitting on a top of a toilet roll.
  • Carefully apply the glue with a paint brush to the surface to where you want the snow to be resting.
  • Carefully wrap Bernat Pipsqueak around the ball generously to cover the ball area without seeing yarn strands.
  • When done wrapping, cut the yarn and tuck.
  • Let dry and replace the top of the ornament.
  • Hang and enjoy.


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