57 Featured Crochet Designers for 2020

Featured Crochet Designers
Featured Crochet Designers
Featured Crochet Designers

Featured Crochet Designers

For 2020, approximately 56 Crochet Designers will be showcased here on The Crochet Crowd. Of the 35, 24 have been selected to receive a free half month banner ad space and a write up about their business.

We are not taking any further nominees at this time. 

I’ll level with you, most of the designers I don’t know in person as I don’t attend behind the scenes events. I don’t generally collaborate with any designers as my mandate and life’s mission is to teach crochet from an accessible point of view. Meaning, if I am teaching, the resources I am teaching are free. Most of the designers range from offering free designs to paid designs. In some cases, designers maybe 100% paid designs as well.

Not Focused on Free Patterns

The featured designer has no obligation to The Crochet Crowd. This is a one-way opportunity for our community to learn about these designers. Also, we are asking the designers, if they are chosen, not to start actively soliciting our group for more business. We have a no-solicitation policy in effect on our social pages. We ask that it is still respected as we don’t go to other social properties to self solicit ourselves.

At the bottom of each of the write-ups will be the list of all approximately 35 designers chosen so each has a chance to gain subscribers and get a little more attention.

For our community, there are no side deals, collaborations or financial exchanges in effect with these designers. The chosen designers were nominated by our community members.

Example of a Terrific Designer

Introducing Heart Hook Home

One designer I am interested to know more about is Ashlea Konecny of Heart Hook Home. Ashlea sends traffic to The Crochet Crowd for various patterns we have and upon looking up who the site is. I was curious. It definitely has a personal touch to it. She also has a YouTube Channel called, Heart Hook Home, too.

Paid Pattern Link for the On Point Poncho Pattern by Heart Hook Home.

The pattern showcased in this video is the Companion Video of a paid pattern. So the video is intended to help the crocheter get started with her paid pattern. The pattern is called the On Point Poncho.

57 Featured Designers

Each picture is clickable to go direct to the designer. Each website has been checked to ensure it’s a safe landing space. There is also a matching link-list below this clickable gallery. The gallery is in the order of the designer’s first name.

The list is in alphabetical order. Some designers have their own YouTube Channels, Ravelry and ETSY shops. Discover more about each designer as each link goes directly to their websites/pattern curation page.


  1. Kevin

    Thanks Michael and Dan for including Karen & I in your choice of designers. Amigurumi has become a passion for myself and I love to design new things. Can’t wait to add to the few patterns I already have.

  2. Ann Sparks

    So glad to see Naztazia on this list. I’ve sent so many crochet friends (neighbors, different church groups, random encounters in yarn departments) to Donna’s site. Don’t even know how many years, more than 10. I remember how wonderfully she included her daughter when she was so young.

    It’s funny, I’m not a teacher but I watched her videos so I could learn how to teach. I’ve organized groups at two churches (Dallas and Irving, TX) and assisted at one that was working on a 6 month project for the homeless without shelter.

    I’m thankful to Donna for being my teacher and giving me confidence to teach others.

  3. Rosalie

    Thank you Michael for all that you continue to do for this community. This list is awesome! There are several on here that I subscribe to and it’s so exciting that they are included.
    I hope everyone has a wonderful, crafty and crochet year in 2020!

  4. Sue

    Totally love seeing some of my favorites on this list! Also see I will be adding to my list lol. What a great compilation of some wonder talent.

  5. Thank you for including me. I am honored to be part of this list and to be shared on Crochet Crowd. Thank you, Mikey. <3

  6. Diana Gpe. Cardenas

    Congrats to all these awesome designers.

  7. Eeeek!!! I am totally excited, honored, jumping for joy to be included in this list of awesome designers on this incredible page! Thank you!!

    • Jeanette Via

      Their are some fabulous designers. I have used several of their patterns. I adore yarn and chai. Rebecca has some fantastic patterns. Congratulations everyone, well deserved.

  8. Michelle

    Great list. Many I am part of their group but many I have not heard of. I will definitely check them out. Thanks for everything that you do.

  9. Great List of designers, I know about half of them because I’ve made some of their items. Kudos to the ones who are going to be advertised that helps out so much. Looking forward to seeing new patterns and concepts.

  10. mg

    Psyched to see so many of my favorite designers on this list!!

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