Crochet Toddler Santa Hat Pattern

Crochet Toddler Santa Hat
Crochet Santa Hat
Crochet Santa Hat

The next Free Pattern and Video tutorial are the Toddler Santa Hat Pattern.

This is designed by Kim Guzman, for Red Heart Yarns. This is a really simple and fun pattern. I was taken back by the simplicity once you get the repeat pattern required.

Download Yarnspirations Pattern
Free Pattern: Crochet Santa Hat

In my tutorial, I show you how to avoid the pesky seam lines created by the slip stitching. As much as I have been crocheting for 27 years, I still have the problem of my slip stitching creating terrible seam lines that bug me to no end. Instead of slip stitching, I show you how to do a continuous round and keep count of your revolutions. This way, when I donate my hats seen in the tutorial, the kids that will be gifted my hat won’t have to worry about knowing which way to wear the hat. It’s a small change but allows my Slip Stitching OCD to relax!

Can’t follow directions on paper? Just follow my tutorial below. This is the 2nd Gift of Christmas for 2013. More to come! Stay Tuned!


  1. Barb turcotte

    No blue button

  2. Cathy

    Does anyone know how long this should be when you are finished the first 21 rows? Mine looks a LOT smaller than Mikey’s.

  3. Cayla

    I’m the site and all I see is a written intro about the pattern and a link to the video. I don’t see the written pattern anywhere.

    • Shelley

      Did you ever find the written instructions?

  4. KatieQ

    I still can’t get the pattern link to work. It gives me a pop-up asking me to join. If I put in my email address, it indicates that I am already a member.

  5. I had the same pop-up asking me to join. I put in my address and it said I had already joined.

  6. Rose Butler

    I have been trying to get the patter for the child’s Christmas hat. When I click on it to get the pattern, it tells me I need to join. I’ve joined a long time ago but I retyped my email address. It didn’t help at all. I really need the hat pattern. Could it be emailed to me? I really enjoy your blog.

    • You shouldn’t need to join anything to get this free pattern. Let me review the link again.

      • Jan

        I’m having trouble getting the written pattern too.

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