Entrelac & Rectangular Afghans

Crochet Entrelac Rectangle
Crochet Entrelac Rectangle
Crochet Entrelac Rectangle

Entrelac Rectangular Afghans

For those that prefer to do Entrelac in a rectangular, yet done in a circle formation, I’ve figured out the math to make it happen so it will match your desired afghan or throw sizes.

Visualize a granny square that is the size of your bed. What is wrong? Chances are the granny square matches one direction of your bed but is too short in the other because it’s a square. I’ve done this before guessing the chain length of an interior of an afghan hoping that each side grows proportionally for the bed so that no matter what you do or how big you make it, it will fit your bed perfectly.

The rectangular is done similarly to the square. You have the starting number of boxes in the middle to do first. Then go around the first layer like you would as if it is square.

Use the Entrelac Trip Around the World to understand the square version.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Entrelac Trip Around the World Afghan
Entrelac Rectangular Afghans
Entrelac Rectangular Afghans

Firstly, the Entrelac afghan I am suggesting is done in a continuous rotation around the centre point. The trick to the rectangular version is that you have to create the number of boxes in a row down the centre of the afghan instead of there just being one as you see in the colourful example. By creating the row first, your centre point is revolving around the entire row from the very beginning causing all sides to grow evenly around it.

Math Calculations

I used Bernat Super Value as my test. Using a 6 mm or size J crochet hook. It produced Entrelac boxes that were 2.75″ x 2.75″.

In my test, I realized it doesn’t matter what size yarn or hook I am using because what is important is the number of boxes needed to establish the centre row. As long as the proper number of boxes are in place in the centre point, it will grow properly.

Keep in mind that thicker, chunky yarn, will produce much bigger boxes which will make your afghans grow much faster. Obviously, if you use regular or thinner yarns, it will take longer to finish your project.

Starting Chain and Box Counts

  • Twin – 13 Boxes Across, Chain 130
  • Double – 7 Boxes Across, Chain 70
  • Queen – 8 Boxes Across, Chain 80
  • King – 2 Boxes Across, Chain 20
  • Throw – 4 Boxes Across, Chain 40
  • Lapghan – 4 Boxes Across, Chain 40

Once the first row is established, you will just rotate around the centre row as if it’s like the one square.

I will have tutorials coming in the future to demonstrate this and show you how to go around. For those who are familiar with Tunisian Entrelac, you will have a head start.

Video Tutorial for Rectangle Format


  1. Elizabeth Hollinger

    I love the idea of this though finding it hard to complete the first two go arounds. Wondering if it is possible to do this AND keep all of the stitches going the same directions? From looking at the images, I’m guessing not?

    • Mikey

      I don’t think that is possible with this technique. Even with doing Entrelac in rows, the directions change because of the way it’s simple stitched.

  2. I am absolutely loving the look of this pattern. I decided to go with the King size. I am just curious approximately how many skeins this pattern will take? I know that I need to get a few more of one of my colors that I am working with and if I need more of others I’d like to get it all at once.

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful technique. I love all your videos and enjoy trying out projects “with” you!

    • Mikey

      I really don’t know the answer to that. I’ve done it myself and I would hate to guess wrong as I really don’t have a clue. I’m sorry.

  3. Barb turcotte

    No blue button

  4. Valerie Askin

    button pls

      • Tina

        Great Mikey, love from Auckland New Zealand

      • Mikey

        Thanks so much! We will get to New Zealand one day to visit. 😀

  5. Nicole

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  6. Mary Crippen

    Love this but when I tried going around the two squares, I ran into some issues. Would love a tutorial that at least goes around once more after first two squares.

  7. Katherine

    Would love to know the color name of that pretty fall color yarn your using.

  8. Megan Harry-Lockley

    Hi I would like to make two rectangles that are 56cm x 86cm (or close to it) how many starting diamonds do i need to make for this to happen. I am trying to make a poncho. I thought 4 would be close enough.


  9. Carolien

    Hi, i want to make a Rectangular cushion
    I want 8 stitches 7 rows
    How many chains for 2 blocks to start 22??

  10. Liz

    Am I missing something here? I Watched you do a chain of 20 for a king blanket the t he tutorial splices to another one where it’s only one white block and you’ve already done your cross. I’m doing a base block of 7 and can’t figure this out. Help please!

    • Megan

      Hi I need to know how to work out a rectangle piece of work measuring 56 cm wide and 86 cm high how can I do this. Also the chart is great but it would be nice if you could put the measurements in cm as some beds are different sizes. Ie the Uk ones are different to the USA ones thanks

  11. I want to do a rectangle lap robe and would like to do it in a Noro. They are small skeins, so how many for a
    comfortable lap robe. Your Tutorial is how I learned to do it, after flunking 2 knitting classes. Yours is the best.
    Thank you
    Donna Sue

  12. Sandra Nabors

    I’m trying to figure out how to do the center where is part 2 of this video

    • Checking now… stand by… I didn’t think there was a part 2 for this… I will be right back to you. I’m looking into your issue now.

  13. Hi Mikey,
    I made a Entrelac Rectangular Afghans 2 years ago for my son. Now the afghan is unraveling could you please help me is there any suggestions, I tired to sew the rectangles but some new ones started to unravel. Thanks

  14. Tammy Paree-Huff

    I love this idea! I’m trying to figure out if I want to make bigger boxes 12×10 sized for more of the quilt feel. So can I still use these box counts for the various finished sizes? I know I’ll have to make each box multiplied by 20 instead of 10, but I want to make sure my ratio will work ok. I think it will because it’s simply twice as large going both directions so in theory I’ll just get to the finished size in 1/2 the blocks, but i want to make sure I’m thinking correctly.

    Also, if I want to make a size in between 2 sizes, for example I want something wider than a twin but more narrow than a double, will it look ok if I just pick a box count in between those two box counts? Again, I think it makes sense because the length will stay the same and the width should then fall between the twin and double widths, but I haven’t done enough with tunisian math to feel confident.

    Any and all help is much appreciated! Thanks so much for this great tutorial!

  15. Glenna Lopez

    You said in tutorial you said you were making two boxes for a queen and you wrote 8 boxes for a queen size little confused.

  16. care916

    Loved the tutorial. I do pause it alot. Wish it was just a little slower. Hard learning a new stitch sometimes.

  17. Thank you for teaching the entrelac square. I have not seen how to do the triangles to make the sides straight. Please keep it up for a while so I have time to get an alternate color yarn to a very light yellow for a “don’t know the sex yet of baby” baby blanket. Thank you.
    I will need to refer to it many times because I forget easily and want to master this.
    Thank you so much again,
    Simply Sharon lol

  18. Hi, I love this Afghan and yes i get how it goes around for a square….I too would like to know how to do a rectangle…will give the square more of a go first..throw is a good place to start i feel.

  19. Elaine Phillips

    I want to do this Hope the tutorial will stay on facebook for reference

  20. Gleda

    I’m missing something here. How can a KING size blanket be only 2 squares and a TWIN size be 13 squares? Is there a type? Size small to large is: lapghan, throw, twin, double, queen, king.

    • melissa

      King size is closer to a square than is a twin size, it will still use more rounds, but the dimensions are rougly King- 72×84 twin 74×35 (inches)

      • Gleda

        Interesting. I never knew that. Thank you, Melissa.

    • Megan Harry-Lockley

      each bed size is a different length. So sometimes you need a longer length than wideth. The extra squares in the middle ensures that you have the extra length you need. The bigger the bed the nearery the length and width are smiliar sizes. so it becomes more square.
      Hope that helps

  21. Hey mucked love the video and I complete my afghan but I am waiting for the video for the bigher one and different sizes is that coming any time soon?

  22. stacey

    Mickey there has to be a trick to this..I got how you make on square and go around it..but how do you do the box’s length wise.can you plz make a video that shows how you do this..
    Tks Stacey..

  23. Karen

    Awesome! One of the reasons I haven’t done anything with this is because I thought it would be perfect for a bed…. but the bed isn’t square. Looking forward to the updated tutorial, and I think I already have some of the yarn to get started. (I have 5 skeins of a yarn I bought with no particular project in mind just because it was so pretty, lol.)

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