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Little Sweetie Dress, Gumdrop Yarn
Crochet Little Sweetie Dress
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This super adorable baby dress comes in 4 sizes. Pattern includes 6, 12, 18 and 24 months’ instructions. I have found the instructions super easy to follow without any difficulties. Don’t let the pattern instructions intimidate you. There are many paragraphs on this instruction that only apply to certain sizes. When you narrow down your instructions to the size you want, you will quickly realize that many instruction lines aren’t even used.

The yarn is Red Heart Gumdrop. Designed for baby. You will need a minimum of 2 balls to complete this pattern. Though the pattern says you may only use 1 ball for the 6 months, I found I used 1 ball and a small amount of another to make this.

Don’t be afraid to adjust the length of this dress. If you want to make it longer, wait for the 2nd half of the skirt instructions where the V-Stitch is larger. Then make your skirt longer on this level before doing the final edging at the bottom.

In the video tutorial, I demonstrate the 6-month version but give help on all other sizes to be able to follow the instructions. Once you see how we are growing the baby sweater, venturing on your own for the 9, 12 and 18-month sizes are a breeze.

You can use Red Heart Soft Baby Steps, Red Heart Gumdrop or even James C Brett’s Baby Marble. Either way, you will have an amazing dress.

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Crochet Little Sweetie Dress Pattern

Get the Free Pattern, Little Sweetie Dress. Please note that I did not film the headband that is in the pattern.

Free Video Tutorial To Follow

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  1. Kathy

    Iโ€™d like the written pattern for this cute dress I click on it and doesnโ€™t do anything

  2. Carol Law

    Mikey., At the beginning of each round do I slip stitch or do I ch 5 each Rd . I start off with a chain 5 and do large v stitch, when I come around do I chain 5 again or just keep doing lg. V stitch

  3. Jessica

    Thank you for doing all these videos, they do clear up a lot of things and its great to see the patterns come to life!
    Just a quick question… When the pattern and the video differ in instructions, which should we follow? I know this one isn’t a challenge pattern so its not up for competition, but if we notice a difference should we just pick one and go with it?

      • Jessica

        Thank you for the reply ๐Ÿ™‚ its just a little thing in the last round of edging. your way makes it look a little more lacey ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Kathleen

    can you help me?? would like to make the Sweetie dress for 12 mos. , but I really want to use cotton thread#10 , don’t know how to convert…??

    • You would need to swatch it and then adjust your stitch counts and row counts accordingly. It’s not an easy conversion without doing your test swatches first.

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