Crochet Motif Sampler Blanket Pattern

Crochet Motif Sampler Blanket
Crochet Motif Sampler Blanket
Crochet Motif Sampler Blanket

Crochet Motif Sampler Blanket

The Crochet Motif Sampler Blanket was selected by Yarnspirations for a free online workshop for Michael’s Community Classroom. It’s a free online workshop being hosted by Mikey for At this time, the Michaels Online Community Classroom for this project is completely booked out. We have a limit on how many students at one time we can handle. 

This crochet blanket is a stitch sampler that is rich in ideas. Ten different stitch combinations and 1 motif that can be changed in colour. Designed as an intermediate level, the crochet workshop has been pre-recorded and is just under 90 minutes in a step by step instructions.

With Michaels Community Classroom, we are going to kick off the crocheters to get started, then the crocheters can make informed decisions whether they love it enough to continue or do something else. I also loved the stripes so much, I wondered if only doing the stripes would be awesome. We put our thinking caps on and pulled apart the instructions and came up with two alternative options listed below.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Motif Sampler Afghan

The alternatives below both axed out the motifs and go directly to the stripes. Though I love motifs, changing the sizes we found to be impossible by adding or subtracting the number of motifs. However, we did figure out how to do the stripes alone.

Motif Sampler Just the Stripes without Motif
Motif Sampler Just the Stripes without Motifs


My colours I selected were still Red Heart Soft Essentials. A – Minty, B – Peony Pink and C – Seafoam.

Due to the various types of stitches used for this, the answer to only do the stripes was extremely complicated. I had to get Daniel involved with his graphic skills to make this work. I couldn’t do it mathematically, but we did it visually. Rows 14 – 19 create an impossible stitch calculation to give a set multiple number plus additional chains. Without giving up, we came up with a solution to overlay the diagram with multiples of the same diagram and have it align perfectly.

I see this as a beautiful throw and aimed using 4 ply #4 Medium Weight Yarn to give a starting stitch count. You could do self-striping and possibly reduce the cost of the afghan by switching the yarn to a thinner suggestion.

This is how we figured it out. We aimed to hit approximately 180 sts to meet up with approximately 60″ for a beautiful throw version.

We were unable to figure out how to change the number of motifs in order to maintain the proper stitch counts for the rows. For the motif version, follow instructions as indicated in the pattern.  Doing this pattern, as written, with 4 ply #4 Medium Weight Yarn causes the afghan about 6″ less in width and height.

Sampler Motif in Larger Format
Sampler Motif in Larger Format

Watch Out For Extra Stitches on Edges

  • The stitch counts below factor in just doing the repeating of the stitches in between the edges. Ignore the edging stitches unless you are on the edge. Just keep repeating the multiples for each stitch across and then finish the edge as shown in the diagram.

Two Alternatives

Neither of these alternatives requires the motifs to be in place.

Using Chunky #5 Yarn and K / 6.5 mm Hook – 44″ Across. The suggested border for the pattern adds 1.5″ all around.

  • Chain 134.
  • Set Up 1st row: (WS) 1 sc 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in each ch across. Turn.
  • Now begin just doing the stripes to finish at row 34.
  • Begin next repeat with doing Set up 1st row to ending on row 34.
  • Finishing last row: Ch 1, 1 sc in each st across. Turn.

Using Medium #4 Yarn with I / 5.5 mm Hook – 60″ Across. The suggested border will add about 1.25″ all around.

  • Chain 182.
  • Set Up 1st row: (WS) 1 sc 2nd ch from hook. 1 sc in each ch across. Turn.
  • Now begin just doing the stripes to finish at row 34.
  • Begin next repeat with doing Set up 1st row to ending on row 34.
  • Finishing last row: Ch 1, 1 sc in each st across. Turn.


Rows 14 – 18 have a tendency to be tight in stitches. Ensure you are looser on these rows as the row can contract inward. This is also mentioned in the tutorial. Just be loose with the 2 double crochet clusters.

You will want to block your afghan by dampening it and laying it flat to dry. I steamed my sample and it turned out lovely.

Crochet Motif Tutorial Sampler Blanket
Crochet Motif Tutorial Sampler Blanket

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Full Tutorial Releasing May 15th, 2020

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  1. Lainyg

    Be sure to follow the chart as there are errors in the written pattern.

  2. Tina

    You can find that type of needle at Walmart in packs of 3. I love love love them xx I believe that it’s called a wool-needle. They do sell them on Amazon too but their prices are crazy high.

  3. Irene

    I love to follow with you but sometimes you mummble……….love your humor n your laugh…….😀

  4. Amy Bleile

    Watching your video, fabulous as always and so calming. I think a few college rooomates and I are going to do parts of this for a daughter’s wedding gift. I’ll join the sections somehow. The mom wants it to be a Group project….but she cooks, does not crochet. We’ll figure it out!
    My question is where do I find the tapestry needle with the wire loop?? I’m coveting here during the Covid! Help Mikey and Daniel!

    • the one I have, I got from a little shop locally, amazon is a good place to look if Yarnspirations doesn’t have it

      • Amy Bleile

        Thanks Marina! I’ve got a great LYS not far. I’ll get on the horn this week. Just starting back to work and I’m mentally wiped.

      • not surprising, it’s for sure a tuff time all the way around these days

  5. Amber

    How many skeins of yarn would this take?

    • if you click on the pattern it tells you how many skeins it takes

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