Crochet Radiant Afghan Pattern

Crochet Granny with Radiant Stripes Pattern
Crochet Granny with Radiant Stripes Pattern
Crochet Granny with Radiant Stripes Pattern

Granny with Radiant Stripes Afghan

The Granny with Radiant Stripes Afghan is pretty straight forward of doing 1 granny square and then having a chevron ripple extending from two sides of the granny going in one direction. The other two sides have the chevron ripple going in the other direction.

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The granny square is pretty straight forward without an interesting complex look but when you break it down, it’s not so hard. The chevron ripples extending are a combination of single crochet rows and double crochet rows. It gives it an interesting look.

The panels are done in stripes with a side edging to each strip applied for an interesting and easy to do project.



  1. Helen Fobbs

    I cannot find the pattern

    • Mikey

      I updated the link to a big blue button for you as you are probably reading past the link. Hopefully, this helps you.

  2. Since I seen this pattern I feel in love with it but I was having a hard time doing it, but you are a life safer. THANK YOU MIKEY, LOVE YOU

  3. Karen

    Want to this but how do u do the other side? Please

  4. Colleen D.

    I can’t wait to start this! Has the correction been made in the written pattern?

    • Lori S.

      I think the only correction was to chain 7 and not 5 so we could just write that in when we print off the pattern. I can’t wait to get yarn for this pattern!! Have fun!!

    • Lori S.

      I just love how you just mix up colors as you do your tutorials for your CC folks! I sometimes take forever to match just 2 or 3 colors together. I love Dan’s cards, they have helped me A LOT!! Thanks for all the hard work you do!! Just wondering though, why you didn’t wave bye in this video:)

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