Crochet All In The Family Blanket Pattern

Crochet All in the Family Blanket
Crochet All in the Family Blanket
Crochet All in the Family Blanket

Crochet All In the Family Blanket

The Circular Fall Mandala now has a sister, Square Mandala. Originally designed by Lisa Gentry for Red Heart and then adapted mathematically and test tried by testers with Jeanne Steinhilber of The Crochet Crowd. This is the All in the Family Crochet Blanket.

NOTE: Pattern Errata. Rnd 48 should be color E.

With the JOANN Stitch Along coming to an end. Jeanne felt there was a need to keep crocheters connected with a common project. Originally, this pattern was focusing on Mother’s Day for personal reasons but we have asked Yarnspirations to step in and join along with us. Yarnspirations design team, graphics and the social team just needed few extra weeks to coordinate and prepare the stitch along with the download.

Free Pattern: All in the Family Afghan

The finishing date will be between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. So the afghan was changed from the Mother’s Day Blanket to All in the Family as this can be for everyone and colour possibilities are endless.

Measures Approx 56″ x 56″ [142 x 142 cm].
Gauge 11 sc and 14 rows = 4″[10 cm]. Using U.S. K/10.5/6.5 mm crochet hook.

A rectangular version hasn’t been created. We are unsure of the mathematics due to the stitch counting whether that is possible with what stitches have been used to form this look.

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Stitch Counts for Repeat Rnds 32 – 41


The pattern has us repeat rnds 12 – 21. For clarity, here are the stitch counts for those rounds 32 – 41.

  • Rnd 32 – 19 petals, 20 sc per side / 76 petals, 80 sc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 33 – 117 sts per side / 468 sts, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 34 – 121 sts per side / 484 sts, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 35 – 125 dc per side / 500 dc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 36 – 129 dc per side / 516 dc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 37 – 133 dc per side / 532 dc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 38 – 135 sc per side / 540 sc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 39 – 71 dc per side / 284 dc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 40 – 141 sc per side / 564 sc, 4 ch 2 corners.
  • Rnd 41 – 70 cl, 4 dc per side / 280 cl, 16 dc, 4 ch 2 corners.

Please understand that our sponsorship relationship with Yarnspirations allows The Crochet Crowd to adapt an existing design on Yarnspirations but we keep the original designer’s name on our adaptation pattern as a courtesy as the original designer has inspired the concept. Copyright hasn’t been infringed upon. We are very careful about such details.

Red Heart With Love Yarn
Red Heart With Love Yarn

Yarn List

Red Heart® With Love™ (198 g/7 oz, 338 meters/370 yards)

Contrast A – Iced Aqua (1502) 1 ball
Contrast B – Lettuce (1601) 1 ball
Contrast C – Lilac (1538) 1 ball
Contrast D – Cornsilk (1207) 1 ball
Contrast E – Aubergine (1542) 1 ball
Contrast F – Stone (1306) 1 ball
Contrast G – Peacock (1505) 1 ball

Mikey All in Family Tutorial Yarn
Mikey All in Family Tutorial Yarn

Mikey’s Tutorial Version

I used what I had in stock and just grabbed 7 colours. Right now as I am filming, I have no idea how it will turn out but so far so good. I’ve done Rnds 1 – 15 so far.

Red Heart® With Love™ (198 g/7 oz, 338 meters/370 yards)

Contrast A – Minty 1 ball
Contrast B – Lilac 1 ball
Contrast C – Bubble Gum 1 ball
Contrast D – Dusty Grape 1 ball
Contrast E – Papaya 1 ball
Contrast F – Eggshell 1 ball
Contrast G – Blue Hawaii 1 ball

Mikeys All In the Family Blanket
Mikeys All In the Family Blanket


Crochet All In the Family Blanket Folded
Crochet All In the Family Blanket Folded
Mikey's Mandala On Bed
Mikey’s Mandala On Bed

The Sister Afghan

The circular sister of this afghan was the first sibling. Also using Red Heart with Love. This is called the Crochet Fall Circular Mandala.

I found the project to be extremely addictive to crochet and for easy level crocheters to be able to move up to an intermediate based pattern.

In the other version, similar stitches are used but factored into a square beautiful throw.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Fall Circular Crochet Mandala Blanket


Rnds 1 – 15

Rnds 16 – 25 – Launching May 11th

Rnds 26 – 41 – Launching May 18th

Rnds 42 – 50 – Launching May 25th

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  1. Sade

    Any suggestions for using a varigated yarn instead of changing colors?

  2. Terri Moschetto

    I fell in love with this pattern as soon as I saw it. Luckily I was able to purchase the suggested colors, and stitched along with Mikey on YouTube, which was a life saver. This was a good learning experience! I learned lots of new stitches, and especially loved Mikey’s comment that “if you’re consistent it’s not a mistake, right?” I might not have done everything as written, but it still came out beautifully!

    PS: Can I upload a picture? I’m really proud of the finished product.

  3. Deborah

    Hi… Question is on row 20… written instructions say to *skip next DC, 1 sc in next DC, 2 sc in each ch1 sp to last 2 DC before corner ch2 sp, 1 sc in each of next 2 dc, etc…

    Video tutorial says to put 2 sc in each ch2 space until you get to the corner.

    Which is correct? Thanks

    • Mikey

      If ever in doubt, follow the instructions and not my video. Sometimes I can screw up or I can improvise based on experience. Either is probably fine, but choose the written instructions as I can sometimes show different techniques to get similar results.

  4. Kelly

    In the written pattern, round 11 says to use contrast F, but in the tutorial video I believe contrast A is used and it appears in the pictures that contrast A is used for this round as well. Which contrast do you suggest using? Thanks!

    • it’s really the artist’s choice to be honest if you like the look of using a, go for it, if you think f looks better, go with that one, it won’t affect the final outcome, it will be perfect either way

  5. Bernadette Kelly

    Hi Mike,

    Is the video for row 16 to end available.
    I have not crochet a pattern before and can not read the pattern.


    • Mikey

      Yes, Today is the second video of 4… That will take you to 15 – 25… the others will follow. It launches on Mondays at 8 am Atlantic Time Zone (My time zone).

  6. Alaina

    No blue link for All in The Family

  7. Tracey D

    Love this! Finished the circular one and was so sad to be finished! Can’t wait to start this, but I’m doing the Beans and Bobbles right now, so won’t be starting until I’m done…enjoy! Love this group!

  8. sasha

    Hi there,
    Where its say use a crochet hook k (10.5 is the 10.5 suppose to read 6.5 mm or is the 10.5 for something other than mm) I am not sure if its a mistake or my misunderstanding. Love the pattern so glad its now a square because circle blankets really are not my thing.

    • on some hooks it reads k/10.5/6.5mm most of mine only read the mm mind you, it is the 6.5mm the blog is referring to, I have updated the blog to include it.

  9. Nancy

    Since I could not find Stone, I chose Eggshell an off white. I hope that will look acceptable


    The color ” Stone” is out of stock on Yarnspirations. Can’t find it online anywhere! Any substitute color that would work with this palette? Love this color palette!

    • you could try a different shade of grey if you were trying to stay close to the colour family.

  11. Samah

    Very good… Please tell me about patron

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