Crochet Adult Vest from XS to 5 XL Pattern

Crochet Adult Vest. XS to 5 XL
Crochet Adult Vest. XS to 5 XL
Crochet Adult Vest. XS to 5 XL

Crochet Adult Vest

Introducing an easy Crochet Adult Vest that is simple in construction and matches the Toddler to 10 Years Old Version in style. The only difference between them is the stitch counts and measurements.

In the tutorial below, I am doing the XS version of the adult size. I take you through the pattern to understand what is happening and where to substitute information if you are doing a different size than what I am doing on camera.

Technically speaking, this is not complicated and I found it crochets up pretty quickly. Actually, truth be told, a lot more quicker than I expected.



  1. Zoi

    Thank you so much for your tutorial for the adult vest! I just finished making it for my boyfriend. I am proud of it even if it does not look as good as yours buy hey, i gotta start from somewhere right? THANK you so much, you really help with your tutorials!!! Keep it up we need people like you!!!! <3

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