Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf Pattern

Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf
Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf
Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf

Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf

Using 2 Balls of Caron Chunky Cakes, you can make this Deep Ridge Scarf.

The scarf is a Mikey original that plays with sets of front posts and back posts together to create deep ridging.

I didn’t use the entire 2 balls though. I used about 1.5 balls to get my scarf. I stopped when both ends had the brown to make it appear balanced.

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Free Pattern: Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf

The striping look comes naturally out of the ball of yarn. So there’s no fuss in changing colours. The Caron Chunky Cakes provides a beautiful thickness and lush scarf for you to enjoy.

You can download the Deep Ridge Scarf pattern here.

Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf Preview
Crochet Deep Ridge Scarf Preview



  1. Nancy I Sanchez

    no blue button

  2. Sue McVicker

    No Blue Button

  3. Julie G

    No blue button ?

  4. ROBIN

    Is there a matching hat pattern somewhere.

  5. Melissa

    Does the turning chain count towards the 21? I feel like I can get it to work out perfectly…if I ignore the turning chain. But in row three I end up with the three final back post double crochets instead of only two…and then I still have the turning chain to go. It’s like I’ve added a stitch somewhere. Any thoughts?

  6. Mary Beason McDonagh

    FYI,In the scarf pattern 3rd row you have DCPP, I know it is just a typo but some might not..Mary

  7. Shannon Iggulden

    On Row 3 of the deep ridges scarf the first three stitches are dcpp? What is that stitch? Please explain or correct if it is a typo. Thank you so much for the pattern for this beautiful squishy scarf,

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