Crochet Cozy Ruffle Shrug

Cozy Ruffled Shrug by Donna Bondy
Cozy Ruffled Shrug by Donna Bondy
Cozy Ruffled Shrug by Donna Bondy

Crochet Cozy Ruffle Shrug

Hook up my Cozy Ruffle Shrug and keep yourself fashionably warm!

I originally designed this Cozy Ruffle Shrug for a coworker of mine for a gift.  She had seen me wear cardigan after cardigan that I made, and mentioned that she really liked them, and wished that she could wear something like it.  When I asked her why she couldn’t, she said that she could never wear anything like it as she was so petite.  She said that she would look like a child in dress-up play with everything looking too big on her.  That planted the thought in me that I wanted to make her something that she could wear, something that she would like and would look good on her.  Over the next couple of weeks, I took mental notes about what she liked based on the comments she would make about different cardigans I wore.

  • She liked ruffles, but not too many and not too big.
  • She liked her sweaters to not be longer than her waist.
  • She didn’t like her sleeves too long.
  • She liked a shorter front than back.
  • She liked rounded vs square.
  • She liked blues and greens.

With her likes floating around in my head, I sat down to create her very own “custom” shrug, and the Cozy Ruffle Shrug is the result.

After I finished making it in the XS she needed, I did the math so you can make it for any size from XS to 5X.   I used Caron Big Cakes in Shadowberry.  I really like the feel of this yarn, and with the different colourways available, it’s easy to find one you like.  Each one I try becomes my new favourite combination 🙂

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it — and as much as my coworker did receiving it!  Until you see me next time here on The Crochet Crowd, you can find me on Ravelry as The Crochet Ninja.

Cozy Ruffled Shrug by Donna Bondy
Cozy Ruffled Shrug by Donna Bondy


  1. Cherielynne Phillips

    After completing row 1-26 do you fasten off? And then do the right front and fasten off, etc? And then sew it all together?

  2. Laurie

    I love this shrug but am having a lot of difficulty following the pattern. When you say left and right, I can’t tell if it’s the right side or wrong side. And what part of the sweater is the “bottom” that is at the beginning of the pattern? Any chance you can provide some photos or a video tutorial?

  3. Pam Pullen

    I don’t understand your pattern. “Row 2-26 in pattern” please help

    • Hi Pam,
      The pattern is sc in the dc, and dc in the sc. Your initial starting row should end with a dc. The first stitch of the next row would be a sc on top of the dc from the first row, the next stitch would be a dc on top of the sc from the first row and so on.
      Row 2- 26 in pattern means that you repeat the pattern of (sc in the dc from the previous row, and dc in the sc from the previous row) for a total of 26 rows.
      Hope this helps!

  4. Jennifer Johnson

    hi i am having a hard time under standing the pattern for this shrug do you have a picture pattern that i can follow? i have my wool and wanting to start

    • Hi Jennifer,
      I’m sorry I don’t have a picture pattern or diagram for this pattern 🙁 Feel free to message me (Donna Bondy) through facebook, and I’ll do my best to help you with the written pattern.

  5. Sharon

    Very pretty shrug. Your designs are always awesome. Thanks for sharing the pattern. What’s the difference between a shrug and a sweater?

    • Thank you for your comment! I’m glad you like my designs! To me a shrug is usually shorter than a cardigan, with the sides not meeting at the front. A shrug is more cropped, and usually covers less of your body than a cardigan. To me, a cardigan or a sweater is something you can wrap yourself in completely, where a shrug covers the majority of your back, your shoulders and your arms only.

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