Crochet Toodie – Turtleneck Hoodie Combo

Crochet Mikey Toodie
Crochet Mikey Toodie
Crochet Mikey Toodie

Crochet Toodie The Crochet Toodie is the concept of building a hood onto a cowl or turtleneck. Easy to do for any cowls or turtlenecks.

I am totally surprised at how warm this is to wear. This can be worn in different ways which makes it very versatile.

Fully Bundled Up

Crochet Mikey Toodie
Crochet Mikey Toodie

Lower The Hoodie and Wear As Cowl

Crochet Mikey Toodie
Crochet Mikey Toodie. Hoodie lowered to wear just cowl.

Hoodie Only

Crochet Mikey Toodie
Crochet Mikey Toodie – Hoodie Only

Neck Warmer

Mikey Crochet Toodie
Mikey Crochet Toodie – Neck Warmer

Rests Beautifully Around the Neck

Mikey Crochet Toodie
Mikey Crochet Toodie

Back View When Hoodie is Down

Mikey Crochet Toodie
Mikey Crochet Toodie – From Back With Hoodie Down


I will tell you how to customize any cowl or turtle neck you have with my hoodie design in the pattern below. It works for the perfect increase and rollback of the hoodie.

Yarn & Supplies

Red Heart Super Saver O'Go Format 2
Red Heart Super Saver O’Go Format

Red Heart® Super Saver O’Go™ (141 g/5 oz, 215 m/236 yds)   

  • Forest, 2 O’Gos

Optional Faux Fur Pom Poms. I picked mine up at Michaels Stores. 

Tapestry needle.

The entire project is 23” long x 16” across the top of the hook x 22” diameter on the cowl. 


  • Use size 6.5 mm / K/10.5 crochet hook. 
  • The entire project (when not positioned in itsf final format) is 23” long x 16” across the top of the hook x 22” diameter on the cowl. 
  • It is 14″ tall x 11″ Diameter once folded up.
  • Gauge 12 sc and 12 rows = 4” [10 cm].

The trick to these is understanding that the cowl has to be inserted up through the interior. This means the hood needs to be crocheted on the cowl’s wrong side so both are showing right sides when wearing. 

How the Toodie is Folded

This is how the Crochet Toodie looks when it’s not folded into its formation.

  • Notice the cowl is showing the WS (Wrong Side) and the Hoodie showing the RS (Right Side).
  • If you crochet both sections on the right side only, the cowl or turtleneck will show the wrong side of the project when wearing it.
Crochet Toodie Not Folded
Crochet Toodie Not Folded

The cowl is then rolled inward up from the bottom to inside the hoodie. This means the cowl’s RS (Right Side) will face outward.

Crochet Toodie Cowl Rolled to Inside
Crochet Toodie Cowl Rolled to Inside

Once the cowl is rolled to the inside, it will be ready to wear.

Crochet Toodie Rolled Inside Ready to Wear

Crochet Toodie Rolled Inside Ready to WearYou can add an optional tie and sew on pom poms for an elevated look to your crochet toodie.

Crochet Toodie Optional Pom Poms
Crochet Toodie Optional Pom Poms

More Ideas

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During the testing trial while designing this. Daniel suggested adding a tie and pom-poms to finish the look. You can decide that for yourself. You can add the tie without pom poms as well.

Crochet Toodie Inside
Crochet Toodie Inside


  • Approx = Approximately 
  • Beg = Beginning 
  • Ch = Chain 
  • Hdc = Half double crochet 
  • Prev = Previous 
  • Rep = Repeat 
  • Rnd(s) = Round(s) 
  • RS = Right Side
  • Sc = Single crochet 
  • Sl st = Slip stitch 
  • St(s) = Stitches
  • X-st = Sk next sc, dc in next sc, dc in skipped sc.
  • WS = Wrong Side

Cowl Stitch Counts Advice

Adult size cowls that are tighter to the neck are generally between 55 to 70 sts in the round using 6.5 mm / K/10.5. The example I am wearing has 70 sts. You will be able to tell after the first round if you want to change the size.  

Toddler sizes are about 40 chains. You can also chain in an even number and test after the 1st round to see. 

It’s important to keep an even number for your stitches for my design. No matter how you customize it, the hood will work out. 

Stitches Used In This Project

  • You will be doing the camel stitch which is done on the horizontal bar. We have a tutorial just for the cowl already. The hoodie is added to it. 
  • The hoodie has rows of single crochet and cross stitches known as x-st in the pattern. 

Instructions – Cowl Section

Ch 70 (or any even number that best suits you). Join with sl st to first ch to form ring, being careful not to twist chain. 

Cowl is worked in continuous spiral. Do not join at end of rnds. Place marker to note beg of rnd and move each subsequent rnd.

1st rnd: Ch 1. 1 sc in first ch. 1 hdc in each ch around. Do not join. 70 sts. 

HDC in Horizontal Bar
HDC in Horizontal Bar

2nd rnd: 1 hdc in back loop only of first sc. *1 hdc into horizontal bar (see diagram). created below next st in prev rnd. Rep from * around. 

3rd rnd: *1 hdc into horizontal bar created below next st in prev rnd. Rep from * around. Rep last rnd until work from beg measures 8”.

Final rnd: *1 sc into horizontal bar created below next st in prev rnd. Rep from * around. Join with sl st to first sc. Fasten off.

Please note you ended up with the same number of stitches as your beginning chain. 

Instructions – Hoodie Section

Crochet Toodie Cowl is Inside Out to Start
Crochet Toodie Cowl is Inside Out to Start

The hoodie section is added to this cowl but you have to pay attention to how you do that. 

You need to flip the cowl inside out before you begin the hoodie section. 

If you do not flip the cowl inside out, once you position this to wear it, the cowl’s wrong side (back of cowl) will be showing. When the cowl is pushed up through the hole, the right side of the cowl (front of the cowl) will face out of the front of the hoodie. 


  • Make sure you are looking at the cowl inside out.
  • Rotate the cowl so the fastening off from the cowl is at the centre of the back. 
  • Locate any stitch closest to the middle of the cowl in front of the cowl. 
  • Your goal is to leave 2 stitches untouched directly in the middle. 

If you have changed the count, ensure that the 1st row below has an even number of single crochet stitches in order to make the rest of the pattern work.

Join yarn to any st near the middle of the cowl. 

1st row: RS. Using instructions above for orientation. Ch 1, 1 sc in each st around leaving the last 2 sts unworked. Turn. 68 sts or even number if you customized. 

2nd row: Ch 3 (counts as dc here and throughout), x-st across row, 1 dc in last sc. Turn. 68 sts or even number if you customized. 

3rd row: Ch 1, 2 sc in first st, 1 sc in each st to 2nd last st. 2 sc in last st. Turn. Increases the row by 2 stitches each time you do this row. 

4th row: Ch 3, x-st across row, 1 dc in last sc. Turn. 

Rep 3rd and 4th rows 12 times. You can try it on at any time and not do so many repeats or add more if you wish. Keep repeating the 3rd and 4th rows until you get to the size you want. 

This has been designed so the increase is on a single crochet row so it’s easier to do without much thought. The x-st rows have no increases. 

Rep 3rd row one more time. Do not fasten off. 

Fold the top of the hood directly in half. 

Final row: Ch 1, 1 sc going through both sides of the hook all the way across. Fasten off and weave in ends. 

Optional Tie with Faux Pom Pom

Ch 91.

1st row: 1 sc 2nd ch from the hook and in each ch across. Fasten off. 

Weave the tie in and out of the first x-st row. Then sew on pom poms to the end of the ties. You can also leave the pom poms off. 

Roll the cowl up through the inside so it’s inside the hoodie as shown above.

Yarnspirations Patterns
Free Pattern: Crochet Toodie

Buffalo Plaid Hat Shown In Tutorial

It’s only been filmed in the right-handed version. It’s the Crochet Buffalo Plaid Hat.


This is the base cowl. Notice my pattern above states to stop at 8″ and do the last round of the cowl before moving on. If you do exactly like the original pattern, you will run out of yarn and the cowl will be way too deep. This is the original pattern if you want it.

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  1. LeAnn O

    Is there a video on making this. I have a rough time reading patterns

  2. I’m working on my Toodie now, I too had a difficult time inserting my crochet hook in the front horizontal bar, so I decided to use the back one instead, and the pattern still looks the same!

    • Billie Miller

      I use the back bar also and loved how it looks. I also made this Toodie out of blanket yarn, a tad thicker using only hdc regularly, not in the back bar and it’s so warm for our Michigan winters!! I wore it riding in our UTV last weekend after a snowstorm and was toasty!! Thank you to the author of this pattern..I love it


    Hi, I am almost done with the original Toodie and just now watched your video on the camel stitch. I used a front bar, as the written instructions for the Toodie do not say to use a back bar. My stitch looks fine, however, it was a little bit of a challenge to get the hook in sometimes.
    Thank you for all of your wonderful designs!

  4. Pam Rousey

    Love this Toodie, Mikey! Your video was so easy to follow. Thanks for another great pattern. 😍😍😍

  5. Barby

    I want to make this, how can I print this pattern out?

    • Right before the videos in the article, there is a pretty blue button that says “pattern” that will take you to the PDF of the written pattern. You will need to follow print instructions for your device.
      Happy Stitching

  6. Lezlie

    I just finished my first Toodie and I LOVE it!!! I need to pick up more supplies (aka yarn) to make a few more – do you think it would be suitable to use bulky/5 yarn for this project? Adjusting hook size, stitches etc of course

    • I am making mine in Caron Colorama O’Go in color Lippy (is a weight 5 bulky coded yarn) . I am using a 7mm hook and started with 60 stitches (I have a giant head to get passed). It is going well. The video and written have wonderful tips and tricks to make. adjustments.

  7. Sandy

    I am getting up to get my yarn as soon as I send this message. I’m reasonably intelligent but so want to thank you for this tutorial in advance. As well as this beautiful pattern.. I’ll bet these go like hotcakes,, but the first one I make is for myself. Xxoo A million thanks for all you and the team do!

  8. Anne Blaum

    Love it and can’t wait to get the yarn to make it before it gets too cold. Will you also do a video on the how to make it as well for the visually learning hooker lol

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