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Crochet Designing
Crochet Designing

Designer Recognition

Many of you know, we are sponsored by Yarnspirations for our educational resources. I’ve been with Yarnspirations since 2015 and really picked up my blogging/writing since joining with them. One of the policies of Yarnspirations is the designers stay behind the scenes as a team. You may have heard me call them the Design Team when referring to Yarnspirations Designers. The design team is in-house and a few, like me, are not part of the design team but offer patterns once in a while.

Once in a while, they give a spotlight to individuals in their team and you may have heard me say a designer’s real name once in a while. Most times, I have no idea who actually does the design as they give me the patterns to work on for the videos or to write about.

As a team, they win and lose together instead of one designer excelling over the others.

August 2019

Moving forward and with the release of many patterns expected for this fall on Yarnspirations, designer names of the patterns will be retained for the public to know who these incredible people are. For designers who are not in-house, like me, you will see some changes where the designer is called out on the pattern.

Adjusting The Crochet Crowd Website

Designer Recognition Format
Designer Recognition Format

The Crochet Crowd will be following suit on this new policy as they are providing this information for us to easily have by just us looking at the patterns and seeing who the designers are.

  • We will be adding them into the Search Categories that you will see in the colourful tags at the top of the article. The example above is Salena Baca. An accomplished excellent designer. She designed the hat that is showcased in the pattern. We will be creating a list of designers as we write about them in real-time. I’m not going to have us go manic and start writing to find as many designers as possible. We are just going to go our regular pace and call attention to the designers as we stumble across them.
  • We will include a call out to the designer and the designer’s name will be clickable. Here, the designer’s name will link back to their website presence such as a blog or main space where their designs are.
  • The GET PATTERN Button and linked name of the pattern will go to where the pattern is sitting directly as usual.

In Time

As I run into patterns to write about and the designer isn’t someone we have showcased before. I have a number of steps to do behind the scenes to get them to be listed for the first time on our site. Once I have a designer set, their designs will link together using the Search Categories. I’m focused on moving forward and when time allows, look backward to have designers we have already mentioned a rightful spot on our website.

I super appreciate that Yarnspirations is moving forward with this. It’s a super idea.

Designed by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd
Designed by Mikey of The Crochet Crowd

4 thoughts on “Designer Recognition

  1. I think that it was far long overdue for designers to be recognized for the amazing work that they do. I believe in makers” recognition 100%. Congratulations for this new policy.

  2. I just wanted to let you know how much appreciation and LOVE ❤ is felt by so many for all that you and your team do for us.
    Our shared passion for yarn makes us one big united nation, despite where we live and personal differences. If only we could tie the whole world together with yarn, but you’ve started the process. Thank you.

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