Mandala Stitch Along
Mandala Stitch Along
Mandala Stitch Along

Crochet Mandala Stitch Along

We are kicking off 2020 just a week early on Boxing Day, Dec 26, 2019, with the Red Heart Mandala Throw Pattern.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Red Heart Mandala Throw Pattern

Technically speaking, the pattern is already out in the public domain through So crocheters can start at any time but the video tutorials will be timed to match the crochet along schedule. We do larger projects in increments as more people can have a success story when we work as a community together.

Mikey’s Version

Bernat Super Value, A – Topaz, B – Navy, C – Aqua, D – Lush, E – Teal, F – Taup & G – Forest Green.

Please note that I subbed round 48 using B instead as I ran out of C to be able to do that. It is the only round I substituted a colourway.

Mikey's Crochet Mandala
Mikey’s Crochet Mandala
Mikey's Mandala On Bed
Mikey’s Mandala On Bed

It’s time now to choose your colours and get yourself ready. We will have prizes for finished examples. If you have already done this throw, you can still qualify as you put in the work already.

Playlist Tutorials for this Series

Mandala Worksheet – 2 Pages

To help with this amazing throw, I have made a worksheet that will help you get started. You can download/print the worksheet to use at any time. Page one has tips and marking in which colours you have selected. Page 2 has what Mikey will be using plus an empty colouring book-style option to draw in your own colours to test try ideas.


  • I ran out of yarn using Bernat Super Value for Round 48. I frogged and subbed C for B. It’s the only round I went out of colour sequence. I looked at remaining ball colours and the last two rounds left and determined I didn’t need to buy more yarn, I just used what I had.
  • Colour B is actually Navy. I have Marine on PDF but that is French for Navy.
Mandala Worksheet
Mandala Worksheet. Click this sheet to download or print both sheets. Revision 3 is now available. I accidentally typed the French for Diva Dan Colour Mix B. It should be Navy.


A brief introduction to what a mandala is.

Mikey will provide the tutorials in 4 weeks starting on Dec 26th. Crocheters will learn how to read the diagrams and be able to follow on camera.

Do yourself a favour and do the gauge test. If your afghan isn’t sitting down at some point and you never ran a gauge test, you may just regret getting started. See the worksheet for tips. Mikey will have a gauge testing video in the future for this as well.

Rounds 1 – 10 Week 1

Rounds 11 – 25 Week 2

Rounds 26 – 40 Week 3

Rounds 41 – 50 Week 4 Final

This is intended for a fun community challenge only. We each are deserving of the highest praise possible for our own creativity. Let’s have fun.

Photo Gallery

The Crochet Crowd Gallery
The Crochet Crowd Gallery. Crochet Mandala Throw Entries.

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67 thoughts on “Crochet Mandala Stitch Along Pattern

  1. I would love to make this as a wall hanging. Has anyone done this and does it lay ‘flat’ on the wall? How did you hang it? Thanks!

    • I have made Mandela’s to hang, I crocheted mine onto a ring to help keep its shape. I made mine in thread yarn to make it smaller, but I have seen larger ones attached to Hoola hoops as well.

  2. When are the winners chosen? I totally enjoyed this crochet along. I also loved the Study of Planet Earth. Thank you so much for doing these, and sharing with us..

  3. Hi Mikey, I loved doing the CAL Madala. I love the way it turned out. The part I can not find is the e mail address to send it in for the contest. Can you help me?

      • Hello Mikey, where can I find the chart for this mandala? The link for the PDF is only 2 pages containing colors, stitch gauge and layout (to use with your own colors), but there is no stitch chart/diagram.

      • Click on the blue button, that will take you to the Yarnspirations page that will take you to where you can download the pattern. I just reloaded the link to make sure it takes you to the right place.

  4. Hi! I am having so much fun with this pattern! I am confused on round 50, though. Pattern states to work behind stitches from round 49 and crochet into the round 48 4-chain space. Your demo on on the video shows differently. Can you please clarify? I’m actually doing as the pattern states and liking the result. Thanks so much!

  5. I have just completed round 21 & I’m only stopping to write today’s blog post & my progress on this project is the topic. Crochet is a big part of who I am and this project will be the first crochet project featured in A Life Knot Tangled.

  6. On rnd 17 I ended with 177 stitches instead of 175, although the directions came out perfect for the finish. I frogged and redid numerous times with same outcome. The previous rnds counted correct. I continued to have 1 extra stitch so on rnd 21 I had one extra cl so on the next round I adjusted. so far it seems ok now.

  7. Ok, wish me luck! I am already a week behind. I will go through my collection of yarns to see if I have 7 skeins of different colors that look good together. I’ll have to make what I have work since most of it has sat for a year without being touched. I’ve never tried a Mandala but love how they look and your instructions so far make it seem possible, even for me. I’m excited to finally feel good enough to tackle another Stitch-Along… so thank you and here we go!!!! Love and Hugs!!

  8. This will be my first stitchalong! I’m a week behind already…but still need to choose my yarn. I have just been diagnosed with breast cancer, and this mandala will hopefully be a source of comfort, commitment and a great distraction from life at the moment. Cheers!!!

  9. Asking if there is a typo in round 9? Round 9 does not tell me to join the slip stitches so I did not. Round 10 does not look right without round 9 being joined.

    • I didn’t notice that there was no slip st when I was filming this. I just assume it did but I didn’t notice it was missing. I showed in the tutorial how to do the invisible sl st join to make it look consistent.

      Round 9: With right side facing and
      working in front loops only, join F
      with slip st in any st, slip st in each st
      around—84 slip sts.
      Fasten off F

      • When will the next videos be on making this?? I don’t want to miss them and how many total. I am ordering my yarn so can make one. Have never followed a graft so new to me. Decided this is a me project for 2020. Going to use fall colors. Think it will be pretty.

      • Mikey,

        You are such an inspiration. I love this mandala pattern. Thank you for all you do. God bless you.
        Donna McGlasson

  10. I need to do this with stash yarn, but I don’t think I have enough of any one color in worsted weight to do the color sequence as shown. I think I am going to move ahead with stash, and see how it goes. It will be very different from the examples. Is anyone else doing this with stash and winging it on the colors?

  11. I’m working my way out of a deep blah. Nothing got done for Christmas….except successful surgery, an old mum passed on, a new great Grandsweetie on Christmas….
    …..I think I want to take direction from someone else for a while…
    It’ll have to be from stash….lol….
    Wish me persistence in abundance people!

      • Keeping in mind stitch tension is different for everyone, and the weight of yarn may not be the same, but that is pretty close to what mine measures, (mine was a little smaller because I’m a very tight crocheter)

  12. I was reading the pattern ahead of time and was wondering on row 4o how can you start with color g but you fasten off color E?
    Round 40: With G, ch 1, 2 sc in each ch-1
    space around; join with slip st in first
    sc—408 sc.
    Fasten off E.

  13. Mandala comments in alterations from this am
    not trying to be negative or critical Lord knows you have been working diligently on this and it is much appreciated and i may be the confused one here but

    RE: Round 48. I frogged and subbed C for B.

    Pattern says to use C “Round 48: With right side facing, draw up a loop of C ”

    thus i am confused

    • I substituted the colour. I’m not the designer. I’m just sharing that I subbed the colour as I would have ran out of C if I had done as instructed. Instead of buying more yarn, I subbed.

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