Celtic Knot Square Dishcloth Pattern

Celtic Knot Square Dishcloth Pattern

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Crochet Celtic Knot

Crochet Celtic Knot

Crochet a Celtic Knot Square

Learn how to crochet a Celtic Knot Dishcloth Square. Originally this free pattern is technically a dishcloth using Lily Sugar’n Cream yarn.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern

Free Pattern: Crochet Celtic Knot Dishcloth

In doing the pre-announcements of this square, crocheters are wanting an alternative solution as the rings don’t appear to be weaving in and out of each other correctly. What you are seeing in the photo is as per the pattern.

I will be giving you an alternative solution here that doesn’t appear in the video as I followed the pattern in the video tutorial.  See the ring layouts below for a visual perspective.

Get the free pattern, it’s called Celtic Knot Dishcloth.

Ring Layout As Per Pattern

This ring layout below is showing all 4 rings.

  • You crochet the first ring as a stand alone ring.
  • In Ring 2, when you finish the chain, before you form the ring, you slide the chain around Ring 1 and then slip stitch to form Ring 2.
  • In Ring 3, when you finish the chain, before you form the ring, you will slide the chain around Ring 2.
  • Ring 4 appears to be incorrect but is as per the pattern. Ring 4 is over Ring 1 and 3 in the middle.

Ring Layout Alternative

You will complete rings 1, 2 and 3 as per the pattern.

  • Ring 4 Chain before forming the ring. Ensure the chain is going over Ring 3 in the middle and then under Ring 1 in the middle as per the photo below.
  • This change of feeding the chain through the two ring will change the middle Celtic Knot appearance.


Tutorial Videos (Right & Left)

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  1. Ann says:

    No blue button

  2. chrystalkay says:

    THANK YOU for showing the alternate connection! The Yarnspirations pattern drove me crazy, that they would not complete the Celtic know weave for all the rings. Of course you have to do the connections at 11 stitches instead of 10 so it won’t bunch in the middle, but it is such an elegant pattern! Just needed the tweeks!

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