Crochet Magic Rings / Adjustable Ring

Learn How To Do Magic Rings
Learn How To Do Magic Rings
Learn How To Do Magic Rings

Magic Rings, SC, HDC, DC and TR

Magic rings eliminate the hole gap that can be seen in the middle of a circle. For example, if you are working with a hat, you may not want a hole at the top of the hat.

Magic rings allow you to pull your center really tight. How you start your magic ring is a strategic manipulation of the strings so you can pull it shut at the end.

Below, I have 3 video tutorials on how to do a Magic Ring for Single Crochet, Half Double Crochet, Double Crochet and Treble Crochet.

You will see they all start off the same way, the number of chains to begin changes for each of the stitches.

Video Tutorials


  1. I need to check out your videos, I am hoping for an easy-to-follow instruction especially for a newbie like me. Thanks, Mikey!

  2. Katy Alexis

    I always forget how to do this and then get lazy about looking it up. I have a way that kind of works I found accidentally, but I’m determined to learn this darned ring! Thank you for posting!
    I rarely visit blog sites because I tend to stay off the computer when I’m not working (or playing Minecraft, but that’s another addiction entirely…). I’m so glad your Deja Poo of the Mind post popped up in my Google feed this morning! I always watch you on YouTube (on my tv through playstation, so I can only like but can’t comment sadly) but never came to see your posts. I love it!

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