Crochet Graph Afghan Series

Graph Afghan Series
Graph Afghan Series
Graph Afghan Series

Graph Afghan Series with Mikey

In this 5 Part graph afghan series, you will learn key concepts from reading crochet graphs, designing your own graphs, preparation steps before you start, changing colours techniques with key concepts and then finally test drive a pattern to test your skills.

Reference Materials List

Throughout this series, Mikey will refer to the following reference materials that are free to use.

Free Resources for Making your Own Graphs and Services that are Available:

Yarn Hookers and Momma’s has free graphs to play to share. Word Charts such as Momma’s & Crochet by Numbers are very easy to follow verses counting stitches on a graph.

Part 1 – How to Read Crochet Graphs

You need to know how to read graphs before you can make your own.

  • Learn how where to read graphs.
  • Prepare your graph.
  • Reading graph and looking for colour changes.
  • How to read graphs where half of the image is provided. Mirrored images.

Part 2 – Creating Your Own Graphs

Please Note: You are legally liable should you use a copyright or trade marked item to create a graph. Ensure you are custom creating your own work and/or have written permission if using an image or logo that is not yours.

In part 2, you will learn how to custom create your graphs from scratch. The techniques discussed will show you how you can put logos and customized artwork onto graphs so you can crochet them. This idea is great for charity, school or other types of organizations where you want to raise awareness and/or show support. Mikey will cover techniques such as:

  • Customizing existing graphs.
  • Printing your own images on top of graph paper.
  • Create your own graphics on a computer. Graph paper in PNG format for photo editing has been provided in material references in the beginning of this article. You can download a copy and upload it your photo program to create your own graphics.
  • Splicing graphs together to spell words.
  • Refining our graphs.

Part 3 – Preparations Before You Begin Crocheting a Graph

In Part 3, we are going to discuss helpful tips before you grab your crochet hook to begin your graph afghan. Doing some minor preparations in advance will help you crochet faster without having to stop for long periods of time. In this part, you will learn the following:

  • Establish your perimeter around your graph. This helps if you want to only do a portion of a graph.
  • Understanding bobbins and knowing how many to prepare in advance.
  • How to make your own bobbins from a cereal box.
  • Marking your graph with key box counts where major changes take effect so you don’t have to constantly pick up the graph to count. Do it ahead of time to make crocheting the graph quick and easy.

Part 4 – Changing Colour Techniques

In Part 4, Mikey will go over 5 major techniques of changing colours and dealing with bobbins. Changing colours techniques will make the difference between a half fast looking job to a project with nice clean lines. In this part, you will learn the following:

  • Learn the strand positioning techniques when changing colours.
  • How to start new bobbins on a project.
  • How to end bobbins and finish up with ends of bobbins and beginnings strands.
  • How to change colours when the colours are matching directly in the row below.
  • How to change colours when the colour change is before the same colour in the row below.
  • How to change colours when the colour change is after the same colour in the row below.

This tutorial has been provided in both right and left-handed versions to teach lefties on how to manipulate the yarn.

Part 5 – Test Drive Your Skills

Finally, this is it. This is where you get to put your skills to a customized project. I challenge you to use the letter of your first name to do a test sample. Use the skills above to help you. In the tutorial provided, I walk you through beginning your graph, making informed decisions and getting started lessons.

In the tutorial, I will use the Letter D as a test drive. You will learn the following:

  • Key Tips When Beginning.
  • Graph Preparation
  • Bobbin Preparation
  • Box-Counting
  • Follow Along
  • Make Your Border Once You Square is Done.

If you have done the skills demonstrated in Part 4 with changing colours, you will be prepared to know the key concepts of changing colours with flawless results.

I had every intention of providing this also in left hand. Due to myself referring to the Letter D throughout the tutorial. The graph is visible. To not confuse left handed crocheters, I have not changed the video so that the D appears backwards. Use the skills taught and do the best you can to do it left hand. The left hand version of colour changing was provided in Part 4.



  1. Helene

    I want to make a graphghans with single crochets, but my single crochets don’t turn out square (8 stitches x 10 rows comes out square), so graphghans come out distorted. Is there a trick? Less/more tension, the way I hold the hook, hook size,…?

  2. How can I make a 300 x 200 sc Graph on the Graph-ghan wizard maker, can you please allow me to do that, please, thank you, I would greatly appreciate it.

  3. I love this tutorial! However, Part 3 – Preparations Before You Begin Crocheting a Graph, will not play. There must be an error in your coding, or something. Thank you for all that you do.

  4. Karen

    Mikey going to try my second graphcan. I only got about a third of the way done with my first before a milkshake was spilt on it and i gave up. I am going to give it ago again and was wondering if you have a limit of the number of stitches you carry yarn over/under to move the color change. I read someone where that you should start a new bobbin if it is more then 3 stitiches but didnt know what you recommend. Thanks you.

  5. I wanted to tell you your tutorial videos are the best videos on YouTube. I have been crocheting for 50 years and thought I could do about every thing. I do have trouble with ripple crochet so I am using your video to help me. I wanted to show you a picture of the graph an I made but I don’t know how to put a picture on here. Thank you for the great tutorials
    Karol Beaufore

  6. alita macelhiney

    Wow! I am just about to start a graphgan. These tutorials fill in the gaps for me. I can’t wait to start! Thank you!!

  7. Kerry O'Neill

    Excellent video……especially the video for the lefties!

  8. Katie

    Thank you so much for the videos! I have hoping to learn how to crochet graphghan style for a while now and have been envious of those that could since the effect is so beautiful. I am now able to do do so thanks to your videos!!!! I have already made two sides of a pillow with our initial on one side and a fleur de lis on the other. 🙂 I am anxious to try something a bit larger next.

  9. wendy

    Love your site! I have been attempting graphgans for a little, and this was by far the most helpful! I now want to move onto making my own chart. Quick question on the PNG blank graph you have listed above….It doesnt download for me. just gives a screen shot. Is there another link that I am missing? I have been through the list countless times, and just cant get the actual PNG file.

  10. Jamie

    Mikey my question, is how do you make both sides of a graphghan, look neat, smoth and identical?

  11. Hi Mikey you were so bang on with this tutorial I sat this morning coffee at hand and watched and enjoyed every minute of your tutorial so much that had to get Hubby up to print the pattern off for the butterfly blanket have now got the graphs in front of me going through my stash of wool that Hubby doesn’t know about sssssssssssh don’t tell him will be sending you my wips thanks again been itching to get started on a new project cheers

  12. Jean Wyble

    Mikey, a few years ago (they go by so fast!!) you were learning and putting on you tube how to do an afghan stitch and tunisian crochet, you told some history and showed the stitch so well (slip stitch)…I had never done it before …I wanted to share that though I haven’t gotten to see this sight till today and haven’t watched the video’s yet (am excited about you having them here)…I want you to personally know that I have made 2 blankets Spiderman and wonderwoman! they fit twin size beds and would love to share photos of them with you bc you were my inspiration to doing this and my grandkids Love them! They both got them for presents and now I am onto 2 more for hubby and a son and daughter in law! THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH !!!

  13. tanz

    I am awaiting the time i get the guts to try this, right now im obsessed with c2c. i saw some girls doing a graphgan with c2c. can you do a tutorial of how to burry the strands when switching on the c2c graphgan? tia

  14. Stephenie

    I want to attempt my first graph afghan, so I have been watching all the video tutorials. I have a question that might seem silly, but do you always have to start from the bottom? Can you start at the top?

    • You can start on either side… not a silly question. 😀 Just note that you might like the stitches facing a certain direction… look at the stitches upside down as it may make a visual difference.

      • diana 3

        Inhave a graph for axtgrow that I want to make into a queen size. Can you help me pls?

  15. Darlene

    The butterfly pattern is knitted. Do you have a tutorial on changing colors for this butterfly afghan like you do for the crocheted tutorial ?

  16. Sandi

    Okay……I am slightly intimidated by all the ideas running through my head! This tutorial is amazing (as are they all) and I am going to tackle one of these this year!! Thank you so very much!!

  17. Tina First

    I have been doing graph-ghans for some time .. they are very addicting and so fun to do! My only suggestion would be: When changing colors, I always work the tail under 6 or 7 stitches before I bring it forward. I have found that even if I do nothing else with weaving in the tail, I have never had one come undone. Although the extra weaving thru is always a good thing, I just like to secure my new color under these stitches before moving on. Happy Hooking!

  18. I second the motion about Mikey taking Sara’s challenge with the word chart versus counting the squares…I’ve done both in the past and prefer hers…

    You might also want to do something about the different stitches and color changes in them (sc or tunisian), just saying…

  19. Bang On!!! I am so happy to see this on here!!! I have been wanting to learn the technique for awhile now but was not sure where to start. Thank You so much, from One Happy Camper here!!!

  20. Thanks Mikey! I have been eye-ing graph afghans for a while, debating whether or not to tackle one. These videos have really showed me how simple they are (once you know what you’re doing)! I have several projects already lined up, but hopefully now I can add a graph-ghan on to my list. (:

    P.S. Love your videos~!

  21. Janis Casey

    I got a little confused when you chained and started the crochet stitch on the left hand side. Can you explain that to me, I am right handed and my second row of stitches are always right to left, not left to right. Do I turn my work?

  22. looks great fun , im struggling with this type of crochet .

    why is the link a knited butterfly ? lol its omg level . lol run its a knitting butterfly 🙂 seriously link to a knitting pattern is there a graph please.

  23. Yeah, I have been hoping you would do a tutorial on graph-ghans. I’m so excited, I’m going to start gathering my colours together. I have my picture all ready picked out….. Definitely BANG ON!!!! 🙂

  24. Bang on! I love graphghans. I have graphed a few on my own and bought a few. I love how it comes to life as you go. Keep up the awesome work you do. Always a fan.

  25. Rebecca Stacks

    Bang on! I have been wanting to learn for a long time.

  26. Shelley

    I’d rather work from a word chart than a graph.

  27. Cheryl

    Cannot wait to see this series on graphs. I have to make one and am kinda nervous about it. Thanks Mikey!!

  28. Barbara S

    Something that was already on my list for 2015.. looking forward to the challenge of learning! Part of crochet’s appeal for me!

  29. Mikey, I can make you an awesome Word Chart with a butterfly and you definitely won’t be counting squares!! It’s all about Word Charts!! I’ve challenged you to try it on your page, but I guess my posts are amongst those that never get seen! Try Momma’s JAM Pack Crochet Word Charts and Ill design a butterfly you can’t resist!! NO SQUARES!!

    Here’s the one I’ve already designed and my customers have already crocheted it!!!

  30. Melissa

    Very informative, I’m looking forward to the rest of the videos in the series.

  31. I use the marker also, BUT what I do is one color marker for even rows and a different color marker for the even rows. It helps me remember right side from wrong side of my project.

  32. Barb Smith

    BANG ON! I’m excited to learn about graph afghans. Good good good.

  33. Melissa

    yay!!! I’m so excited. I have a graph I’ve been wanting to crochet, but I’ve scared myself silly trying to learn how to do it. You are the best teacher, Mikey. Thank you so much for doing this series.

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