Crochet Vintage Sunflower Throw Pattern

Crochet Sunflower Blanket. Sample shown crocheted by Lori Mercer
Crochet Sunflower Throw
Crochet Sunflower Throw

Crochet Vintage Sunflower Throw

This versatile pattern is called the City Solarium Throw. Originally, when I looked at the pattern I thought it was cute but I really noticed how big the flowers were on the square. I thought to myself, wouldn’t it be cute if it was a Sunflower instead? So I changed the colour to suit.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Sunflower Throw. It’s also known as the Solarium Throw.

Remember in the early ’90s where many of us, including myself, bought forest green furniture and accented it with sunflowers? I remember that very clearly. I still think it’s a nice combination, even today.

Crochet Sunflower Blanket
Crochet Sunflower Blanket. Sample shown crocheted by Lori Mercer

To some, the Sunflower look is vintage but there’s something cozy, homey and soothing about it. Being a former truck driver and being able to pass through 100’s of kilometres of sunflowers across the Canadian Prairies, it was magnificent and I was struck in awe. It’s so pretty.

Colours Used – Bernat Super Value

Here’s a link directly to the Bernat Super Value Colour Palette.

  • 2 – Balls Forest Green
  • 2 – Balls Bright Yellow
  • 1 – Ball Gingerbread
  • 1 – Ball Taupe

So use this pattern, switch up the colours and you will have an afghan to celebrate with.

Video Tutorial

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  1. Kathleen Shuckhart

    I am an old school crocheter and am wondering if you have a written out pattern for this sunflower throw? I am making one for a wedding gift.

    • Mikey

      Yes there is. There was a link there but I think you may have overlooked it. I have added a big blue button to direct your eyes to where the download is. Hopefully, this helps you. Michael

    • Regina Molly

      Great video do you know of a good substitute for the gingerbread color. Thank you. Great project

      • Bernat Premium has a lovely brownish colour. really it’s dealers choice you can use any colour that you would like there.

      • Regina Molly

        Thank you. Happy crocheting.

  2. Kathleen Tinkle

    I saw this afghan while “cruising” through Youtube and then lost it. After several frustrating nights looking, I finally found it on the crochet crowd site.
    I have been crocheting for 50 yrs or more and have never seen this size of sunflower. Thank you, it’s a must to make.
    My 5th-grade teacher started a knitting class after school and entered our slippers in the county fair. I did so well, I taught myself to crochet and do both still. I too am left handed: Miss Workman simply had me sit in front of her and do stitches as I saw them. I teach that way today.

    Thank you for the neat tips and tutorials.

  3. Susie

    I just started crochet about 3 years ago. Was always told lefts can’t crochet it would all come out backward. Thank you Mickey you made my life so much better. I love this sunflower afghan I have already made 3 and going to do at least 2more
    my friend just can’t get enough I’m always making them thangs. Thanks you again Mickey your video’s are the best. God Bless you and your family

  4. Hi Mikey. Lovin this Sunflower. Is there a written pattern for this? Sunflowers are my favorite flower. So much I have a tattoo. Thank you much. Brenda

  5. Evalyn

    I love the pattern and tutorial…Great job as always.

  6. Margaret Jones

    Mikey is always bang on,he taught me how to crochet with his videos.I enjoy him so much and I can do this with the help of his videos,Thanks Mikey is just not enough to say

  7. Gayla Reinkens

    Love the patterns and tutorials here! Just starting the sunflower throw.

  8. francine

    What a lovely pattern

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