Crochet Lunch Bag or Mini Bag Pattern

Crochet Lunch Bag
Crochet Lunch Bag
Crochet Lunch Bag

Crochet Lunch Bag or Mini Bag

I don’t care what anyone says to me, they just don’t make things like they used to. Sometimes, we just need to pull out our crochet hooks and do it ourselves!

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Lunch Bag

The Crochet Lunch Bag is a decent size bag measuring 9″ wide by 12″ tall and 3.5″ thick.

If I were to do this for a child or even for myself for that matter, I would choose the right colour of Lily Sugar’n Cream Cotton that best suits my own personality. Kids who get involved in the creation process are more than likely to use this.

For the kid version, consider adding flower or applique motifs to the exterior of the bag.

Finally, if I were to change one thing on the bag, I would not use the grommets. I wouldn’t use them because I wouldn’t know where to find them. I would get creative and attach the handles in a different way. That’s just me being partially lazy and wanting to simplify the project.

You could also use this pattern to make mini gift bags. Fabulous and reusable using natural fibres. A great way of preserving the environment generally. No plastic or paper bags for lunch! Awesome… Reuseable Gift Bag! Even Better!

The bag is just simple panels all done in single crochet. You couldn’t ask for a simpler project. Get the free pattern, it’s called the Crochet Lunch Bag.


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  1. Kelly M Lane

    , No Blue Button

  2. Melissa Turner

    No blue button

  3. Dianne

    Couldn’t find the pattern

    • The links for the patterns are always in the Fuscia writing in our website. It’s in the article write up. Hopefully that helps.

  4. Tatia Johnson

    Mikey, your local craft store, Tandy leather or even a fabric store is likely to have grommets. A hardware store will surely have them & it’s not that difficult at all. I tried to find a tutorial on using them with crochet, but had no luck. Crochet is a bit stretchy, so it shouldn’t be a problem to add them without cutting through the yarn.
    Here’s a basic how-to. You really only need to watch the first 4 minutes.
    You can (& should) totally do this. I think knowing how to do this really simple thing might spark all kinds of ideas for you & Diva Dan!

    • Tatia Johnson

      And, after reading the pattern, it leaves space for the grommets. Easy peasy! I agree about adding a floral or some other motif….just for a bit of pizazz.

  5. Crochet plastic bags to insulate and keep it dry or just make the bag out of those walmart or dollar store bags

  6. Ruth

    I have been crocheting for years and then some so would not need a pattern but what I was looking for is there something to use for an “insulated” bag?

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